Scheduled For Release 2018-02-28
0026968: [Licensing] Licensing: Still reports of offline not working asked to log in again each start-up, accompanied by crashes for some users (Ross Manthorp)
0027564: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: There is no way to set the Steam SDK location (Chris Harrison)
0026998: [Target Manager] Suggestion: Target Manager: Currently-selected target should be saved when you close your project (Steven Campbell)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-02-28
0028944: [Game Options] Game Options: Cannot use * in bundle names for iOS (Chris Harrison)
0028999: [Source Control] Source Control: Clicking 'Revert Path' on an Unstaged Change will spawn infinite dialogs (Steven Campbell)
0029015: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: New windows (past 10) are not added to Recent Windows list (removing oldest) (Steven Campbell)
0028014: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Performance is very poor (Claire Hall)
0019426: [General] Suggestion: Code Editor: Ctrl + D to duplicate current selection or line [and insert the copy as next line] (Alexander Borup)
0027706: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Cannot deselect grouped instances using the mouse directly on the instance (Claire Hall)
0028134: [Preferences] Preferences: [MacIDE] 'Show package in finder on build completion' still shows package even when disabled (Chris Harrison)
0028741: [Resource Tree] Suggestion: Resource Tree: Rename "Open Properties" to "Open in Editor" to better document the command (Steven Campbell)
0025340: [General] Build Android: [Android SDK 25.2.3+ has no separate "Support Library" package so we should see about removing option for it] (Steven Campbell)
0028065: [Build Android] Build Android: Does not actually disable Lint analysis when this game option is set (Steven Campbell)
0028137: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: 'Edit Image' still disabled for SWF or Spine sprite even when an external editor is set in Preferences (Alexander Borup)
0028245: [Debugger] Debugger: Profiler doesn't show the correct name for events (Chris Harrison)
0028300: [Preferences] Preferences: Android keystore import / generate / show hash buttons should force showing their output (Steven Campbell)
0028304: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Mouse ghosting when moving mouse over the IDE on High Sierra (Chris Harrison)
0028359: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Enums created in room Creation Code appear multiple times in autocomplete (Alan Savage)
0028361: [Debugger] Debugger: Temporary variables declared in room creation code do not appear in the Locals or Watch panels (Alan Savage)
0028367: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Runner titlebar is thinner and uses 1.4's runner icon if built using YYC (Steven Campbell)
0028398: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Display Cursor does nothing on Windows, cursor is always shown (Claire Hall)
0028399: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Start Fullscreen on a Windows PC doesn't work on runs (Claire Hall)
0028400: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Allow Fullscreen Switching does nothing, in-game button combinations are ignored (Claire Hall)
0028437: [Debugger] Debugger: Fails to show code for breakpoints in room/instance creation code and timeline moments (Alan Savage)
0028490: [Configurations] Configurations: Game Options that rely on extensions (Facebook, Google) are shared between configs (Chris Harrison)
0028537: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Line tool ignores colour alpha, always draws at 100% opacity (Steven Campbell)
0028569: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Autocomplete suggests scripts from other projects (Alan Savage)
0028597: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Child instance variables hard to read if using light skin (Alan Savage)
0028636: [Licensing] Licensing: Having a comma in your YoYo Account name causes a 'Permission Error' compile error when running (Alan Savage)
0028669: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Cannot Create Exe if project name has an apostrophe in it (Chris Harrison)
0028671: [Variables Window] Variables Windows: Variables set within Objects in a Room are not copied over when copy/paste Object (Alan Savage)
0028690: [Resource Tree] Suggestion: Resource Tree: Duplicates should be placed immediately below the original, not at the bottom of the resource type (Steven Campbell)
0028076: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Occasionally, on closing the IDE, Mac thinks the IDE 'closed unexpectedly' (Chris Harrison)
0028378: [Build Android] Build Android: NDK 16 is not supported, so YYC builds fail (Steven Campbell)
0028421: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Duplicating a sprite while Image Editor is open causes the sprite to break/revert to previous sprite (Alan Savage)
0028482: [Compiling] Compiling: Asset Compiler crashes if you have /* as your last line (Russell Kay)
0028538: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Importing attached broken project's sprites will crash the IDE (Steven Campbell)
0028553: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Resources jumping to top of tree when re-positioned while inside a group (Alan Savage)
0028620: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Variable Definitions do not work on HTML5 (Russell Kay)
0028675: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Unable to drag rooms onto each other to set as children unless another child already exists (Steven Campbell)
0028682: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Copy/Cutting from within an image editor with more than 1 open will jump to another opened editor (Alan Savage)
0028736: [Room Editor] Room Editor: 'Backspace' key to remove an instance is not respected when focus is in Layer Properties window (Chris Harrison)
0028808: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: 'Ctrl+D' still works on a resource type heading, causes saving issues and crashes if you keep modifying (Chris Harrison)
       0028809: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Crash when duplicating resources while a Resource Tree Group is duplicated (Daniel Cleaton)
0028837: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Unable to build projects with short names, e.g. "p2" (Chris Harrison)
0028858: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: 'Restore to Workspace' on an unsaved DnD script will 'lose' your changes, can cause permanent loss if you save (Alan Savage)
0028861: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Importing a room that's outside of a project structure using 'Add Existing' crashes the IDE (Steven Campbell)
0028869: [General] General: IDE takes at least a minute to load at times whilst checking the network status (Alexander Borup)
0028927: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Windows defender blocks runtime download due to false positives, IDE keeps attempting to download (Steven Campbell)
0028928: [UI Language] UI Language: "Localised manual not installed" dialog is not localised (Stewart Bishop)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-02-28
0028484: [HTML5] HTML5: Uncaught TypeError: _uC1.getParameter is not a function when setting collision mask in GML (Mike Dailly)
0028583: [Mac] Mac: XBONE controller has mis-mapped inputs on Mac Runner, however PS4 controller is correctly mapped (Russell Kay)
0028257: [iOS] iOS: Wrong splash screen gets used for iPhone 6 or newer devices (Steven Campbell)
0028610: [Objects] Objects: Object variables of type "Colour" don't seem to work on certain platforms (Russell Kay)
0028643: [HTML5] HTML5: Runner crashes if you use draw_text_ext with string_width (Mike Dailly)
0028698: [Functions] Functions: instance_deactivate_layer doesn't deactivate instances on a layer as they still move using built in variables (Steven Campbell)
0028921: [Windows] WIndows: Games crash if you have no audio devices (Peter Hall)
0028612: [iOS] Suggestion: iOS: Need to add support for IPv6 networking to ensure submission of networking games is successful (Chris Harrison)
0028613: [UWP] UWP: Games crash upon being restored after the OnSuspended event has been fired (Alan Savage)
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