0030212: [General] General: room_restart() makes persistent room's hidden instance layers visible (Alan Savage)
0030421: [Windows] Windows: Vsync timing method checks do not work on WARP drivers, cause the runner to crash on startup (Mike Rennie)
0030399: [Ubuntu] Ubuntu: Games always use 100% CPU even if they don't need it (Russell Kay)
0030786: [Functions] Functions: http_request() complains about an unknown certificate having expired, despite the function working (Gavin)
0030623: [HTML5] HTML5: Change an instance's "Frame" or "Image Speed" in the room editor doesn't apply when running (Antanas Budvytis)
0030607: [Audio] Audio: Doppler effect pitch is applied twice (Fritz)
0030613: [General] General: Using undefined in a switch statement throws errors if there is no case for undefined (Russell Kay)
0030608: [Variables (Object/Instance)] Variables: Rounding on constants and variables is different (Russell Kay)
0030606: [General] General: If statements with undefined and a condition don't work (Russell Kay)
0030609: [iOS] iOS: http_request() using a buffer will cause game to crash (Fritz)
0030595: [iOS] iOS: Virtual Keys for the same physical key only count the last key created (Mike Rennie)
0030425: [Functions] Functions: colour_get_red/blue/green returns wrong value for colour with alpha component (Mike Rennie)
0030538: [Mac] Mac: Games built from the Mac IDE with Steam enabled don't enable Steam (Fritz)
0030494: [iOS] iOS: Asset layer has an unexpected shift in comparison with room editor and other platforms (Mike Rennie)
0030575: [HTML5] HTML5: Backgrounds are broken and game has various code issues not seen on Windows (Russell Kay)
0030580: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: casting undefined to bool is no longer allowed, neither implicitly or via bool() (Russell Kay)
0030473: [iOS] iOS: Virtual key release event fires twice (Mike Rennie)
0030540: [Android] Android: Drawing fonts from vectors doesn't work reliably on Android (Mike Rennie)
0030516: [Paths] Paths: Using endaction_restart/continue and setting path_speed to 0 instantly causes paths to not start (Fritz)
0030515: [Functions] Functions: audio_emitter_velocity no longer changes the pitch of sounds as expected (Russell Kay)
0030531: [Windows] Windows: Within specific project calling instance_deactivate_all crashes the runner (Fritz)
0030548: [Windows 8 (YYC)] Windows (YYC): "error: member reference base type 'double' is not a structure or union" when using div (Russell Kay)
0030491: [Collisions] Collisions: place_empty requires a collision event to exist before it works (Fritz)
0030497: [Functions] HTML5: ini_key_delete() causes an exception to occur (Mike Rennie)
0030477: [Audio] Audio: Ogg conversion of files with video/image streams will fail (but audio can be played in IDE) (Alan Savage)
0030474: [Functions] Functions: buffer_base64_decode() is inconsistent on Windows and HTML5 (Fritz)
0030254: [General] General: Calling an empty script when compiling for YYC throws an error when VM doesn't (Russell Kay)
0030526: [HTML5] HTML5: Games no longer run on IE11 (Mike Rennie)
0030484: [HTML5] HTML5: variable_instance_get_names throws a type error (Mike Rennie)
0030483: [HTML5] HTML5: room_get_name() only works for the room you're currently in (Mike Rennie)
0030374: [HTML5] HTML5: layer_get_all_elements() doesn't handle "undefined" properly and gives the user wrong results (Alan Savage)
0030369: [Functions] Functions: buffer_decompress() doesn't work, throws different errors depending on target platform (Alan Savage)
0029157: [Spine] Spine: Using skeleton_collision_draw_set() whilst a shader is set stops collision boxes being rendered and throws errors (Mike Rennie)
0030464: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: Strings are equal to 0 in, should not be (Russell Kay)
0030391: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Ternary operators don't work due to conversion issues (Russell Kay)
0030488: [Extensions] Extensions: Building with Google Play Licensing and Analytics in your project cause duplicate entries (Antanas Budvytis)
0030436: [iOS] iOS: New iOS devices do not return the correct values for display height/width, so have black bars (Antanas Budvytis)
0029860: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Decrementing prior to statement behaves differently compared to VM (Russell Kay)
0029942: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): GM_build_date does not update with each build (Russell Kay)
0030299: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: legacy function calls next to bitwise operators are cast to f64 and then to s64, losing precision (Russell Kay)
0030275: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: Line numbers start at 0 (Russell Kay)
0030259: [Windows] Windows: Games using vsync timing can see the debug overlay FPS value drop when the game loses focus (Mike Rennie)
0030296: [Physics] Physics: Negative friction values can be set in GMS2, but are not supported by Box2D (Alan Savage)
0030249: [Particles] Particles: part_system_depth() and deactivated instances in the room can cause issues drawing particles (Alan Savage)
0029936: [Networking] Networking: network_connect crashes on Windows when it can't connect to a server (Mark Alexander)
0030164: [HTML5] HTML5: "event_type" and "event_number" return incorrect values (Mike Dailly)
0030168: [HTML5] HTML5: Extension script indexes can still be wrong, can cause the game to crash (Russell Kay)
