0030318: [Compiling] Compiling: Changing a macro value isn't reflected correctly in a YYC build unless a clean is done (Russell Kay)
0030319: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Cannot move groups under Rooms root node (Steven Campbell)
0030326: [Build HTML5] Game Options: Newly added Loading Bar Extensions are not picked up correctly (Steven Campbell)
0030328: [Start Page] Start Page: Crash in System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional) trying to load page (Steven Campbell)
0030329: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Selected background colour drawn on top of resource tree lines (Steven Campbell)
0030330: [General] General: Dragging a tab from Firefox onto the IDE makes it unstable (Alexander Borup)
0030334: [DnD Editor] DnD Action - Get Instance Variable: options change when you add more than one variable (Alexander Borup)
0030306: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Selects workspace tab each time after creating a layer (Alexander Borup)
0030265: [Debugger] Debugger: Debugger layouts referencing desktops now found to be missing should be automatically reset (Alexander Borup)
0030305: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree allows multiple Child folders with the same name (Steven Campbell)
0030309: [Debugger] Debugger: Restart Game doesn't work correctly (Alexander Borup)
0030241: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: [Mac IDE] Stopping a remote Windows build does not work (Steven Campbell)
0030208: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Temporary fonts managed by FontBase are not detected (Alexander Borup)
0030166: [Game Options] Game Options: iOS > Images needs new additions for iPhone XS Max and new iPad Pro (Steven Campbell)
0030221: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: [Mac IDE] Error upon building for Windows (Steven Campbell)
0030088: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Crash when creating a new sound resource (Mike Dailly)
0030163: [General] General: Laptops without batteries are not detected as laptops, cannot enable laptop mode (Alexander Borup)
17 issues View Issues
0030311: [Saving] Saving: Whilst the debugger is open sometimes the project will throw a project save error if you create a new resource (Alexander Borup)
0028457: [UI] UI: Image Editor edit area offset after closing room in next workspace (CoreTech)
0029920: [UI Language] UI Language: [Spanish] Import file error messages are not translated (Gavin)
0029690: [UI] "GameMaker Studio 2 is running..." blocked shutdown is not localised (Gavin)
0030173: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Startup crashes for missing part of path "Z:\download" or not being able to find/modify files on subst drive (Mike Dailly)
0029768: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Apple email warns games still refer to push notification entitlements when project has not enabled them (Antanas Budvytis)
0029619: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Asset Compiler ignores first IOS extension embedded framework when making builds (Antanas Budvytis)
0030303: [Build Android] Build Android: Google have removed gradle 2.2.0 from the standard repositories, causes build fails (Antanas Budvytis)
0029399: [Game Options] Game Options: NDK 16b deprecates ARM5, MIPS, MIPS64 - should probably warn users if they target them (Steven Campbell)
0030183: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: When you clone the default resource view you are unable to see resources in the new view (Steven Campbell)
0030126: [Preferences] Preferences: Spacing for the EULA URL on Beta page is not "clever" (Steven Campbell)
0030182: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Downloads a Windows .exe when offering Beta Channel IDE updates on startup (Russell Kay)
0030180: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (2.x): Dragging in a yyz/yyp to import when another project is open can cause "unstable" (Steven Campbell)
0030215: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Specific property on instances in this project don't override their property correctly (Alexander Borup)
0030181: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Creating Folders sometimes locks the cursor in "reorder" mode (Steven Campbell)
0030165: [General] General: Release notes pages don't work when viewed using https (Russell Kay)
0029553: [Object Editor] Object Editor: 'Tab' key missing from Key Down, Key Pressed and Key Up menus (Alan Savage)
0030172: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Broken constant "of_challenge_lose", appears as "of_challen" (Mike Dailly)
0030141: [General] Sprites: Images added to texture pages which meet the bottom or right edges do not have border data generated (Mike Rennie)
0029998: [Compiling] Compiling: Some instances added to room are not functional in the game when it has been built (Steven Campbell)
0030020: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Adding resources to cloned default view duplicates groups (Steven Campbell)
0030018: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Custom TreeViews duplicate filtered folder during Add from Default (Steven Campbell)
0030074: [Generate Project Images] Generate Project Images: Ignores border colour in some cases (Antanas Budvytis)
0029805: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Entitlements are not being set correctly in the Xcode project, meaning these are not in your game as expected (Russell Kay)
0029809: [Variables Window] Variables WIndow: String-type instance variable values aren't validated for all escape sequences and thus can break room JSON (Steven Campbell)
