0030626: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NotSupportedException: Key 'OPENSSH' is not supported. (Russell Kay)
0031109: [General] General: Mac - Steam - Creating a desktop shortcut will not use the GMS2 logo and instead uses Steam's default logo (Dan)
0031029: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Renaming the room with an instance's creation code open will delete all the code for that instance (Alan Savage)
0031135: [Compiling] Compiling: Asset Compiler gets stuck in an infinite loop "Reading config delta" trying to process overridden instance variables (Russell Kay)
0030393: [Build Mac] Build Mac: When building with VM no icon is seen for app listing in iTunes Connect (Fritz)
0031153: [UI] Room Editor: [Mac IDE] Cut, copy and paste does not function (Fritz)
0031059: [General] General: Mac IDE crashes on startup on macOS Catalina beta or if you installed Apple's mistaken Xcode update on Mojave (Russell Kay)
0030722: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] Runtimes are not compatible with Mono version installed by Visual Studio for Mac 2019 (Russell Kay)
0030145: [General] General: Occasional Windows IDE startup crashes caused by Nvidia Optimus driver errors (Dan)
0030618: [Build iOS] iOS Build: GMS2 always fails to run project on device due to i386 architecture error during Tests phase (Fritz)
0030271: [General] General: Windows deadlock issue (dead Explorer instances and white screens for browser pages) (Alexander Borup)
       0026769: [Compiling] Compiling: IDE can stall when a build is stopped, causing high CPU usage and must close via Task Manager (Alexander Borup)
0031146: [Marketplace] Marketplace: Importing specific assets fails with "'Could not find Zip file Directory at the end of the file." (Fritz)
0030703: [General] General: Crash on startup when using a VPN from an 'unsupported region' (Russell Kay)
0030245: [General] General: Startup sequences need further protection to avoid Windows IDE crashes and better inform users of issues (David Clarke)
0027661: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: Closing a workspace doesn't remove references to windows in that workspace (Alexander Borup)
0029018: [Saving] Saving: Extension .yy file is changed whenever project is opened if extension contains injection code (Steven Campbell)
0031159: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] Google Play Services extension does not build because of unwanted \n in build.gradle file (Fritz)
0031126: [Debugger] Debugger: Changing an instance or variable value will show the GameMaker Studio 2 has become unstable message (Alan Savage)
0031002: [Device Manager] Device Manager: tvOS devices have their boxes extended off screen until you resize the window (Alan Savage)
0031037: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Groups can be created with invalid character set, causes issues importing packages created with these characters (Steven Campbell)
0030417: [Preferences] Preferences: No setting for default sprite animation speed in Sprite Editor (Steven Campbell)
0029750: [My Library] Suggestion: My Library: Importing the same asset again should ask if you want to overwrite, not just make duplicates (Alan Savage)
0030906: [Source Control] Source Control: GMS2 unstable dialog trying to diff a file on a newly-created local repository which has no commits (Steven Campbell)
0031036: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Attached project will error on building "Could not find rooms" and has extra root group in resource tree (Steven Campbell)
0031018: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Copy and Paste of Assets in the room editor does not copy animation values (Alexander Borup)
0031074: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Cutting tiles when any instance is also selected will silently delete that instance (Alan Savage)
0031017: [UI] UI: Runtime version shows as v99.99.99.99 until it has installed (Alexander Borup)
0030620: [General] General: IDE runs at 60 FPS max regardless of your monitor's refresh rate (Alexander Borup)
0030659: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Copy and Paste of instances in the room editor does not copy frame and image speed values (Alexander Borup)
0030662: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Finder uses 'light skin' even if the user has selected 'dark skin' within OS settings (Russell Kay)
0030955: [UI] UI: Editing the Texture/Audio group name but making no changes, will show a name already in use error (Alexander Borup)
0030695: [Build Android] Build Android: Unwanted READ_PHONE_STATE permission is being added by Igor into Google Play Licensing (Fritz)
0030888: [Source Control] Source Control: Need to wrap the paths to merge and diff tool options in quotes, otherwise paths with spaces cause issues (Steven Campbell)
0030504: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Should re-position the camera vertically when dragging-out thumbnails from the toolbox (Alexander Borup)
0030091: [Output Window] Output Window: When you build for certain targets, the output window does not always auto scroll to the very bottom (Alexander Borup)
0030630: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Skips multiple inputs per frame (Alexander Borup)
0030533: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Eraser tool can partially restore content which has been deleted with backspace (Alan Savage)
0030708: [General] General: Mac IDE shows a "Unable to access vital system folder" warning on first run only (Russell Kay)
0030592: [UI Skin] UI Skin: Changes to the layouts in the Dark skin for 2.2.2 is exposing many people's custom skins are actually invalid (Alexander Borup)
0030689: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Decimal point not highlighted in red, if the decimal point is the first part of the number, EG .14 rather than 0.14 (Alexander Borup)
0030663: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Code Snippets will select the incorrect part of text if the text contains the string to be selected (Alan Savage)
0030660: [Preferences] Preferences: Setting document line limit to a value < 0 will result in being unable to enter any new lines to the code editor (Alexander Borup)
0030523: [Debugger] Debugger: Source code not shown for extension GML scripts with hidden == true (Alexander Borup)
0030665: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Importing multiple sprites of different sizes does not present user with Resize option (Alexander Borup)
0030721: [General] General: Compatibility script for joystick_direction has an unused variable that causes a compiler warning (Russell Kay)
0030503: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Should not re-position the camera horizontally when double-clicking thumbnails in the toolbox (Alexander Borup)
0030335: [DnD Editor] DnD Live Preview: Every second local var declaration isn't colour coded (Alan Savage)
0030431: [General] General: Unable to start the IDE if using RDP and host PC is Windows 10 v1809 (Russell Kay)
0030422: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Changing the object tied to an instance does not persist overridden instance variables to the new object type (Alexander Borup)
0025727: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Colouring for enum values is incorrect if all declared on one line (Alexander Borup)
0028180: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Live Preview is always blank when reopening project, should be re-parsing (Alan Savage)
0030482: [Build Android] Build Android: option_android_version is not parsed properly in log, says "Igor.YYDictionary`2[System.String,System.Object]" (Russell Kay)
0030552: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Sprite controls overlay obstructs image editor (Alexander Borup)
0030414: [Preferences] Preferences: Restart of GMS2 is required after setting your Android SDK path before Game Options > Android works properly (Steven Campbell)
0030801: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Error: Warnings from unused macros do not update in IDE (Russell Kay)
0030802: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Multiple vars in for-loop init not accounting for (Russell Kay)
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