0031727: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Some users cannot install new runtimes because GMS2 fails to verify the iOS and/or Amazon Fire modules (Russell Kay)
0031696: [Build iOS] Build iOS: SSH errors on Catalina Macs if trying to build using the Windows IDE, following recent OS update (Fritz)
0031194: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: No way to pass alpha value to draw_sprite_transformed (Luke Brown)
0031433: [Configurations] Configurations: Parent configs are inheriting settings from child configs (Steven Campbell)
0029196: [Source Control] Source Control: Git merging almost always ends in conflict due to .yyp file and views directory (Steven Campbell)
0031607: [Build Android] Build Android: Repeated builds with given project are failing (Fritz)
0031597: [Build Mac] Build Mac: VM runner's splash and icon still uses 1.x branding, causes various instances where 1.4 logo is used (Russell Kay)
0031538: [Build tvOS] Build tvOS: Create Exe fails in Xcode 11.3, as the archive cannot be found after it has been made successfully (Fritz)
0031552: [Image Editor] Image Editor: IDE crash if you draw using the touchscreen with a Surface Pro 7 and multi-touch (Steven Campbell)
0031579: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Debugger builds no longer connect, game just sits on a black screen and the build process ends (Fritz)
0031558: [Compiling] Compiling: Using a whole array in a for() expression is not treated as a compiler error (Russell Kay)
0031399: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Autocomplete adds "global." to Set Global Variable names (Luke Brown)
0031563: [Game Options] Game Options: iOS Bundle Name behaves strangely when entering invalid characters (Steven Campbell)
0031555: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Typing certain characters when using IME can corrupt other double-width characters in your scripts (Steven Campbell)
0031565: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Problems importing some SWF images with concave holes in the shape (e.g., the letter R) (Mike Rennie)
0030672: [General] General: Enabling Automatic Cropping on a texture group can cause visual artifacts (Mike Rennie)
0031500: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Building for mac (vm or yyc) is producing a code signing error resulting in failure to build (Russell Kay)
0031553: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Unable to import specific .gif images, shows "String not found: YoYoImage_UnknownFileFormat" in Output Window (Steven Campbell)
0031529: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Scripts with multiple argument variables in an assignment can generate a warning during YYC builds (Dan)
0027405: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Physics Collision Shape Editor: "Centre Fit" doesn't centre correctly if using circles (David Clarke)
0031638: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Switching to another script with middle mouse does not more cursor to that script when done in full screen (Patrick Roche)
0031464: [UI] UI: Zoom In and Zoom Out are missing Keyboard Shortcuts in their description messages (Kevin Brown)
22 issues View Issues
0031453: [UI] UI: Certain font characters being drawn will cause the IDE font to become corrupted (Russell Kay)
0031521: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (1.4): Draw_Arrow DnD action compatibility script is not correct, breaks in-game (Russell Kay)
0031414: [Crash Reporter] Crash Reporter: Will sometimes close along with the IDE when a crash occurs (Russell Kay)
0031480: [General] General: [MacIDE] On Catalina, on first launch we request permission to have GMS2 receive keystrokes from any application (Russell Kay)
0031454: [Compiling] Compiling: Shader errors will display the incorrect line number (Mike Rennie)
0031462: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: "Extension Options Files" and "Supports" sections are currently redundant and should be removed (David Clarke)
0031430: [Web Server] Web Server: New console app webserver produces a lot of messages in Output window (Russell Kay)
0031436: [Web Server] Web Server: Copyright info listed as ending in 2018 (Russell Kay)
0031322: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Error: if statement with immediately succeeding semicolon is a compiler error but does not appear in syntax highlighting (Russell Kay)
9 issues View Issues
0031367: [General] General: Memory leak in code editor and autocomplete windows (Russell Kay)
0031236: [General] General: [Mac IDE] IDE can't be installed on Catalina as it identifies us as malicious software (Russell Kay)
0030566: [Saving] Saving: IDE silently deletes empty code files in a number of circumstances, triggers the File Watcher each time (Steven Campbell)
0031418: [Web Server] Web Server: [Mac IDE] [Catalina] Attempting to run HTML5 target will not create the web server (Russell Kay)
0031427: [Build Android] Android: [Mac IDE] File extension filter for AAB packages not shown in Finder dropdown (Fritz)
0027754: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Is missing right click menu option to open a group in the sound mixer (Dan)
0031468: [Generate Project Images] Generate Project Images: [Mac IDE] When I click to generate, GMS2 crashes with no error message (Russell Kay)
0031434: [Search & Replace] Search and Replace: IDE hangs when using "Replace All" on large projects (Alan Savage)
0030167: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (1.4): Sounds don't retain their quality settings (Steven Campbell)
0031393: [Installing] Installing: Windows uninstaller's "GMS2 is already running" message is missing a full stop (Russell Kay)
0031388: [Installing] Installing: Copyright on Windows installer is hardcoded as ending in 2018 (Russell Kay)
0031361: [General] General: Release Notes do not link to the beta release notes when in beta version (Steven Campbell)
0031085: [Build iOS] Build iOS: "Download Error: A connection failure occurred" spams your log as it retries constantly (Fritz)
0031345: [UI Language] UI Language: Add updated localised text required for 224 (Russell Kay)
0031385: [Extension Editor] Extensions: [Mac IDE] Using a new line to separate "Inject to AndroidManifest.xml" entries will result in a gradle build error (David Clarke)
0031277: [Included Files] Included Files: iOS/Android cannot access filenames which start with a number, IDE should block these names (Steven Campbell)
