0029330: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: Help text not being used in autocomplete (Alan Savage)
0028894: [Accounts] Debugger: Global variables created using the variable_global_set function don't show up in the watches (Alan Savage)
0028901: [Debugger] Debugger: "Step over functional call" and "Step out of function" actions go into create event of instance (Alan Savage)
0029612: [Licensing] Licensing: Still a lot of reports about the IDE being unable to allow a plist for the full 30 days, especially when web issues (Claire Hall)
0029775: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Includes 32bit support in packages, which blocks AppStore submission uploads as of end of June 2018 (Stewart Bishop)
0026423: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Building on a Mac that has not had any SSH keys generated will fail to build (Chris Harrison)
0026447: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Building on a machine that has not had any SSH keys generated will fail to build (Chris Harrison)
0029694: [Game Options] Game Options: "Minimum time to display" splash screen time has no effect on iOS "assetcatalog" splashes (Antanas Budvytis)
0029071: [Accounts] Debugger: Ds List not recognised as list (Alan Savage)
0028917: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Change capitalisation of "Restore to workspace" to "Restore to Workspace" (Alan Savage)
0029294: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Finder shows no results for Add Existing in the resource tree (Chris Harrison)
0029094: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Startup crash in LoadRuntimeJSON() because no runtimes RSS feed was downloaded (Alan Savage)
0029300: [General] General: Projects from 2.1.3 can lose rooms when imported to 2.1.4 (Chris Harrison)
0026968: [Licensing] Licensing: Still reports of offline not working for laptop users who move location/change network adaptor often (Russell Kay)
0028349: [Image Editor] Image Editor: "Import Strip Image" dialogue should not have the spinners set as tab indexes (Alan Savage)
0028600: [Code Editor] global.| auto-completion shows built-in instance variables, assets, included files... (Alan Savage)
0028658: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Pasting mouse events into an object with other mouse events will ask you to select a new Event (Alan Savage)
0028110: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Pasting an event which already exists requires you to delete the existing copy, as GMS2 blocks paste without info (Alan Savage)
0029200: [Build HTML5] for(if(...)...) is hinted as syntax error by IDE, allowed by compiler, and forbidden by browsers (Russell Kay)
0020599: [General] Suggestion: Image Editor: Image Frames/Sprites have no right-click context for managing them (Alan Savage)
0027986: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Auto trim function does not work correctly when importing the following png (Mike Dailly)
0025510: [Build HTML5] Build HTML5: CSS is not properly generated (Mike Dailly)
0029331: [Build Android] Build Android: Unable to build for Android using Support Library 28.0.0+ (Alan Savage)
0029354: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Default value for multi select list resets to the first item selected in the list when window is closed (Alan Savage)
0029302: [Code Editor] Code Editor: camera_create_view fnames need to mention that the first 4 arguments are mandatory and the rest optional (Alan Savage)
0029288: [Compiling] Compiling: Subst drives don't get cleared up properly whilst building (Chris Harrison)
0025469: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Changing layer from a tile layer to another layer resets your zoom level on the tiles pane (Claire Hall)
0028188: [Path Editor] Path Editor: Inserting points acts strangely when insertion precision is high (Alan Savage)
0028881: [Debugger] Debugger: Closing debugger tab cancels non-debug build (Alexander Borup)
0028483: [Debugger] Debugger: Breakpoints in Clean Up event not triggered if event called by game_end() (Alan Savage)
0028523: [Source Control] Source Control: Unable to disable Source Control if 'Automatically enable source control' is enabled (Steven Campbell)
0029432: [Game Options] UWP Game Options: Vsync option still greyed out (Alan Savage)
0028575: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Disabling 'Add default event content' prevents inherited events from being added to scripts of child events (Alan Savage)
0028328: [Debugger] Missing Feature: Debugger: Quick searching of instance variables in the debugger (Alan Savage)
0028646: [Debugger] Suggestion: Debugger: Selected Instance pane shows instance ID next to instance name (Alan Savage)
0028664: [Workspaces] Workspaces: 'GoTo' window should respect 'Object double click opens all object events' preference (Alan Savage)
0027709: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Game Options > Ubuntu > 'Display Cursor' does nothing (Alan Savage)
0028232: [Code Editor] Suggestion: Code Editor: [Mac IDE] Support standard macOS document shortcuts (Alan Savage)
0027503: [Target Manager] Target Manager: Swapping to target with no remote worker will attempt to build to previous remote worker (Steven Campbell)
0028139: [Debugger] Debugger: Shouldn't enable full screen when targetting the machine running the debugger (Alan Savage)
0029266: [Debugger] Debugger: Inspecting ds_grids in Debugger shows all indexes as 'Invalid Structure' (Alan Savage)
0029297: [Debugger] Debugger: Global variable tooltip shows an incorrect value in attached project (Alan Savage)
0028258: [Debugger] Debugger: DS_Map key output in instances tab does not show bitshifted integers (Alan Savage)
0028387: [Marketplace] Marketplace: Progress bar stuck 'exporting' if you try to create a marketplace asset without a certificate (Alan Savage)
0027991: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Multi select gets removed if you backspace more than once (Alan Savage)
0029127: [Code Editor] Code Editor: 'ctrl+tab' also inserts a tab into the currently-selected script when switching to a different tab (Alan Savage)
0029403: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Naming a region \ causes the next line to be escaped which causes code errors (Alan Savage)
0029392: [UI] UI (Mac): Within Finder UI, the select all, copy, cut and paste keyboard shortcuts do not function on Mac IDE (Chris Harrison)
0029205: [Preferences] Preferences: DPI scaling bar has a higher range than it should (values higher than 200% are ignored) (Alan Savage)
0027599: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Autocomplete doesn't suggest gl_FragCoord (Mike Dailly)