0030087: [Build Android] Build Android: Unable to build for YYC using new build system on Windows 7 machines (Russell Kay)
0028323: [Extension Editor] Suggestion: Extension Editor: iOS Extensions need to be able to override App Delegates (Antanas Budvytis)
0028707: [Configurations] Configurations: [Individual configs] do not hold the Extension settings (Russell Kay)
0026420: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Order never follows the list in the dock and actual replace jumps about, as the list was made async (Alan Savage)
0030065: [Texture Groups Editor] Texture Groups Editor: Vertical tiling issue on texture page which uses "Automatically Crop" (Mike Dailly)
0025472: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Alt+LMB only works for selections made in secondary resource tree if one exists, not primary/currently selected (Claire Hall)
0028902: [Debugger] Debugger: Unable to refer to a variable of an instance by using its object name in debugger (Alan Savage)
0029712: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Crash when the attached .wma sound finishes previewing (Steven Campbell)
0029724: [Exporting Projects] Exporting Projects: IDE does not bail for exception that source files have path lengths over 260 characters (Alan Savage)
0029301: [Preferences] Preferences: Setting Resource Tree 'Resource Label' to 'Use Default' causes Resource labels to disappear (Claire Hall)
0025465: [General] General: Colour picker is not an independent window in the Convert Image To Tilemap tool window (Claire Hall)
0027342: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Search In Script replaces in strange order (Alan Savage)
0027066: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Invalidating a search does not de-highlight first result (Alan Savage)
0027341: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Search In Script with Selection Only does not unhighlight selection (Alan Savage)
0026830: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Current tool for tile editing is a clickable button, but this breaks the icon shown and gives white square (Claire Hall)
0028157: [Source Control] Source Control: 'Import Project to Repo' creates local repo if the import fails, preventing further imports (Steven Campbell)
0028509: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Searching for something in a DnD Script/Event doesn't put your focus onto the specific node (Alan Savage)
0027631: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Layer context menu shakes if DPI Override is enabled (Claire Hall)
0029777: [DnD Editor] DnD Actions: The Draw Set Colour Action won't accept colour values with alpha other than $FF (Alan Savage)
0028440: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: DnD overview panel highlights do not move when the overview list is scrolled (Alan Savage)
0029687: [My Library] My Library: [Mac IDE] Asset screenshots "lag" viewing My Library assets for the first time (Alan Savage)
0027975: [Generate Project Images] Generate Project Images: Can't drag images in to set the icon/splash, instead the image is imported and opened in workspace (Claire Hall)
0027398: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: iOS class name property textbox cut off (Steven Campbell)
0029956: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Text is not highlighted, but is then replaced (Alan Savage)
0028792: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Using Alt+LMB in creation code whilst an object is selected in the resource tree will paint instances behind it (Claire Hall)
0028489: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Zooming out when a small object is selected causes malformed selection outline (Claire Hall)
0027589: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Animation Speed lock icon vanishes when you shrink the dock width (Claire Hall)
0029885: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Collision mask doesn't render for single-pixel collision masks (Alan Savage)
0029787: [Build Mac] Mac: Create Package doesn't handle included files in subfolders (Claire Hall)
0029909: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Line tool will stop one tile before the actual mouse location (Claire Hall)
0028011: [Licensing] Licensing: If account email is not activated the message gets cutoff in the IDE (Alan Savage)
0029954: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Does not remember the text tool's font selection values after switching to another tool (Alan Savage)
0027645: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Using eraser tool then holding 'E' erases while mouse is moving (Claire Hall)
0024395: [UI] UI: No feedback shown to Trial users who launch IDE via double-clicking a yyz as to why this didn't work (Alan Savage)
0030053: [UI] UI: Sound Editor dialog for FFMpegWrapper.dll issue uses "it's" instead of "its" for a possessive (Steven Campbell)
0029943: [Build HTML5] Build HTML5: Splash screen png is always included in builds even if the game option is disabled (Antanas Budvytis)
0029821: [Compiling] Compiling: Errors in gml_pragma("global", _) don't report position (Russell Kay)
0028314: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: NullReferenceException when a Recent Windows window is updated (Alan Savage)
0027456: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Views are not correct on first render (Claire Hall)
0029626: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Events context menu takes several seconds to appear on large projects (Alan Savage)
0025126: [Device Manager] Device Manager: Microsoft Edge cannot be added (except as the Default device) (Claire Hall)