0031364: [General] General: User-defined snippets.txt does not override defaults (Steven Campbell)
0031329: [Runtimes] Runtimes: [Mac IDE] Installing runtimes on macOS Catalina always shows dialog that there is not enough space (Russell Kay)
0031384: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Copying an instance does not copy its instance creation code (Steven Campbell)
0031166: [General] General: Upon preforming a fresh install, UI.log is not written out on first launch of the IDE (David Clarke)
0031233: [Compiling] Compiling: "Missing or corrupt build tools" should trigger a compiler error to better highlight this issue (Russell Kay)
0031315: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] "System.IO.IOException: Too many open files" - should look at reducing the number of files open at once (Russell Kay)
0031319: [Compiling] Compiling: calling gml_pragma with no arguments causes a compiler exception (Russell Kay)
0031289: [Game Options] Game Options: Checkbox to toggle some Google extensions does not actually do this (must remove ext from project) (Steven Campbell)
0031297: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Error: Following a search and replace, a "Variable only referenced once" warning can be shown (Steven Campbell)
0031320: [Compiling] Compiling: layer_get_visible() returns wrong values in-game for child layers inside invisible folders (Steven Campbell)
0030403: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Visible indicator doesn't work as expected for child layers (Steven Campbell)
0031316: [My Library] My Library: On small screens the buttons for Import/Download/View will disappear on library items (Steven Campbell)
0031199: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Default event comment is not displayed despite checkbox being ticked in Preferences (Steven Campbell)
0031208: [Keybindings] Keybindings; [Mac IDE] Command + Y does not redo (Fritz)
0031003: [Device Manager] Device Manager: iOS/tvOS "Detect Devices" only returns one physical device of that type (Russell Kay)
0031254: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Switching between rooms can cause "merged" overlapping entries in the Layer Properties gadget (Steven Campbell)
0031156: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: 1.4 GMZ instance creation code gets erased upon viewing (Steven Campbell)
0031171: [Compiling] Compiling: Passing a negative number into chr() stops the compiling process with a confusing error (Russell Kay)
0031115: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Function gpu_set_fog will show a number of arguments syntax error when using an array as the argument (Russell Kay)
0031226: [Compiling] Compiling: Changing the creation order of instances can make compiler errors link to the wrong instance (Alan Savage)
0031247: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Error for Do loop missing "until" does not show correctly. Shows "299" instead of "until" (Russell Kay)
0031193: [UI] UI: Mixed usage of "licence"/"license" throughout the IDE (Steven Campbell)
0030998: [UI] UI: On trial account, Marketplace > Create Package disabled menu option is a different shade of grey than other disabled options (Alexander Borup)
39 issues View Issues
0030626: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NotSupportedException: Key 'OPENSSH' is not supported. (Russell Kay)
0031109: [General] General: Mac - Steam - Creating a desktop shortcut will not use the GMS2 logo and instead uses Steam's default logo (Dan)
0031029: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Renaming the room with an instance's creation code open will delete all the code for that instance (Alan Savage)
0031135: [Compiling] Compiling: Asset Compiler gets stuck in an infinite loop "Reading config delta" trying to process overridden instance variables (Russell Kay)
0030393: [Build Mac] Build Mac: When building with VM no icon is seen for app listing in iTunes Connect (Fritz)
0031153: [UI] Room Editor: [Mac IDE] Cut, copy and paste does not function (Fritz)
0031059: [General] General: Mac IDE crashes on startup on macOS Catalina beta or if you installed Apple's mistaken Xcode update on Mojave (Russell Kay)
0030722: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] Runtimes are not compatible with Mono version installed by Visual Studio for Mac 2019 (Russell Kay)
0030145: [General] General: Occasional Windows IDE startup crashes caused by Nvidia Optimus driver errors (Dan)
0030618: [Build iOS] iOS Build: GMS2 always fails to run project on device due to i386 architecture error during Tests phase (Fritz)
0030271: [General] General: Windows deadlock issue (dead Explorer instances and white screens for browser pages) (Alexander Borup)
       0026769: [Compiling] Compiling: IDE can stall when a build is stopped, causing high CPU usage and must close via Task Manager (Alexander Borup)
0031146: [Marketplace] Marketplace: Importing specific assets fails with "'Could not find Zip file Directory at the end of the file." (Fritz)
0030703: [General] General: Crash on startup when using a VPN from an 'unsupported region' (Russell Kay)
0030245: [General] General: Startup sequences need further protection to avoid Windows IDE crashes and better inform users of issues (David Clarke)
0027661: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: Closing a workspace doesn't remove references to windows in that workspace (Alexander Borup)
0029018: [Saving] Saving: Extension .yy file is changed whenever project is opened if extension contains injection code (Steven Campbell)
0031159: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] Google Play Services extension does not build because of unwanted \n in build.gradle file (Fritz)
0031126: [Debugger] Debugger: Changing an instance or variable value will show the GameMaker Studio 2 has become unstable message (Alan Savage)
0031002: [Device Manager] Device Manager: tvOS devices have their boxes extended off screen until you resize the window (Alan Savage)
0031037: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Groups can be created with invalid character set, causes issues importing packages created with these characters (Steven Campbell)
0030417: [Preferences] Preferences: No setting for default sprite animation speed in Sprite Editor (Steven Campbell)
