0031367: [General] General: Memory leak in code editor and autocomplete windows (Russell Kay)
0031236: [General] General: [Mac IDE] IDE can't be installed on Catalina as it identifies us as malicious software (Russell Kay)
0030566: [Saving] Saving: IDE silently deletes empty code files in a number of circumstances, triggers the File Watcher each time (Steven Campbell)
0031418: [Web Server] Web Server: [Mac IDE] [Catalina] Attempting to run HTML5 target will not create the web server (Russell Kay)
0031427: [Build Android] Android: [Mac IDE] File extension filter for AAB packages not shown in Finder dropdown (Fritz)
0027754: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Is missing right click menu option to open a group in the sound mixer (Dan)
0031468: [Generate Project Images] Generate Project Images: [Mac IDE] When I click to generate, GMS2 crashes with no error message (Russell Kay)
0031434: [Search & Replace] Search and Replace: IDE hangs when using "Replace All" on large projects (Alan Savage)
0030167: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (1.4): Sounds don't retain their quality settings (Steven Campbell)
0031393: [Installing] Installing: Windows uninstaller's "GMS2 is already running" message is missing a full stop (Russell Kay)
0031388: [Installing] Installing: Copyright on Windows installer is hardcoded as ending in 2018 (Russell Kay)
0031361: [General] General: Release Notes do not link to the beta release notes when in beta version (Steven Campbell)
0031085: [Build iOS] Build iOS: "Download Error: A connection failure occurred" spams your log as it retries constantly (Fritz)
0031345: [UI Language] UI Language: Add updated localised text required for 224 (Russell Kay)
0031385: [Extension Editor] Extensions: [Mac IDE] Using a new line to separate "Inject to AndroidManifest.xml" entries will result in a gradle build error (David Clarke)
0031277: [Included Files] Included Files: iOS/Android cannot access filenames which start with a number, IDE should block these names (Steven Campbell)
0031364: [General] General: User-defined snippets.txt does not override defaults (Steven Campbell)
0031329: [Runtimes] Runtimes: [Mac IDE] Installing runtimes on macOS Catalina always shows dialog that there is not enough space (Russell Kay)
0031384: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Copying an instance does not copy its instance creation code (Steven Campbell)
0031166: [General] General: Upon preforming a fresh install, UI.log is not written out on first launch of the IDE (David Clarke)
0031233: [Compiling] Compiling: "Missing or corrupt build tools" should trigger a compiler error to better highlight this issue (Russell Kay)
0031315: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] "System.IO.IOException: Too many open files" - should look at reducing the number of files open at once (Russell Kay)
0031319: [Compiling] Compiling: calling gml_pragma with no arguments causes a compiler exception (Russell Kay)
0031289: [Game Options] Game Options: Checkbox to toggle some Google extensions does not actually do this (must remove ext from project) (Steven Campbell)
0031297: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Error: Following a search and replace, a "Variable only referenced once" warning can be shown (Steven Campbell)
0031320: [Compiling] Compiling: layer_get_visible() returns wrong values in-game for child layers inside invisible folders (Steven Campbell)
0030403: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Visible indicator doesn't work as expected for child layers (Steven Campbell)
0031316: [My Library] My Library: On small screens the buttons for Import/Download/View will disappear on library items (Steven Campbell)
0031199: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Default event comment is not displayed despite checkbox being ticked in Preferences (Steven Campbell)
0031208: [Keybindings] Keybindings; [Mac IDE] Command + Y does not redo (Fritz)
0031003: [Device Manager] Device Manager: iOS/tvOS "Detect Devices" only returns one physical device of that type (Russell Kay)
0031254: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Switching between rooms can cause "merged" overlapping entries in the Layer Properties gadget (Steven Campbell)
0031156: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: 1.4 GMZ instance creation code gets erased upon viewing (Steven Campbell)
0031171: [Compiling] Compiling: Passing a negative number into chr() stops the compiling process with a confusing error (Russell Kay)
0031115: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Function gpu_set_fog will show a number of arguments syntax error when using an array as the argument (Russell Kay)
0031226: [Compiling] Compiling: Changing the creation order of instances can make compiler errors link to the wrong instance (Alan Savage)
0031247: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Error for Do loop missing "until" does not show correctly. Shows "299" instead of "until" (Russell Kay)
0031193: [UI] UI: Mixed usage of "licence"/"license" throughout the IDE (Steven Campbell)
0030998: [UI] UI: On trial account, Marketplace > Create Package disabled menu option is a different shade of grey than other disabled options (Alexander Borup)
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