0015863: [HTML5] HTML5: Remove trailing commas in array/object initializations (Mike Dailly)
0029546: [Mac] Mac: Games crash on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard due to missing OpenGL functions (Mike Rennie)
0028621: [Buffers] Buffer Constants: The buffer constant buffer_u64 is not implemented fully within GML (Alan Savage)
0029747: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): ds_stack_pop on an empty stack returns a "hard crash" value (Russell Kay)
0030204: [HTML5] HTML5: keyboard_string and keyboard_lastchar translate key presses as if the keyboard in use was a UK keyboard (Mike Dailly)
0029783: [Functions] Functions: debug_get_callstack() has extra zero-elements, hard crashes some projects on YYC (Russell Kay)
0029765: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Parentheses are not inserted around lower-priority binary operators (Russell Kay)
0028780: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Integer Promotion is different between VM and YYC (Russell Kay)
0029749: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): ternary operator does a cast (copy, discard) to YYRValue even though it doesn't need to (Russell Kay)
0015806: [3D] 3D: Building a primitive using incomplete vertex functions is inconsistent across Windows and HTML5 (Mike Dailly)
0030291: [Paths] Paths: path_endaction_reverse only works for the first reverse on the path, after that the instance jumps (Mike Dailly)
0029417: [General] General: Noticeable performance drop when changing from slow to fast collisions (Fritz)
0029146: [General] General: FPS is consistently wrong across platforms when using a high refresh rate monitor (Mike Rennie)
0029663: [Surfaces] Surfaces: Creating and destroying surfaces appears to have a memory leak (Alan Savage)
0027262: [Functions] Functions: load_csv() not reading the last line in a CSV (CoreTech)
0029384: [HTML5] HTML5: Drawing a character not in the font corrupts rendering on WebGL (Fritz)
0029853: [Functions] Functions: Random seed is different if you restart your game after a room change has occurred (Mike Dailly)
0019592: [Functions] Functions: async_load[? 'status'] is wrong on a number of exports for when a request fails (Mike Dailly)
0029755: [Functions] Functions: sprite_get_uvs() doesn't work properly for sprites created using sprite_create_from_surface() (Russell Kay)
0029706: [Functions] load_csv can cause games to crash (Peter Hall)
0030348: [Collisions] Collisions: instance_destroy() with a large number of instances at once breaks collisions for deactivated instances (Fritz)
0030344: [iOS] iOS: iOS 9 and older crash on game startup because of iPhone X home bar functionality (Antanas Budvytis)
0030342: [General] General: Recursive function calls now return undefined on YYC platforms (Russell Kay)
0030339: [Collisions] Collisions: Persistent objects won't collide after a room change until they are moved once more (Fritz)
0030216: [Extensions] Extensions: Google Play Licensing doesn't work for users "Could not find play-services-tasks-license.aar" (Antanas Budvytis)
0030277: [Functions] Functions: ds_grid_get() now causes crashes on YYC only when returning strings (Fritz)
0030194: [Functions] Functions: Using Grid accessor as argument has difference between VM and YYC (Russell Kay)
0030211: [Android] Android: Gamepads are undetectable after loss of focus (Russell Kay)
0030214: [General] General: Line number within error dialog is incorrect if the script contains utf8 characters in comments, etc. (Russell Kay)
0030203: [HTML5] HTML5: keyboard_lastkey does not properly update (Mike Dailly)
0030205: [Functions] Functions: string_format() is including the decimal character in the calculation on non-JS targets (Mike Dailly)
0030201: [HTML5] HTML5: string_delete() incorrectly returns a modified string when given a negative value for the number of chars to remove (Mike Dailly)
0030169: [Surfaces] Surfaces: surface_resize() whilst that surface is set causes an error message about surface stack mismatch (Mike Dailly)
0030160: [HTML5] HTML5: Using string_width() or string_height() with the new in-built font in 2.2.1 crashes your game (Antanas Budvytis)
0029833: [HTML5] HTML5: Layer names are converted to lowercase in runner (Antanas Budvytis)