0030193: [HTML5] HTML5: iOS Safari fails to pass a vec4 uniform value to shaders using shader_set_uniform_f, works with array variant (Mike Dailly)
0030206: [HTML5] HTML5: Alarm within specific project never seems to get fired, because it's created with a decimal value (Mike Dailly)
0030346: [HTML5] HTML5: Doesn't output debug information any more, regardless of Game Option value for where to show the info (Alan Savage)
0030262: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_change() doesn't initialise the new object's instance variables (Russell Kay)
0030331: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_deactivate_layer() called from room creation code does not deactivate instances (Alan Savage)
0030337: [HTML5] HTML5: layer_sprite_alpha doesn't work (Alan Savage)
0030338: [HTML5] HTML5: mp_grid_add_instances adding destroyed instances (Alan Savage)
0018918: [HTML5] HTML5: Spine IKs aren't working, results in the whole Mesh collapsing (Mike Rennie)
0030279: [HTML5] HTML5: It should be possible to remove Android/iOS browsers need to download all sounds on game start (Antanas Budvytis)
0030314: [General] General: Restarting game will still break on all remaining breakpoints in the current event (Alexander Borup)
0030312: [General] General: Debugger restarting your game in an event with game_end() will still end the game rather than restart it (Alexander Borup)
0030200: [General] General: Strange crash possibly caused by Switch statements handling a string? (Russell Kay)
0030263: [General] General: Array Accessors work differently between 1D and 2D arrays (Russell Kay)
0030256: [General] General: Strings containing numbers at the start aren't converted to numbers (Russell Kay)
0029872: [Functions] Functions: 'variable_instance_exists' fails to find variable declared as 'arguments' (Russell Kay)
0030373: [Android] Android: Audio recording doesn't work (Mike Rennie)
0030333: [Functions] Functions: `var arg=argument;` is allowed and is remarkably inconsistent (Russell Kay)
0026867: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] json_decode () doesn't strip BOM properly in http_get() results, breaks data parsing (Alan Savage)
0025287: [Functions] Functions: rectangle_in_triangle() doesn't seem to work when one of the triangle's corner is inside the rectangle (Alan Savage)
0029864: [Functions] Functions: sprite_add() doesn't work for Spine sprites since 2.1.3 (Mike Rennie)
0030383: [Functions] Functions: collision_rectangle_list and collision_rectangle don't work consistently when using all for the obj argument (Fritz)
0030316: [Font] Font: font_add_sprite_ext() separator calculation seems to be +1 in 2.2.1 compared to 2.2.0 and older (Mike Rennie)
0030220: [Extensions] Extensions: Script IDs can get mixed up between extensions (Russell Kay)
0030199: [Audio] Audio: Specific project crashes due to audio emitters (Steven Campbell)
0018937: [Spine] Spine: Animations don't switch when there is only 1 keyframe in 0 position. (Mike Rennie)
0020558: [Spine] Spine: Using draw_skeleton after a draw_self will use the wrong sprite index (Mike Rennie)
0022021: [Spine] Spine: skeleton_animation_set can not display any changes about attachment and draworder (Mike Rennie)
0026267: [Spine] Spine: Skeleton Animations Transforms ALWAYS inherited by parent bones (even if specified otherwise) (Mike Rennie)
0027495: [Spine] skeleton_attachment_set not working if attachment is created with a Spine sprite (Mike Rennie)
0030321: [Spine] Spine: Sprites always play at a fixed FPS regardless of your game's FPS (Mike Rennie)
0030378: [iOS] iOS: Virtual keys not working properly (Mike Rennie)
0030364: [Collisions] Collisions: No collisions occur in children unless parent object has an empty collision event (Fritz)
0030361: [General] Compiler: unclosed switch block throws an asset compiler exception (Russell Kay)
0030359: [Spine] Spine: Flipping a sprite via "image_scale = -1;" no longer works, but using 0.99 instead does work (Mike Rennie)
0030357: [Collisions] Collisions: collision_circle() with precise collision is noticeably inaccurate (native only) (Alan Savage)
0030358: [Functions] Functions: vertex_usage_color() is not defined (missing the US spelling of "colour") (Russell Kay)
0030390: [Functions] Functions: Using the collision list functions causes a large loss in FPS which never recovers (Fritz)
0030397: [Functions] Functions: file_delete returns false on YYC for all platforms even though the file was successfully deleted (Fritz)
0030432: [Spine] Spine: Slowing an animation down enough will break tweening and so animations become jerky (Mike Rennie)
0030400: [Functions] Ubuntu: draw_text_ext() ignores manual newlines (Russell Kay)
0030370: [HTML5] HTML5: Layer begin/end scripts are not called during the Draw event (Mike Rennie)
0030440: [Collisions] Collisions: Spine sprite does not collide with a non-Spine sprite which has precise collision enabled (Mike Rennie)
0030190: [Spine] Spine: Animation doesn't play correctly for tracks other than 0 through user input but works fine by default (Mike Rennie)
0030365: [Spine] Spine: skeleton_bone_state_get() returns less information in HTML5 than on Windows (Mike Rennie)
0030449: [Input Devices] Input Devices: If you don't specify a platform as part of your pad mapping, it always shows as "Windows" (Russell Kay)
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