0024834: [Spine] Spine: Memory leak in skeleton_bone_state_get() (Russell Kay)
0029632: [Audio] Audio: Sync groups don't have any audio if you've set the position of a listener (Peter Hall)
0029819: [UWP] UWP: GML errors from your game are no longer shown, game silently closes (Steven Campbell)
0029912: [Windows] Windows: Changing between persistent rooms will crash your game as it fails to build the collision tree (Steven Campbell)
0029884: [General] General: Fast collisions have issues with collision masks that are very small such as a single pixel (Peter Hall)
0029812: [UWP] UWP: Pressing B on Xbox Controller when building UWP for XBox will suspend the application (Mike Rennie)
0029763: [Audio] Audio: Crackling occurs if you set an emitter's velocity (Peter Hall)
0029857: [Audio] Audio: 3D Audio falloff not working anymore (Peter Hall)
0029298: [Windows] Windows: Game crashes with no code error when trying to play an audio file which does not exist in project (Alan Savage)
0029817: [Audio] Audio: Clicking occurs if you change the pitch of an emitter (Peter Hall)
0029858: [Functions] Functions: collision_point() and collision_point_list() do not work correctly with rotated rectangle collision masks (Peter Hall)
0030067: [Android] Android: Null pointer audio device crash when resuming games from sleep state in 2.2.0 (Russell Kay)
0030068: [Functions] Functions: Crash when using get_string_async() and get_integer_async() (Mike Dailly)
0030064: [HTML5] HTML5: Referencing a layer by a string name is broken in 2.2.0 (Mike Dailly)
0029842: [Sprites] Sprites: image_index no longer increments on single-frame sprites (Mike Dailly)
0026336: [UWP] UWP: Window resolution is always locked at 1200 x 900, regardless of what your room or view size is (Russell Kay)
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