0030125: [Windows] Windows: Framerate stutters on Windows 7 specifically (Stewart Bishop)
0029984: [Extensions] Extensions: Referencing extension scripts doesn't count as use and it gets DCE'd (Russell Kay)
0028453: [HTML5] HTML5: Debugger fails to load instance list in Microsoft browsers (Alan Savage)
0030143: [HTML5] HTML5: Doesn't fire Clean Up events (Mike Dailly)
0017191: [HTML5] Functions: window_center() does not take into account a freshly-changed window size (Mike Dailly)
0030080: [Mac] Mac: show_message_async() isn't async anymore (Antanas Budvytis)
0028089: [HTML5] HTML5: Safari won't play streaming MP3s until after the user interacts with the game (Alan Savage)
0029235: [HTML5] HTML5: layer_tilemap_exists() results in "_EE.toLowerCase is not a function" if the layer actually exists (Mike Dailly)
0030137: [HTML5] HTML5: display_set_timing_method() is not defined (Mike Dailly)
0004807: [Functions] Functions: keyboard_key_press() not working on iOS [and Android in recent GMS2] (Fritz)
0028712: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: os_browser detects Opera as Chrome (Alan Savage)
0028501: [Windows] Windows: Setting a too-large room will cause game to fail in the GPU on startup, should try to guard this and better inform user (Fritz)
0029203: [Extensions] Extensions: GML scripts aren't always added to script list (Alan Savage)
0030136: [HTML5] HTML5: Cameras: camera script getters do not work (Alan Savage)
0030138: [Functions] Collision: collision point, circle and rectangle don't properly account for rotated rectangle collisions (Alan Savage)
0029850: [HTML5] HTML5: Changing background visibility in compatibility scripts does not work on code-generated backgrounds (Antanas Budvytis)
0028606: [UWP] UWP: http_post_string doesn't return anything (Fritz)
0029636: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS2] Text drawn using a sprite font and draw_text_ext will not line break on spaces (Fritz)
0025506: [General] General: No support for G-Sync/FreeSync within the runner, causes game FPS to be inconsistent (Mike Rennie)
0027606: [HTML5] HTML5: layer_shader() doesn't work or is not implemented (Fritz)
0029585: [Audio] Audio: When the frame rate is set very high, audio_sound_gain() does not fade over the expected period (Peter Hall)
0029874: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS2] Cloned instances don't draw anything (Alan Savage)
0029758: [Functions] Functions: make_color_hsv) is not producing the same colours as its RGB counter part using the same colour values (Alan Savage)
0028562: [HTML5] HTML5: Changing an object's layer doesn't change the rendering order of objects (Fritz)
0029428: [HTML5] HTML5: path_endaction doesn't work (Alan Savage)
0016711: [HTML5] HTML5: Last used sound plays when changing tabs back to game (Mike Dailly)
0029938: [HTML5] HTML5 : surface_getpixel() doesn't work when WebGL is enabled (Antanas Budvytis)
0029925: [Functions] Functions: sprite_create_from_surface() resulting sprite appears padded (Fritz)
0027794: [UWP] UWP: url_open() fails to open protocol applications, nothing happens (Fritz)
0028164: [HTML5] HTML5: Splash screen does not show when 'Use splash screen' preference is ticked (Fritz)
0029816: [Mac] Mac: get_open_filename() doesn't check the load whitelist correctly, stopping files outside the sandbox being read (Russell Kay)
0024977: [Android] Android: Current surface/shader breaks after returning from OS being paused (Fritz)
0029735: [HTML5] HTML5: keyboard_string doesn't repeat characters whilst key is held down (Fritz)
0028040: [Views / Cameras] Views / Cameras: User-created cameras that are assigned to a view will be deleted when the room ends (Fritz)
0029882: [HTML5] HTML5: Fullscreen functionality using Firefox places the game in top-left corner (Antanas Budvytis)
0029822: [Functions] Functions: Letting built-in functions convert arguments from number to string leaks memory (Russell Kay)
0029861: [Functions] Functions Using texture_global_scale() then drawing text with the default font will not work (Russell Kay)
0029972: [Functions] Functions: sprite_collision_mask() doesn't use its tolerance value correctly (Russell Kay)
0025576: [HTML5] HTML5: audio_get_recorder_count() always returns zero [and microphone recording does not work] (Alan Savage)
