0031727: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Some users cannot install new runtimes because GMS2 fails to verify the iOS and/or Amazon Fire modules (Russell Kay)
0031696: [Build iOS] Build iOS: SSH errors on Catalina Macs if trying to build using the Windows IDE, following recent OS update (Fritz)
0031194: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: No way to pass alpha value to draw_sprite_transformed (Luke Brown)
0031433: [Configurations] Configurations: Parent configs are inheriting settings from child configs (Steven Campbell)
0029196: [Source Control] Source Control: Git merging almost always ends in conflict due to .yyp file and views directory (Steven Campbell)
0031607: [Build Android] Build Android: Repeated builds with given project are failing (Fritz)
0031597: [Build Mac] Build Mac: VM runner's splash and icon still uses 1.x branding, causes various instances where 1.4 logo is used (Russell Kay)
0031538: [Build tvOS] Build tvOS: Create Exe fails in Xcode 11.3, as the archive cannot be found after it has been made successfully (Fritz)
0031552: [Image Editor] Image Editor: IDE crash if you draw using the touchscreen with a Surface Pro 7 and multi-touch (Steven Campbell)
0031579: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Debugger builds no longer connect, game just sits on a black screen and the build process ends (Fritz)
0031558: [Compiling] Compiling: Using a whole array in a for() expression is not treated as a compiler error (Russell Kay)
0031399: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Autocomplete adds "global." to Set Global Variable names (Luke Brown)
0031563: [Game Options] Game Options: iOS Bundle Name behaves strangely when entering invalid characters (Steven Campbell)
0031555: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Typing certain characters when using IME can corrupt other double-width characters in your scripts (Steven Campbell)
0031565: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Problems importing some SWF images with concave holes in the shape (e.g., the letter R) (Mike Rennie)
0030672: [General] General: Enabling Automatic Cropping on a texture group can cause visual artifacts (Mike Rennie)
0031500: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Building for mac (vm or yyc) is producing a code signing error resulting in failure to build (Russell Kay)
0031553: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Unable to import specific .gif images, shows "String not found: YoYoImage_UnknownFileFormat" in Output Window (Steven Campbell)
0031529: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Scripts with multiple argument variables in an assignment can generate a warning during YYC builds (Dan)
0027405: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Physics Collision Shape Editor: "Centre Fit" doesn't centre correctly if using circles (David Clarke)
0031638: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Switching to another script with middle mouse does not more cursor to that script when done in full screen (Patrick Roche)
0031464: [UI] UI: Zoom In and Zoom Out are missing Keyboard Shortcuts in their description messages (Kevin Brown)
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