0029750: [My Library] Suggestion: My Library: Importing the same asset again should ask if you want to overwrite, not just make duplicates (Alan Savage)
0030906: [Source Control] Source Control: GMS2 unstable dialog trying to diff a file on a newly-created local repository which has no commits (Steven Campbell)
0031036: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Attached project will error on building "Could not find rooms" and has extra root group in resource tree (Steven Campbell)
0031018: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Copy and Paste of Assets in the room editor does not copy animation values (Alexander Borup)
0031074: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Cutting tiles when any instance is also selected will silently delete that instance (Alan Savage)
0031017: [UI] UI: Runtime version shows as v99.99.99.99 until it has installed (Alexander Borup)
0030620: [General] General: IDE runs at 60 FPS max regardless of your monitor's refresh rate (Alexander Borup)
0030659: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Copy and Paste of instances in the room editor does not copy frame and image speed values (Alexander Borup)
0030662: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Finder uses 'light skin' even if the user has selected 'dark skin' within OS settings (Russell Kay)
0030955: [UI] UI: Editing the Texture/Audio group name but making no changes, will show a name already in use error (Alexander Borup)
0030695: [Build Android] Build Android: Unwanted READ_PHONE_STATE permission is being added by Igor into Google Play Licensing (Fritz)
0030888: [Source Control] Source Control: Need to wrap the paths to merge and diff tool options in quotes, otherwise paths with spaces cause issues (Steven Campbell)
0030504: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Should re-position the camera vertically when dragging-out thumbnails from the toolbox (Alexander Borup)
0030091: [Output Window] Output Window: When you build for certain targets, the output window does not always auto scroll to the very bottom (Alexander Borup)
0030630: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Skips multiple inputs per frame (Alexander Borup)
0030533: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Eraser tool can partially restore content which has been deleted with backspace (Alan Savage)
0030708: [General] General: Mac IDE shows a "Unable to access vital system folder" warning on first run only (Russell Kay)
0030592: [UI Skin] UI Skin: Changes to the layouts in the Dark skin for 2.2.2 is exposing many people's custom skins are actually invalid (Alexander Borup)
0030689: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Decimal point not highlighted in red, if the decimal point is the first part of the number, EG .14 rather than 0.14 (Alexander Borup)
0030663: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Code Snippets will select the incorrect part of text if the text contains the string to be selected (Alan Savage)
0030660: [Preferences] Preferences: Setting document line limit to a value < 0 will result in being unable to enter any new lines to the code editor (Alexander Borup)
0030523: [Debugger] Debugger: Source code not shown for extension GML scripts with hidden == true (Alexander Borup)
0030665: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Importing multiple sprites of different sizes does not present user with Resize option (Alexander Borup)
0030721: [General] General: Compatibility script for joystick_direction has an unused variable that causes a compiler warning (Russell Kay)
0030503: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Should not re-position the camera horizontally when double-clicking thumbnails in the toolbox (Alexander Borup)
0030335: [DnD Editor] DnD Live Preview: Every second local var declaration isn't colour coded (Alan Savage)
0030431: [General] General: Unable to start the IDE if using RDP and host PC is Windows 10 v1809 (Russell Kay)
0030422: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Changing the object tied to an instance does not persist overridden instance variables to the new object type (Alexander Borup)
0025727: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Colouring for enum values is incorrect if all declared on one line (Alexander Borup)
0028180: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Live Preview is always blank when reopening project, should be re-parsing (Alan Savage)
0030482: [Build Android] Build Android: option_android_version is not parsed properly in log, says "Igor.YYDictionary`2[System.String,System.Object]" (Russell Kay)
0030552: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Sprite controls overlay obstructs image editor (Alexander Borup)
0030414: [Preferences] Preferences: Restart of GMS2 is required after setting your Android SDK path before Game Options > Android works properly (Steven Campbell)
0030801: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Error: Warnings from unused macros do not update in IDE (Russell Kay)
0030802: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Multiple vars in for-loop init not accounting for (Russell Kay)
57 issues View Issues
0030513: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Unable to build YYC (Russell Kay)
0030415: [Build Mac] Build Mac: El Capitan is not compatible with the updated ffmpeg in 2.2.1, breaks building and running games (Steven Campbell)
0030629: [General] General: Installer packaging error causes GMS2 versions older than a week to crash on startup (Russell Kay)
0029582: [Build Android] Build Android: Architecture check still happens even if your device is not connected, results in incorrect ARMv5 error (Russell Kay)
0030293: [Saving] Saving: Project "duplicate root view" repair process doesn't attempt to recover Resource Tree folder structure - can we do this? (Steven Campbell)
0029918: [Font Editor] Font Editor: [Mac] '04b03' font fails to appear in Font Editor after being installed (CoreTech)
0030628: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Error: Instance names show a syntax warning as unassigned variable (Russell Kay)
0030619: [Compiling] Compiling: Unable to build or export projects containing large sprites with texture page size setting set too low (Mike Rennie)
0030565: [Code Editor] Code Editor: "Internal" functions array_get() and array_set() should be added to autocomplete (Russell Kay)
