0031482: [HTML5] HTML5: 2.2.4 requires manually setting view wport/hport when using window_set_size() & surface_resize(application_surface) (Luke Brown)
0031527: [HTML5] HTML5: Inconsistent behaviour of Spine blending, normal run vs debug run (Luke Brown)
0031514: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_activate/deactivate_object() will not behave correctly when being called on parent instances (Luke Brown)
0031517: [Android] Android: Running via a launcher, minimizing a game and running from launcher again causes game to crash (Fritz)
0031518: [Android] Android: ! character in Noto Sans font has excessive kerning (Russell Kay)
0031088: [Mac] Mac: mouse_button always reports 0 regardless of button pressed (Russell Kay)
0031512: [Android] Android: Certain devices can show a Gamepad.java crash "(java.lang.NullPointerException)" on startup (Russell Kay)
0031526: [SWF] SWF: Always uses full-image mask on HTML5, differs from Windows, etc., regardless of what is actually set in the IDE (Luke Brown)
0031285: [General] General: Drawing fonts at floating point coordinates causes last set of pixels to be cut off (windows 8 and above only) (Fritz)
0031415: [Functions] Functions: argument[@<ind>] compiles and then crashes on VM, produces invalid C++ on YYC (Russell Kay)
0031373: [HTML5] HTML5: sprite_set_bbox_mode() and sprite_get_bbox_mode() are not implemented (Luke Brown)
0031438: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_destroy() function does not work the same as on Windows (Luke Brown)
0031486: [HTML5] HTML5: js Extensions are sometimes not loaded before their function calls (Luke Brown)
0031488: [Functions] Functions: is_nan() and is_infinity() return compile errors when checking non-numerical values (Russell Kay)
0031429: [HTML5] HTML5: buffer_load_partial() does not respect the "length" parameter (Luke Brown)
0031484: [Paths] Paths: Creating and deleting large amounts of paths at once shows a stall and possible small memory leak (Russell Kay)
0031476: [HTML5] HTML5: http_request() will cause a crash (Luke Brown)
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