0029980: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Text highlighting doesn't update correctly when you indent some text (Alan Savage)
0029911: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Shader float precision doesn't get highlighted (Steven Campbell)
0030011: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Disabling nodes changes the context menu for Disable to Enable, giving you two Enables (Alexander Borup)
0024781: [UI] UI: Dragging About box outside of window then closing new workspace causes About box to be lost (Alan Savage)
0029877: [Output Window] Output Window: Increasing font size of output window also increases text size within right-click menu (Alan Savage)
0030005: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Ctrl+F moves your cursor location as soon as a match is found, should allow the user to move when ready (Alan Savage)
0029944: [General] General: fnames file has anomalous semi-colons on two functions (Russell Kay)
0029945: [General] General: fnames file has a constant that's missing the constant marker, causes it to appear as built-in global instead (Russell Kay)
0029834: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Layer name validation is case-sensitive when it shouldn't be (Antanas Budvytis)
0029866: [Texture Groups Editor] Texture Groups Editor: Texture groups can be named the same as resources (Antanas Budvytis)
0029867: [Audio Groups Editor] Audio Groups Editor: Audio groups can be named the same as resources (Antanas Budvytis)
0026166: [Web Server] Web Server: GMS2 provides a different IP range than GMS1 provides, requires users to add in a different IP (Alan Savage)
0029718: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Playback bar flashes when a new playback position commits (Steven Campbell)
0028559: [Search & Replace] Missing Feature: Search & Replace: No search history/remembered terms (Alan Savage)
0027153: [Tile Set Editor] Tile Set Editor: Block users from creating tile sets from SWF or Spine sprites (Alan Savage)
0029698: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Creating and then immediately deleting a child room leaves the parent room in an indented position (Claire Hall)
0029186: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Able to give configs almost any name you wish, becomes an issue when using this in code (Chris Harrison)
0029901: [General] General: The file watcher can cause extreme amounts of IDE FPS issues within bigger projects (Alan Savage)
0029789: [General] General: IDE locks up when LOTS of project files change on large projects (Alan Savage)
0030006: [Debugger] Debugger: Fatal Error dialog upon debugging project (Alan Savage)
0027811: [Runtimes] If you run out of space while downloading a runtime, it doesn't stop, just starts again (Alan Savage)
0029440: [Debugger] Debugger: Local search doesn't work in any code editor (Alan Savage)
0027052: [Compiling] Compiling: "Corrupt or damaged GameMaker build tools." status should properly abort builds and tell the user to fix (Dan)
0029962: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Changing position 3+ times of this file causes artifacts and eventually stops playback (Steven Campbell)
0029596: [General] General: In macOS 10.14 beta the version of Mono we rely on is deemed too out-of-date (Russell Kay)
0030040: [Debugger] Debugger: [Mac IDE] IDE crashes upon debugging projects with SWF images (Alan Savage)
0029940: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Copying a string in text editor and pasting into a code editor in a second IDE instance adds a new line (Alan Savage)
0030036: [Compiling] Compiling: Unable to compile a project with a sprite that is 1 width and 2 height (Russell Kay)
0029655: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Unable to build for YYC in Xcode 10 as we use angle brackets to define headers, which is no longer supported (Russell Kay)
0029382: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Ubuntu 18.04 cannot build YYC (Russell Kay)
0028854: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Renaming a sound which is paused doesn't work and resets the name (Steven Campbell)
0028772: [UI] UI: DPI Override settings at 75% obscures Room Editor's "Instance" window buttons and values (Alan Savage)
0029189: [UI] UI: [Mac IDE] "Laptop Mode" tooltip shows instructions for use on Windows machines (Alan Savage)
0029021: [Preferences] Preferences: [Mac IDE] DPI dialog is prompted after changing any preference (not just a dpi setting) (Alan Savage)
0029908: [UI] UI: [Mac IDE] Confirm dialog for 'Allow anonymous game statistics' is not fully visible on 5k screen (Alan Savage)
0029594: [Installing] Installing: Mac Installer Copyright is showing as 2017 rather than 2018 (Russell Kay)
0027395: [UI Language] UI Language: Search & Replace's "Replace" caption cut off in other languages (Alan Savage)
0029635: [General] [Mac IDE] Clicking on 'Workspace 1' tab causes IDE to jump to the left (Alan Savage)
0030030: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Fatal error upon pressing F5 to build whilst project is loading (Alan Savage)
0030058: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Whilst a project is loading, we don't block certain input, resulting in a crash when opening certain Tools (Alan Savage)
0029881: [Output Window] Output Window: Increasing the font size for the Syntax Errors window does not in turn in increase line spacing (Alan Savage)
0029893: [Game Options] Game Options: Remove the checkbox for "MOGA Gamepads" in Android as this is no longer relevant (Alan Savage)
0029844: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Navigating to code lines via Search or Syntax error results goes to incorrect position in Code Editor (Alan Savage)