0028591: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Compatibility layer incorrectly imports attached project, missing bracket (Russell Kay)
0029180: [Build Windows] Build Windows: [Mac IDE] Able to start builds for Windows target without any remote workers added (Alan Savage)
0029545: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Need to remove the 32bit part from our IAP support library, as this blocks submission to Apple (Russell Kay)
0027619: [Runtimes] Runtimes: "Delete old runtimes" setting doesn't function correctly (Steven Campbell)
0029543: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Instances which aren't exported that have overriden properties cause the asset compiler to crash (Alan Savage)
0029495: [UI Language] Localisation: [French] Mouse Down and Mouse Pressed Event localisation texts are identical (Mike Dailly)
0029569: [Licensing] Licensing: Crash on startup if account.yoyogames.com is not reachable, as session string is null (Steven Campbell)
0029579: [Licensing] Licensing: "Unable to login - no network connection" error when connected to the internet should be clarified (Alan Savage)
0026047: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Room reopens at massively offset co-ordinates (usually approx -20k, -20k) after reloading project (Alexander Borup)
0028034: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Short sounds are not played completely in preview (Alan Savage)
0029281: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Doesn't check instance creation code for sub-layer instances (Alan Savage)
0029291: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Inheritance breaks if you reload the project (Claire Hall)
0029567: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Incorrect value is being written as the application type, causes inability to submit packages to the AppStore (Alan Savage)
0025732: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Unable to hold down an arrow key to move an instance/asset, requires press and release (Alan Savage)
0029544: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Importing a Spine over an existing Spine causes the sprite preview to stop showing (Alan Savage)
0026109: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Selecting multiple shaders and setting the language type only affects the single shader clicked on (Alan Savage)
0029547: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Intellisense window is offset if autocompleting an enum on a long line of code (Alan Savage)
0029442: [Room Editor] Room Editor: You can multi-select rotated items without being near them when doing a rectangle selection (Claire Hall)
0027705: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Preview and Label can show the style differently to the font style actually selected (Alan Savage)
0027903: [General] General: No error shown to user if loading a resource fails during project loads (Sam Cumming)
0029587: [UI] UI: 'About' page is missing a colon in 'Online Status' (Mike Dailly)
0029179: [Device Manager] Device Manager: Removing a remote worker doesn't update the target manager label or status (Alan Savage)
0029241: [Workspaces] Workspaces: Workspace Overview requires the user to provide input before they can use Up or Down on their keyboard (Alan Savage)
0029273: [Build iOS] iOS Devices: Trying to launch the Simulator from GMS2 gives an Igor crash report (Alan Savage)
0029296: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Crash when copy/pasting objects selected across multiple layers (Alan Savage)
0029359: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Duplicating a resource whilst at the trial limits crashes the IDE rather than showing a warning (Alan Savage)
0029642: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Drag importing a sound onto whitespace in the Resource Tree will make the IDE unstable (Alan Savage)
0029430: [Image Editor] Image Editor (Mac): Convert to Frames UI opens up too small, compared to Windows IDE (Alan Savage)
0025336: [Game Options] Game Options: Update the default values for the Android Build Settings to the current SDK's values (Steven Campbell)
0029425: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Regions do not work in Room Editor Object Creation Code (Sam Cumming)
0028360: [General] General: 'display_set_ui_visibility()' is not recognised by IDE, has manual page (Peter Hall)
0028196: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Can't Cut/Copy/Paste using keyboard shortcuts using macOS IDE (Alan Savage)
0028491: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Node drop placement is jumpy (Matthew McInnes)
0028670: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Custom colours store affected by changing a subsequent colour (Alan Savage)
0029060: [Code Editor] Code Editor: "Unsaved" asterisk appears when pressing Escape (Alan Savage)
0029181: [Room Editor] Room Editor: 'Convert Image to Tilemap' generate button has exclamation mark, doesn't fit with IDE style (Alan Savage)
0029242: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Event name shows a '-' if the Object is opened in Workspace and that event is empty (Alan Savage)
0029246: [Workspaces] Workspaces: Middle Mouse button scrolls 2 things at once (counts as a left click on scroll bars) (Alan Savage)
0029251: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Hissing occurs when playing a .ogg in the Sound Editor (Steven Campbell)
0029253: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Highlighting text during a rename in the dark skin means you can't see what you've highlighted (Alan Savage)
0029389: [Compiling] Compiling: Pressing F5 multiple times within a zero room project, generates many instances of the Error UI (Alan Savage)
0029391: [UI Language] UI Language (Mac): Finder UI is using German strings despite computer language being set to English (Chris Harrison)
0027401: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Replacing only replaces code, not comments (Alan Savage)
0028568: [Saving] Saving: Some users reporting IDE replacing object code in separate project if that project shares an object name (Alan Savage)
0029118: [UI] UI: [Mac IDE] 'Maximum Logins Exceeded' dialog has too short buttons, box is cut off (Alan Savage)
0029270: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Autocomplete inserts 'global.global.foo' when completing 'global.' (Alan Savage)
0029272: [General] General: IDE crashes instantly when it attempts to check the RSS feeds because website setup has changed (Chris Harrison)
0029277: [General] General: IDE crashes when pressing 'Enter' on keyboard after spam-confirming a save confirmation dialog (Alan Savage)
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