0030057: [Saving] Saving: Texture, Audio and Font groups are reset to Default each time a project is opened (Steven Campbell)
0029948: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Resources not opening within the workspace for a small number of users (Steven Campbell)
0029987: [Installing] Installing: Runtimes can fail to download because drive mappings (typically Z) are not able to be made (Steven Campbell)
0029859: [Compiling] Compiling: Unable to compile some projects with specific sounds in them (Steven Campbell)
0029827: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Unable to load Workspace layouts because Finder won't see .xml files (Alan Savage)
0029832: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Exported files do not have an extension unless you manually add the file extension (Alan Savage)
0029875: [Game Options] Game Options: Older projects with configs can crash the IDE as the Android SDK values were int64 and are now strings (Alan Savage)
0029323: [Build Android] Build Android YYC: Android YYC builds launch with error 'Unable to find library for armv7l' when using NDK 17b (Russell Kay)
0024744: [UI] UI: Windows 10 multiple desktop focus switching (crazy flickering) (Steven Campbell)
0029963: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] Projects with an apostrophe in the name, crash the IDE when a build is stopped by pressing 'Run' again (Claire Hall)
0029820: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Unable to create an executable if your splash background colour is set to #000000 (Steven Campbell)
0030069: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Pressing the 'Stop' button produces Igor error message, when building for Mac VM from Windows (Alan Savage)
0029949: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Using add existing on a font resource doesn't set the texture group to default (Steven Campbell)
0030016: [General] General: [Mac IDE] CEF fails when it has been used by another application (Steven Campbell)
0029782: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Using D3D functions adds a compatibility script "__init_d3d" which uses deprecated function (Steven Campbell)
0029979: [Tile Set Editor] Tile Set Editor: If you rename the sprite associated with the tileset whilst the preview window is open it stops rendering (Claire Hall)
0027730: [Accounts] Accounts: Users entering details for education management accounts are shown a unhelpful generic error message (David Roy)
0029928: [Build Android] Build Android: Building with Lint enabled will always fail unless you have Bluetooth permissions enabled (Fritz)
0022860: [UI] UI: Using Tab to navigate through panels with a scrollbar does not auto-scroll when the tab focus goes off screen. (Claire Hall)
0029759: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Error making a zip if your Windows regional language is not set to English (Claire Hall)
0029589: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: "Add Existing" Sprite left with no texture group (Steven Campbell)
0028849: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: Adding a function puts the cursor for the name field off-screen (Alan Savage)
0029988: [Preferences] Preferences: tvOS Preference is incorrectly in Compiling, so shown to everyone - should be in the tvOS section (Steven Campbell)
0029796: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: duplicate and broken recent windows entries after deleting timeline moments (Alan Savage)
0029795: [Timeline Editor] Timeline Editor: deleting moment can prevent opening of remaining moment scripts (until editor is closed and reopened) (Alan Savage)
0029899: [Debugger] Debugger: Using commas in the project path causes the debugger to not connect (Alan Savage)
0029843: [Build HTML5] HTML5: Warning message has wrong link when running local game (Mike Dailly)
0029733: [General] General: Opening the specified project crashes the IDE (Alan Savage)
0029846: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: IDE becomes unstable if you drag a parent Else statement into a child If statement (Alexander Borup)
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