0030957: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Various pages refer to buffer constants not actually implemented in the runner (Mark Alexander)
0030456: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Review if we need to clarify get_save_filename() and get_save_filename_ext() cause a loss of focus (Mark Alexander)
0030555: [Manual Content] Manual Content: audio_destroy_stream() should mention that we only free memory for the sound file, not the streaming pool (Mark Alexander)
0029895: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Bookmarks list 0-9, when we actually only support 1-9 (Mark Alexander)
0028416: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: GamePads - System Event 2 (DnD): 'persistent' hyperlink leads to manual frontpage (Mark Alexander)
0029611: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: Copyright is out of date (Mark Alexander)
0030586: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Dead link "YoYoGames.com" at the bottom of the Quick Start page (Mark Alexander)
0030658: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Page for audio_is_playable exists when audio_sound_is_playable is the correct function (Mark Alexander)
0030787: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Keyboard shortcut to move through frames in Image editor is not documented (Mark Alexander)
0030637: [Manual Content] Documentation: ds_priority_find_xxx documentation states that items of equal priority are returned in FIFO order (Mark Alexander)
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