0030616: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Audio group functions expecting a groupID show warnings of unassigned variables (Russell Kay)
0030588: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Specific project creates a damaged xcode project so can't be built for Mac YYC (Fritz)
0030593: [Marketplace] Marketplace: Uploading a package to the marketplace is missing source files for extensions with very long path names (Antanas Budvytis)
0029806: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Entitlements are not being set correctly in the Xcode project, meaning these are not in your game as expected (Fritz)
0030521: [My Library] My Library: Doesn't refresh store details panel if an asset is updated whilst My Library is open (Alan Savage)
0030546: [Build iOS] Build iOS: YYC does not set the launch images correctly in the asset catalog, so splash screens don't load (Russell Kay)
0030556: [Build iOS] Build iOS: VM does not set the launch images correctly in the asset catalog, so splash screens don't load (Russell Kay)
0030544: [Device Manager] Device Manager: Exception in ,Void (YoYoStudio.GUI.Gadgets.TreeViewNode) loading in list of Macs on iOS devices screen (Alexander Borup)
0030528: [Source Control] Source Control: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute." when creating repository (Steven Campbell)
0030570: [Game Options] Game Options: HTML5's Facebook checkbox doesn't tell you you need the Facebook extension (Antanas Budvytis)
0030439: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Unable to build YYC if project has a string containing a character from the extended ASCII table (Russell Kay)
0030551: [Included Files] Included files: Are not excluded properly when project uses multiple configurations (Alan Savage)
0030572: [Game Options] Game Options: Android's Push Notifications options should be removed now (Antanas Budvytis)
0030536: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Creating an executable with an incomplete extension macro definition doesn't stop build with an error (Russell Kay)
0030479: [Preferences] Preferences: DPI override setting of the IDE is capped to 122, regardless of resolution of monitor (Alexander Borup)
0030519: [Layouts] Layouts: Applying a saved layout to a different project sets child desktops to wrong titlebar name (Alexander Borup)
0030532: [Build HTML5] Build HTML5: Game Option to include built-in particles or not has no effect (Mike Rennie)
0030547: [Game Options] Game Options: Placeholder iPhone X XS/XR splash screens have not been linked-to (Steven Campbell)
0030511: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Checker: Specific typo has missing error message, shows exception in tooltip (Russell Kay)
0030510: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Regions are offset by at least one line from where start/end is expected (Russell Kay)
0030508: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Snap-to-grid with multi-selection ignores sprite origin offset when moving instances (Alexander Borup)
0030506: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Macros which aren't referenced don't throw the warning (Russell Kay)
0030527: [Compiling] Compiling: Projects with massive sprites which fail to compile should better report the issue, tell user to reduce size (Russell Kay)
0030367: [Build Android] Build Android: Creating an executable includes a .yydebug file (Fritz)
0030278: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Unterminated strings/comments in region comment interfere with region parsing or show a syntax error (Russell Kay)
0030502: [Tutorials] Tutorials: Fatal Error when clicking links to open the resource folder in Explorer (Steven Campbell)
0030458: [UI Language] UI Language: [German] Translation for DnD Editor's "Else" block actually says "Then" (Russell Kay)
0030430: [General] General: IDE detects lack of root view for a project, but does nothing to inform the user or attempt a repair (Steven Campbell)
0030462: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Renaming a group and causing a duplicate blames the wrong group name in the dialog (Steven Campbell)
0028376: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: [Precise overrides Manual mask values, but the editor does not communicate this properly] (Steven Campbell)
0030311: [Saving] Saving: Whilst the debugger is open sometimes the project will throw a project save error if you create a new resource (Alexander Borup)
0028988: [UI Language] UI Language: [German] 'Compile Errors' window shows errors in English (Gavin)
0027499: [Build Mac] Mac: [Mac IDE] Debugging game causes IDE crash on some Macs (Alan Savage)
0030427: [General] General: Deleting temp folder on shutdown aborts if files have path lengths longer than Windows allows (Alan Savage)
0030329: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Selected background colour drawn on top of resource tree lines (Steven Campbell)
0030404: [General] General: If the IDE can't write to ProgramData it attempts to write to Local AppData instead (Alan Savage)
0030319: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Cannot move groups under Rooms root node (Steven Campbell)
0030270: [Marketplace] Marketplace: Cannot access private assets in My Library (Alexander Borup)
0030328: [Start Page] Start Page: Crash in System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional) trying to load page (Steven Campbell)
0030264: [Tutorials] Tutorials: Corrupt tutorials are simply silently deleted off the disk, no message to the user why (Alan Savage)
0030302: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Startup check for Mono version incorrectly fails the correct version number (Russell Kay)
0030152: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Tile layers with negative offset do not render all tiles (Alan Savage)
0030345: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Tile tools don't display on selecting tile layer (after closing 2nd room) (Alan Savage)
0030153: [Game Options] Game Options: Saves out an odd choice of placeholder icon if user doesn't specify their own (Steven Campbell)
0030306: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Selects workspace tab each time after creating a layer (Alexander Borup)
0030326: [Build HTML5] Game Options: Newly added Loading Bar Extensions are not picked up correctly (Steven Campbell)
0030265: [Debugger] Debugger: Debugger layouts referencing desktops now found to be missing should be automatically reset (Alexander Borup)