0029960: [Functions] Functions: mp_grid_add_instances() doesn't work correctly with instances which have rotated rectangle collision masks (Peter Hall)
0029985: [HTML5] HTML5: Setting a sprite_index to -1 still causes collisions to occur even though no sprite is rendered (Alan Savage)
0029721: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: For int32 type, (x >= -2147483548 + x) == false (Russell Kay)
0029731: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: [YYC] Array literal doesn't set array ownership correctly - not copied on write (Russell Kay)
0029915: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Array comparisons differ between VM and YYC (Russell Kay)
0029880: [Functions] Functions: sprite_collision_mask() doesn't allow you to create collision masks bigger than your sprite (Russell Kay)
0008633: [Functions] Functions: display_reset() does not center the window correctly (Fritz)
0027656: [Views / Cameras] Views / Cameras: Cameras stored in global variables do not seem to persist between rooms (Fritz)
0029295: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] Turning off the draw event using draw_enable_drawevent will cause show_debug_overlay to return negative fps (Fritz)
0029883: [HTML5] HTML5: image_alpha is not clamped between 0 and 1 for Canvas but is for WebGL (Antanas Budvytis)
0029683: [Views / Cameras] Views / Cameras: Rotating your view angle causes your object to move strangely (Alan Savage)
0029851: [HTML5] HTML5: Calling layer_destroy or layer_destroy_instances will generate a null exception in instance_destroy (Mike Dailly)
0029886: [Steam] Steam: steam_ugc_create_query_user_ex() does not function properly and returns -1 instead (Alan Savage)
0029947: [Mac] Mac: surfaces disappearing on view_wview/view_hview change (Mike Rennie)
0029993: [HTML5] HTML5: audio_sound_gain() has issues applying the correct value when the argument "time" is not 0 (Alan Savage)
0029971: [Functions] Functions: Using json_decode() with an array as the top level structure causes a memory leak (Russell Kay)
0023698: [Mac] Mac: d3d mode shows no signs of depth buffer (Mike Rennie)
0029905: [General] General: Memory leak occurs when restarting game (Russell Kay)
0029334: [Views / Cameras] Cameras: camera matrices are not being updated correctly (Mike Rennie)
0028077: [3D] 3D: Crash when drawing vertex formats with two colour parameters (Mike Rennie)
0028614: [Functions] Functions: Layer scripts don't set the layer variable to the correct layer, is always -1 (Mike Rennie)
0026305: [Functions] HTML5: Matrices (other than matrix_world) returned from "matrix_get" are wrong unless set with "matrix_set" (Antanas Budvytis)
0029845: [HTML5] HTML5: Setting an asset to be flipped for either axis won't rotate around the origin (Fritz)
0029738: [HTML5] HTML5: Motion Planning functions aren't implemented, gives debug console errors (Mike Dailly)
0029653: [HTML5] HTML5: draw_text_colour - corner colours are not applied to whole string (Alan Savage)
0029292: [HTML5] HTML5: buffer_create_from_vertex_buffer() throws a "is not defined" error (Fritz)
0029400: [HTML5] HTML5: WebGL distorts drawing when spacebar is pressed in attached project (Fritz)
0029424: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] Some draw_light_* functions are unimplemented on HTML5 (Fritz)
0029436: [HTML5] HTML5: Game Option for "Default draw colour" isn't being applied (Alan Savage)
0029742: [HTML5] HTML5: sprite_set_alpha_from_sprite() does not work if WebGL is enabled (Antanas Budvytis)
0028486: [Extensions] HTML5: Extensions' Init and Final Functions are not automatically called (Fritz)
0028277: [HTML5] HTML5: Texturing vertex buffers results in each triangle/quad geting assigned only one color (Fritz)
0028850: [HTML5] HTML5: shader_set_uniform_f_array() doesn't work (Mike Dailly)
0025371: [HTML5] HTML5: audio_sound_get_track_position() not affected by audio_sound_pitch() value (Alan Savage)
0028547: [Functions] HTML5: layer_sprite_xscale() and _yscale() don't work [but do in Windows] (Fritz)
0028060: [HTML5] HTML5: Surfaces existing outside of viewport will not render when inside viewport (Mike Dailly)
