0031432: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Steam API documentation does not indicate Int64 is required for steam ids (Mark Alexander)
0031382: [Manual Content] Manual Content: surface_...() function examples do not show usage of surface_exists() (Mark Alexander)
0031457: [Manual Content] Manual: Several keyboard shortcuts definitions are outdated in the manual (Mark Alexander)
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0031337: [Manual Content] Manual Content: gpu_set_blendmode_ext_sepalpha is no longer only available on Windows platform (Mark Alexander)
0031267: [Manual Content] Manual Content: All uses of single quotes for function arguments need to be replaced with double quotes (Mark Alexander)
0031252: [Manual Content] Manual Content: asset_get_index() notes that it does not work on HTML5 for scripts, but it does (Mark Alexander)
0031218: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Duplicate entry for layer_background_xscale which contains incorrect description text (Mark Alexander)
0031064: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Game Pad system event information needs clarifying (Mark Alexander)
0031130: [Manual Content] Manual Content: uwp_is_constrained() doesn't open via F1, but does have a manual page if you search for it (Mark Alexander)
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0030957: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Various pages refer to buffer constants not actually implemented in the runner (Mark Alexander)
0030456: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Review if we need to clarify get_save_filename() and get_save_filename_ext() cause a loss of focus (Mark Alexander)
0030555: [Manual Content] Manual Content: audio_destroy_stream() should mention that we only free memory for the sound file, not the streaming pool (Mark Alexander)
0029895: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Bookmarks list 0-9, when we actually only support 1-9 (Mark Alexander)
0028416: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: GamePads - System Event 2 (DnD): 'persistent' hyperlink leads to manual frontpage (Mark Alexander)
0029611: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: Copyright is out of date (Mark Alexander)
0030586: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Dead link "YoYoGames.com" at the bottom of the Quick Start page (Mark Alexander)
0030658: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Page for audio_is_playable exists when audio_sound_is_playable is the correct function (Mark Alexander)
0030787: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Keyboard shortcut to move through frames in Image editor is not documented (Mark Alexander)
0030637: [Manual Content] Documentation: ds_priority_find_xxx documentation states that items of equal priority are returned in FIFO order (Mark Alexander)
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0020015: [Android] Android: Splash Screens greater than 1024x768 cause OutOfMemory crash on low-end devices (Mark Alexander)
0029610: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: My First Game - Better Bullets: Actions section shown with dark background, dark text while using light skin (Mark Alexander)
0013793: [2.x Tutorial] Suggestion: 2.x Tutorial: Simple 3D games tutorial/demo (Mark Alexander)
0029190: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: Tile Set Editor - 'Creating A Tile Set' has a missing word in opening paragraph (Mark Alexander)
0028498: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: My First Game - The Workspace: Missing words at start of paragraph (Mark Alexander)
0028430: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: My First Game GML - Summary spelling mistake (Mark Alexander)
0028429: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: My First Game GML - The Bullet Object spelling mistake (Mark Alexander)
0028418: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: Cameras And Views - Creating Cameras 1: 'global scope' hyperlink leads to manual frontpage (Mark Alexander)
0028417: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: GamePads - Debugging Gamepads (DnD): 'If' hyperlink leads to manual frontpage (Mark Alexander)
0028073: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: [Mac]My First Game DnD: Playing A Sound has broken icon (Mark Alexander)
0014381: [2.x Tutorial] Suggestion: 2.x Tutorial: Simple platformer tutorial/demo using the built-in physics variables and box2D (Mark Alexander)
0029614: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: The Sprite Editor - Adding Frames: Image text is white on white using the light skin, can be hard to read (Mark Alexander)
0028415: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: GamePads - System Event 1 (DnD): 'ds_map' hyperlink leads to manual frontpage (Mark Alexander)
0028413: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: GamePads - System Event: 'Asynchronous System Event' hyperlink leads to manual frontpage (Mark Alexander)
0028414: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: GamePads - Deadzones And Thresholds: 'Output' hyperlink leads to manual frontpage (Mark Alexander)
0028412: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: Gesture Events - Rotate Events: Table description has a bold description which is inconsistent with other entries (Mark Alexander)
0028411: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: Gesture Events - Rotate Events has spelling mistake in first paragraph (Mark Alexander)
0028409: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: The Image Editor - Sub Images has broken Mac key icons (Mark Alexander)
0028407: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: Tile Set Editor tutorial has a rogue '-' in opening paragraph (Mark Alexander)
0028013: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: My First Game GML: Extra space before comma (Mark Alexander)
0027708: [2.x Tutorial] 2.x Tutorial: My First Game GML has typo game_restert() instead of game_restart() (Mark Alexander)
0029377: [Manual Content] Manual Content: sprite_add_from_surface() does not mention that the source sprite needs to be duplicated first (Mark Alexander)
0029263: [Manual Content] Manual Content: camera_get_view_height and camera_get_view_width need to say these only work with view cameras (Mark Alexander)
0030396: [Manual Content] Manual Content: score, lives and health are global variables yet the manual says they're instance variables (Mark Alexander)
0030210: [Manual Content] Manual Content: file_exists() needs to state that it only works for local files on HTML5 and not remote files (Mark Alexander)
0030340: [Manual Content] Manual Content: game_restart needs to say that it won't clear data structures on restart (Mark Alexander)
0030202: [Manual Content] Manual Content: room_goto needs to state that any instances created after it won't be made (Mark Alexander)
0030197: [Manual Content] Manual Content: sprite_add() uses more memory than users think, so we should clarify this (Mark Alexander)
0030377: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Clarify some information regarding the clean up event (Mark Alexander)
0030300: [Manual Content] Manual Content: The Timeline Editor page has not been updated since the removal of the "Description" UI controls (Mark Alexander)
0030207: [Manual Content] Manual Content: instance_activate_[object|region] need to state that instances aren't activated until the next event (Mark Alexander)
0030151: [Manual Content] Manual Content: part_system_draw_order() example code does not show correct content for this function (Mark Alexander)
0030108: [Manual Content] Manual Content: draw_sprite_pos() doesn't account for texture page cropping (Mark Alexander)
0030046: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Should document importing yyz sometimes requires users to "regenerate" fonts to fix in-game (Mark Alexander)
0029935: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Keyboard Shortcuts > Debug Module incorrectly lists ESC as being able to pause the debugger (Mark Alexander)
0028012: [Manual Content] Manual Content: window_set_fullscreen() on macOS is incorrectly documented, as it requires more options enabled (Mark Alexander)
0027543: [Manual Content] Manual Content: http_request() misbehaves when sending a buffer if the seek position is 0 (Mark Alexander)
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0027690: [Manual Content] Manual Content: audio_get_recorder_count documentation states that the function works on HTML5 (Mark Alexander)
0029847: [Manual Content] Functions: get_integer_async() returns a string rather than a real (Mark Alexander)
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0025555: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Manual needs to mention that audio sync group functionality doesn't work in HTML5 (Mark Alexander)
0020080: [Manual Content] Manual Content: font_add() incorrectly says "if WebGL is enabled then you must use an included font file" (Mark Alexander)
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