0030447: [Debugger] Debugger: event scripts do not display / callstack empty for some objects (Alan Savage)
0030209: [Debugger] Debugger: Tooltips for variables are wrong using instance.variable or with(instance) (Alexander Borup)
0030309: [Debugger] Debugger: Restart Game doesn't work correctly (Alexander Borup)
0030334: [DnD Editor] DnD Action - Get Instance Variable: options change when you add more than one variable (Alexander Borup)
0029778: [DnD Editor] DnD Actions: Using object indices in a switch results in an error (Alexander Borup)
0030208: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Temporary fonts managed by FontBase are not detected (Alexander Borup)
0030388: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Can no longer type characters in the Add Range box and click add range to automatically determine the range (Alan Savage)
0030356: [Room Editor] Room Editor: CTRL + right/down Arrow keys incorrect/inconsistent (Alan Savage)
0030429: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Limit shown error count at some upper bound (Russell Kay)
0030243: [Build Android] Build Android: Igor seems to crash when a build fails, results in a call stack each time (Russell Kay)
0027048: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Versions 3.4 and above of Spine are unsupported and you get errors when trying to import (Mike Rennie)
0030081: [Installing] Installing: Users see crash dialog when unable to subst Z to install runtimes (Steven Campbell)
0030163: [General] General: Laptops without batteries are not detected as laptops, cannot enable laptop mode (Alexander Borup)
0030402: [General] General: Change the website checks to use https rather than http (Russell Kay)
0030318: [Compiling] Compiling: Changing a macro value isn't reflected correctly in a YYC build unless a clean is done (Russell Kay)
0030283: [Compiling] Compiling: Defining a macro twice in different locations doesn't throw a compile error (Russell Kay)
0025450: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Output Window details stops when the game starts running, so no feedback build succeed until game is shut down (Fritz)
0029894: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Importing Spine sprites doesn't clear previously imported data, creates a lot of clutter (Alan Savage)
0030412: [UI] UI: Extend "Unable to reach account.yoyogames.com" dialog to include things for users to investigate (Steven Campbell)
0030301: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Startup check for Mono version still compares against for one of the checks (Russell Kay)
0030452: [Object Editor] Object Editor: No confirm dialogue is shown when you delete an event (Alexander Borup)
0030315: [Game Options] Game Options: Android: SDK dropdown should set API levels 28+ "Minimum SDK" as 16, not 14 (Steven Campbell)
0030305: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree allows multiple Child folders with the same name (Steven Campbell)
0030308: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Unable to use Ctrl + G to Go To Line in room creation code (Alexander Borup)
0030438: [Code Editor] Code Editor: "Invalid token" error for DnD nodes generates duplicate/confusing entries (Russell Kay)
0030284: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Defining an enum twice in the same code file throws an error with a tooltip that's not useful (Russell Kay)
0030352: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Can accidentally close multiple tabs in succession if you MMB and slightly move the mouse (Alan Savage)
0030088: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Crash when creating a new sound resource (Mike Dailly)
0030330: [General] General: Dragging a tab from Firefox onto the IDE makes it unstable (Alexander Borup)
0030241: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: [Mac IDE] Stopping a remote Windows build does not work (Steven Campbell)
0030221: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: [Mac IDE] Error upon building for Windows (Steven Campbell)
0030363: [Build HTML5] HTML5: WebGL detection is broken for Opera browser (Alan Savage)
0030166: [Game Options] Game Options: iOS > Images needs new additions for iPhone XS Max and new iPad Pro (Steven Campbell)
0030269: [Workspaces] Workspaces: Opening a new start page allows you to close Workspace1, resulting in a broken layout file (Alexander Borup)
0030332: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: Selecting a recent code editor resets cursor position to the top of the script each time (Alan Savage)
91 issues View Issues
0030078: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Xcode 10 support raised minimum macOS version to 10.12, not 10.7 as expected (Russell Kay)
0030182: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Downloads a Windows .exe when offering Beta Channel IDE updates on startup (Russell Kay)
0030173: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Startup crashes for missing part of path "Z:\download" or not being able to find/modify files on subst drive (Mike Dailly)
0029768: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Apple email warns games still refer to push notification entitlements when project has not enabled them (Antanas Budvytis)
0029723: [General] General: Crash when dragging multiple sprite folders into the IDE (Alan Savage)
0029655: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Unable to build for YYC in Xcode 10 as we use angle brackets to define headers, which is no longer supported (Russell Kay)
0030303: [Build Android] Build Android: Google have removed gradle 2.2.0 from the standard repositories, causes build fails (Antanas Budvytis)
0029619: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Asset Compiler ignores first IOS extension embedded framework when making builds (Antanas Budvytis)
0028457: [UI] UI: Image Editor edit area offset after closing room in next workspace (CoreTech)
0029690: [UI] "GameMaker Studio 2 is running..." blocked shutdown is not localised (Gavin)
0029920: [UI Language] UI Language: [Spanish] Import file error messages are not translated (Gavin)
0028875: [Preferences] Preferences: The string for downloading the manual isn't translated (Gavin)
0029382: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Ubuntu 18.04 cannot build YYC (Russell Kay)