0027489: [HTML5] HTML5: Will only display first image of a sprite that was created using sprite_merge() (Antanas Budvytis)
0026573: [Functions] Functions: instance_create_depth() should throw a compile error when passed a non-number string for the depth value (Russell Kay)
0018023: [HTML5] HTML5: Premultiplied alpha is not working (Mike Dailly)
0028463: [Extensions] Extensions: HTML5: gmcallback_* scripts are broken (Antanas Budvytis)
0030079: [Functions] Functions: collision_line() fails to detect collision in some cases when using fast collisions (Alan Savage)
0029714: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): variable_instance_get() returns undefined if there's a global variable of same name (Peter Hall)
0029438: [Functions] Functions: \n doesn't break new lines in draw_text_ext_transformed() or draw_text_ext_transformed_colour() on some platforms (Alan Savage)
0028219: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] FPS not being set correctly when using 'game_set_speed' and 'draw_enable_drawevent' (Mike Rennie)
0028504: [HTML5] HTML5: Scaling with window_set_size will cause mouse to target a different point on the screen (Antanas Budvytis)
0029744: [HTML5] HTML5: matrix_transform_vertex() crashes your game for "TypeError: undefined has no properties" (Antanas Budvytis)
0029648: [Social] Social: Update facebook_post_message() so that it works as it is documented (Antanas Budvytis)
0029646: [Social] Social: facebook_send_invite() is obsolete and should be removed (Antanas Budvytis)
0029647: [Social] Social: facebook_dialog() should be removed or updated to match current FB usage (Antanas Budvytis)
0029641: [Social] Social: facebook_post_message() is obsolete and should be removed (Antanas Budvytis)
0025185: [Font] Windows: [GMS2] Using the Belmongo font with draw_text(), the "s" and "q" will appear stange (Claire Hall)
0029566: [Font] Font: Potential font issue where fonts are cut off at a certain height (Claire Hall)
0030024: [Functions] Functions: int64 literals are stored as 64-bit floats, losing precision (Russell Kay)
0030050: [HTML5] HTML5: array_equals() always returns true (Mike Dailly)
0027584: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: keyboard_string gets cleared when the runner window loses focus (Russell Kay)
0029961: [Android] Android: Virtual keyboard return/done button doesn't currently work (Antanas Budvytis)
0029815: [Rooms] Rooms: Changing between persistent rooms leaks some memory (Russell Kay)
0025186: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: [GMS2] game_restart() does not reset gamespeed to game options value (Alan Savage)
0026858: [3D] 3D: d3d_draw_[shape]() does not draw as expected when a 1.4 project is imported (Alan Savage)
0015841: [Shaders] Shaders: shader: uv coords. change as soon as retrieve the tangents of the model. (Mike Dailly)
0030023: [Functions] Functions: giving a string to buffer_write(_, buffer_u64, _) silently casts string->double->int64, losing precision (Mike Dailly)
0030048: [HTML5] HTML5: Depth set in create event is overwritten for room instances (Alan Savage)
0026608: [Shaders] Shaders: [GMS2] Draw failed due to invalid input layout (Mike Dailly)
0027737: [Functions] Functions: Instances copied using instance_copy() throw a "layer integrity" error upon deletion (Alan Savage)
0029965: [Functions] Functions: display_get_timing_method() always returns "tm_sleep" (Alan Savage)
0029957: [Functions] Functions: Using sprite_add() on a gif swaps the blues and reds (Alan Savage)
0030037: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: Enums which references constants throw circular reference error (Russell Kay)
0011571: [Functions] Function: display_reset() resizes window (Fritz)
0028611: [Surfaces] Surfaces: Camera weirdness happens when changing what surface is being targeted whilst an angle is applied to the camera (Fritz)
0029810: [Mac] Mac: "Allow resize window" with "Keep aspect ratio" doesn't allow resizing window left/right, must be "full scale" (Russell Kay)
0028368: [UWP] UWP: http requests do not trigger the http async event (Fritz)
0029608: [Functions] Functions: Using room_goto() with a string doesn't throw any errors and causes your game to hang forever (Russell Kay)
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