0030126: [Preferences] Preferences: Spacing for the EULA URL on Beta page is not "clever" (Steven Campbell)
0029439: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Pressing Ctrl + Shift + F on some text within the code editor inside the debugger doesn't populate the field (Alan Savage)
0027182: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Clicking on the playback bar while a sound is playing will not change the playback position (Steven Campbell)
0027801: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Adding a very large range will hang the IDE for a very long time (Alan Savage)
0029189: [UI] UI: [Mac IDE] "Laptop Mode" tooltip shows instructions for use on Windows machines (Alan Savage)
0025155: [Compiling] Compiler: Incorrect information in Compile Errors when duplicate cases are present in a switch (Russell Kay)
0029583: [Build Android] Build Android: Building for an architecture your NDK doesn't support doesn't stop your build from happening (Dan)
0029399: [Game Options] Game Options: NDK 16b deprecates ARM5, MIPS, MIPS64 - should probably warn users if they target them (Steven Campbell)
0030183: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: When you clone the default resource view you are unable to see resources in the new view (Steven Campbell)
0030180: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (2.x): Dragging in a yyz/yyp to import when another project is open can cause "unstable" (Steven Campbell)
0030215: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Specific property on instances in this project don't override their property correctly (Alexander Borup)
0030181: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Creating Folders sometimes locks the cursor in "reorder" mode (Steven Campbell)
0030165: [General] General: Release notes pages don't work when viewed using https (Russell Kay)
0029553: [Object Editor] Object Editor: 'Tab' key missing from Key Down, Key Pressed and Key Up menus (Alan Savage)
0030172: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Broken constant "of_challenge_lose", appears as "of_challen" (Mike Dailly)
0030141: [General] Sprites: Images added to texture pages which meet the bottom or right edges do not have border data generated (Mike Rennie)
0029998: [Compiling] Compiling: Some instances added to room are not functional in the game when it has been built (Steven Campbell)
0030020: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Adding resources to cloned default view duplicates groups (Steven Campbell)
0030018: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Custom TreeViews duplicate filtered folder during Add from Default (Steven Campbell)
0030074: [Generate Project Images] Generate Project Images: Ignores border colour in some cases (Antanas Budvytis)
0029805: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Entitlements are not being set correctly in the Xcode project, meaning these are not in your game as expected (Russell Kay)
0029809: [Variables Window] Variables WIndow: String-type instance variable values aren't validated for all escape sequences and thus can break room JSON (Steven Campbell)
0030087: [Build Android] Build Android: Unable to build for YYC using new build system on Windows 7 machines (Russell Kay)
0028323: [Extension Editor] Suggestion: Extension Editor: iOS Extensions need to be able to override App Delegates (Antanas Budvytis)
0028707: [Configurations] Configurations: [Individual configs] do not hold the Extension settings (Russell Kay)
0026420: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Order never follows the list in the dock and actual replace jumps about, as the list was made async (Alan Savage)
0030065: [Texture Groups Editor] Texture Groups Editor: Vertical tiling issue on texture page which uses "Automatically Crop" (Mike Dailly)
0025472: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Alt+LMB only works for selections made in secondary resource tree if one exists, not primary/currently selected (Claire Hall)
0028902: [Debugger] Debugger: Unable to refer to a variable of an instance by using its object name in debugger (Alan Savage)
0029712: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Crash when the attached .wma sound finishes previewing (Steven Campbell)
0029724: [Exporting Projects] Exporting Projects: IDE does not bail for exception that source files have path lengths over 260 characters (Alan Savage)
0029301: [Preferences] Preferences: Setting Resource Tree 'Resource Label' to 'Use Default' causes Resource labels to disappear (Claire Hall)
0025465: [General] General: Colour picker is not an independent window in the Convert Image To Tilemap tool window (Claire Hall)
0027342: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Search In Script replaces in strange order (Alan Savage)
0027066: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Invalidating a search does not de-highlight first result (Alan Savage)
0027341: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Search In Script with Selection Only does not unhighlight selection (Alan Savage)
0026830: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Current tool for tile editing is a clickable button, but this breaks the icon shown and gives white square (Claire Hall)
0028157: [Source Control] Source Control: 'Import Project to Repo' creates local repo if the import fails, preventing further imports (Steven Campbell)
0028509: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Searching for something in a DnD Script/Event doesn't put your focus onto the specific node (Alan Savage)
0027631: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Layer context menu shakes if DPI Override is enabled (Claire Hall)
0029777: [DnD Editor] DnD Actions: The Draw Set Colour Action won't accept colour values with alpha other than $FF (Alan Savage)
0028440: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: DnD overview panel highlights do not move when the overview list is scrolled (Alan Savage)
0029687: [My Library] My Library: [Mac IDE] Asset screenshots "lag" viewing My Library assets for the first time (Alan Savage)
0027975: [Generate Project Images] Generate Project Images: Can't drag images in to set the icon/splash, instead the image is imported and opened in workspace (Claire Hall)
0027398: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: iOS class name property textbox cut off (Steven Campbell)
0029956: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Text is not highlighted, but is then replaced (Alan Savage)
0028792: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Using Alt+LMB in creation code whilst an object is selected in the resource tree will paint instances behind it (Claire Hall)
0028489: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Zooming out when a small object is selected causes malformed selection outline (Claire Hall)
0027589: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Animation Speed lock icon vanishes when you shrink the dock width (Claire Hall)
0029885: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Collision mask doesn't render for single-pixel collision masks (Alan Savage)
0029787: [Build Mac] Mac: Create Package doesn't handle included files in subfolders (Claire Hall)
0029909: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Line tool will stop one tile before the actual mouse location (Claire Hall)
0028011: [Licensing] Licensing: If account email is not activated the message gets cutoff in the IDE (Alan Savage)
0029954: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Does not remember the text tool's font selection values after switching to another tool (Alan Savage)
0027645: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Using eraser tool then holding 'E' erases while mouse is moving (Claire Hall)
0024395: [UI] UI: No feedback shown to Trial users who launch IDE via double-clicking a yyz as to why this didn't work (Alan Savage)
0030053: [UI] UI: Sound Editor dialog for FFMpegWrapper.dll issue uses "it's" instead of "its" for a possessive (Steven Campbell)
0029943: [Build HTML5] Build HTML5: Splash screen png is always included in builds even if the game option is disabled (Antanas Budvytis)
0029821: [Compiling] Compiling: Errors in gml_pragma("global", _) don't report position (Russell Kay)
0028314: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: NullReferenceException when a Recent Windows window is updated (Alan Savage)
0027456: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Views are not correct on first render (Claire Hall)
0029626: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Events context menu takes several seconds to appear on large projects (Alan Savage)
0025126: [Device Manager] Device Manager: Microsoft Edge cannot be added (except as the Default device) (Claire Hall)
0029980: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Text highlighting doesn't update correctly when you indent some text (Alan Savage)
0029911: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Shader float precision doesn't get highlighted (Steven Campbell)
0030011: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Disabling nodes changes the context menu for Disable to Enable, giving you two Enables (Alexander Borup)
0024781: [UI] UI: Dragging About box outside of window then closing new workspace causes About box to be lost (Alan Savage)
0029877: [Output Window] Output Window: Increasing font size of output window also increases text size within right-click menu (Alan Savage)
0030005: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Ctrl+F moves your cursor location as soon as a match is found, should allow the user to move when ready (Alan Savage)
0029944: [General] General: fnames file has anomalous semi-colons on two functions (Russell Kay)
0029945: [General] General: fnames file has a constant that's missing the constant marker, causes it to appear as built-in global instead (Russell Kay)
0029834: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Layer name validation is case-sensitive when it shouldn't be (Antanas Budvytis)
0029866: [Texture Groups Editor] Texture Groups Editor: Texture groups can be named the same as resources (Antanas Budvytis)
0029867: [Audio Groups Editor] Audio Groups Editor: Audio groups can be named the same as resources (Antanas Budvytis)
0026166: [Web Server] Web Server: GMS2 provides a different IP range than GMS1 provides, requires users to add in a different IP (Alan Savage)
0029718: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Playback bar flashes when a new playback position commits (Steven Campbell)
0028559: [Search & Replace] Missing Feature: Search & Replace: No search history/remembered terms (Alan Savage)
0027153: [Tile Set Editor] Tile Set Editor: Block users from creating tile sets from SWF or Spine sprites (Alan Savage)
0029698: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Creating and then immediately deleting a child room leaves the parent room in an indented position (Claire Hall)
0029186: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Able to give configs almost any name you wish, becomes an issue when using this in code (Chris Harrison)
0029901: [General] General: The file watcher can cause extreme amounts of IDE FPS issues within bigger projects (Alan Savage)
0029789: [General] General: IDE locks up when LOTS of project files change on large projects (Alan Savage)
0030006: [Debugger] Debugger: Fatal Error dialog upon debugging project (Alan Savage)
0027811: [Runtimes] If you run out of space while downloading a runtime, it doesn't stop, just starts again (Alan Savage)
0029440: [Debugger] Debugger: Local search doesn't work in any code editor (Alan Savage)
0027052: [Compiling] Compiling: "Corrupt or damaged GameMaker build tools." status should properly abort builds and tell the user to fix (Dan)
0029962: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Changing position 3+ times of this file causes artifacts and eventually stops playback (Steven Campbell)
0029596: [General] General: In macOS 10.14 beta the version of Mono we rely on is deemed too out-of-date (Russell Kay)
0030040: [Debugger] Debugger: [Mac IDE] IDE crashes upon debugging projects with SWF images (Alan Savage)
0029940: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Copying a string in text editor and pasting into a code editor in a second IDE instance adds a new line (Alan Savage)
0030036: [Compiling] Compiling: Unable to compile a project with a sprite that is 1 width and 2 height (Russell Kay)
0028854: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Renaming a sound which is paused doesn't work and resets the name (Steven Campbell)
0028772: [UI] UI: DPI Override settings at 75% obscures Room Editor's "Instance" window buttons and values (Alan Savage)
0029021: [Preferences] Preferences: [Mac IDE] DPI dialog is prompted after changing any preference (not just a dpi setting) (Alan Savage)
0029908: [UI] UI: [Mac IDE] Confirm dialog for 'Allow anonymous game statistics' is not fully visible on 5k screen (Alan Savage)
0029594: [Installing] Installing: Mac Installer Copyright is showing as 2017 rather than 2018 (Russell Kay)
0027395: [UI Language] UI Language: Search & Replace's "Replace" caption cut off in other languages (Alan Savage)
0029635: [General] [Mac IDE] Clicking on 'Workspace 1' tab causes IDE to jump to the left (Alan Savage)
0030030: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Fatal error upon pressing F5 to build whilst project is loading (Alan Savage)
0030058: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Whilst a project is loading, we don't block certain input, resulting in a crash when opening certain Tools (Alan Savage)
0029881: [Output Window] Output Window: Increasing the font size for the Syntax Errors window does not in turn in increase line spacing (Alan Savage)
0029893: [Game Options] Game Options: Remove the checkbox for "MOGA Gamepads" in Android as this is no longer relevant (Alan Savage)
0029844: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Navigating to code lines via Search or Syntax error results goes to incorrect position in Code Editor (Alan Savage)
0029734: [General] General: Importing resources always needs the project to be there even if the resource type has no dependencies (Alan Savage)
0029654: [Search & Replace] Suggestion: Search/Replace: Populate the search box with whatever is selected across the whole IDE (Alan Savage)
0027542: [Debugger] Debugger: Value type list jitters if DPI override enabled (Alan Savage)
0025579: [UI] UI: Cannot press enter to dismiss/confirm most dialogs (Alan Savage)
0029007: [General] General: Still possible to get startup white screen (even after speed-ups for 2.1.4) (Alexander Borup)
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0030057: [Saving] Saving: Texture, Audio and Font groups are reset to Default each time a project is opened (Steven Campbell)
0029948: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Resources not opening within the workspace for a small number of users (Steven Campbell)
0029987: [Installing] Installing: Runtimes can fail to download because drive mappings (typically Z) are not able to be made (Steven Campbell)
0029859: [Compiling] Compiling: Unable to compile some projects with specific sounds in them (Steven Campbell)
0029827: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Unable to load Workspace layouts because Finder won't see .xml files (Alan Savage)
0029832: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Exported files do not have an extension unless you manually add the file extension (Alan Savage)
0029875: [Game Options] Game Options: Older projects with configs can crash the IDE as the Android SDK values were int64 and are now strings (Alan Savage)
0029323: [Build Android] Build Android YYC: Android YYC builds launch with error 'Unable to find library for armv7l' when using NDK 17b (Russell Kay)
0024744: [UI] UI: Windows 10 multiple desktop focus switching (crazy flickering) (Steven Campbell)
0029963: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] Projects with an apostrophe in the name, crash the IDE when a build is stopped by pressing 'Run' again (Claire Hall)
0029820: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Unable to create an executable if your splash background colour is set to #000000 (Steven Campbell)
0030069: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Pressing the 'Stop' button produces Igor error message, when building for Mac VM from Windows (Alan Savage)
0029949: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Using add existing on a font resource doesn't set the texture group to default (Steven Campbell)
0030016: [General] General: [Mac IDE] CEF fails when it has been used by another application (Steven Campbell)
0029782: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Using D3D functions adds a compatibility script "__init_d3d" which uses deprecated function (Steven Campbell)
0029979: [Tile Set Editor] Tile Set Editor: If you rename the sprite associated with the tileset whilst the preview window is open it stops rendering (Claire Hall)
0027730: [Accounts] Accounts: Users entering details for education management accounts are shown a unhelpful generic error message (David Roy)
0029928: [Build Android] Build Android: Building with Lint enabled will always fail unless you have Bluetooth permissions enabled (Fritz)
0022860: [UI] UI: Using Tab to navigate through panels with a scrollbar does not auto-scroll when the tab focus goes off screen. (Claire Hall)
0029759: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Error making a zip if your Windows regional language is not set to English (Claire Hall)
0029589: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: "Add Existing" Sprite left with no texture group (Steven Campbell)
0028849: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: Adding a function puts the cursor for the name field off-screen (Alan Savage)
0029988: [Preferences] Preferences: tvOS Preference is incorrectly in Compiling, so shown to everyone - should be in the tvOS section (Steven Campbell)
0029796: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: duplicate and broken recent windows entries after deleting timeline moments (Alan Savage)
0029795: [Timeline Editor] Timeline Editor: deleting moment can prevent opening of remaining moment scripts (until editor is closed and reopened) (Alan Savage)
0029899: [Debugger] Debugger: Using commas in the project path causes the debugger to not connect (Alan Savage)
0029843: [Build HTML5] HTML5: Warning message has wrong link when running local game (Mike Dailly)
0029733: [General] General: Opening the specified project crashes the IDE (Alan Savage)
0029846: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: IDE becomes unstable if you drag a parent Else statement into a child If statement (Alexander Borup)
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0031642: [Compiling] Compiling: move_contact is still being treated as a function and will prevent compiling if it is being used (Fritz)
0030507: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Errors: Variables used in a macro definition (and only in a macro definition) are flagged as unreferenced (Russell Kay)
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