0029723: [General] General: Crash when dragging multiple sprite folders into the IDE (Alan Savage)
0029734: [General] General: Importing resources always needs the project to be there even if the resource type has no dependencies (Alan Savage)
0029654: [Search & Replace] Suggestion: Search/Replace: Populate the search box with whatever is selected across the whole IDE (Alan Savage)
0027542: [Debugger] Debugger: Value type list jitters if DPI override enabled (Alan Savage)
0025579: [UI] UI: Cannot press enter to dismiss/confirm most dialogs (Alan Savage)
0029007: [General] General: Still possible to get startup white screen (even after speed-ups for 2.1.4) (Alexander Borup)
0025155: [Compiling] Compiler: Incorrect information in Compile Errors when duplicate cases are present in a switch (Russell Kay)
0027801: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Adding a very large range will hang the IDE for a very long time (Alan Savage)
0029439: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Pressing Ctrl + Shift + F on some text within the code editor inside the debugger doesn't populate the field (Alan Savage)
118 issues View Issues
0029948: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Resources not opening within the workspace for a small number of users (Steven Campbell)
0029323: [Build Android] Build Android YYC: Android YYC builds launch with error 'Unable to find library for armv7l' when using NDK 17b (Russell Kay)
0030069: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Pressing the 'Stop' button produces Igor error message, when building for Mac VM from Windows (Alan Savage)
0029949: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Using add existing on a font resource doesn't set the texture group to default (Steven Campbell)
0030057: [Saving] Saving: Texture, Audio and Font groups are reset to Default each time a project is opened (Steven Campbell)
0030016: [General] General: [Mac IDE] CEF fails when it has been used by another application (Steven Campbell)
0029782: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Using D3D functions adds a compatibility script "__init_d3d" which uses deprecated function (Steven Campbell)
0029979: [Tile Set Editor] Tile Set Editor: If you rename the sprite associated with the tileset whilst the preview window is open it stops rendering (Claire Hall)
0029820: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Unable to create an executable if your splash background colour is set to #000000 (Steven Campbell)
0027730: [Accounts] Accounts: Users entering details for education management accounts are shown a unhelpful generic error message (David Roy)
0029987: [Installing] Installing: Runtimes can fail to download because drive mappings (typically Z) are not able to be made (Steven Campbell)
0029928: [Build Android] Build Android: Building with Lint enabled will always fail unless you have Bluetooth permissions enabled (Fritz)
0022860: [UI] UI: Using Tab to navigate through panels with a scrollbar does not auto-scroll when the tab focus goes off screen. (Claire Hall)
0029875: [Game Options] Game Options: Older projects with configs can crash the IDE as the Android SDK values were int64 and are now strings (Alan Savage)
0029759: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Error making a zip if your Windows regional language is not set to English (Claire Hall)
0029589: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: "Add Existing" Sprite left with no texture group (Steven Campbell)
0029859: [Compiling] Compiling: Unable to compile some projects with specific sounds in them (Steven Campbell)
0028849: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: Adding a function puts the cursor for the name field off-screen (Alan Savage)
0029988: [Preferences] Preferences: tvOS Preference is incorrectly in Compiling, so shown to everyone - should be in the tvOS section (Steven Campbell)
0029832: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Exported files do not have an extension unless you manually add the file extension (Alan Savage)
0029796: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: duplicate and broken recent windows entries after deleting timeline moments (Alan Savage)
0029795: [Timeline Editor] Timeline Editor: deleting moment can prevent opening of remaining moment scripts (until editor is closed and reopened) (Alan Savage)
0029899: [Debugger] Debugger: Using commas in the project path causes the debugger to not connect (Alan Savage)
0029843: [Build HTML5] HTML5: Warning message has wrong link when running local game (Mike Dailly)
0029733: [General] General: Opening the specified project crashes the IDE (Alan Savage)
0029846: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: IDE becomes unstable if you drag a parent Else statement into a child If statement (Alexander Borup)
0029963: [Compiling] Compiling: [Mac IDE] Projects with an apostrophe in the name, crash the IDE when a build is stopped by pressing 'Run' again (Claire Hall)
0029827: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Unable to load Workspace layouts because Finder won't see .xml files (Alan Savage)
28 issues View Issues
0029330: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: Help text not being used in autocomplete (Alan Savage)
0028894: [Accounts] Debugger: Global variables created using the variable_global_set function don't show up in the watches (Alan Savage)
0028901: [Debugger] Debugger: "Step over functional call" and "Step out of function" actions go into create event of instance (Alan Savage)
0029612: [Licensing] Licensing: Still a lot of reports about the IDE being unable to allow a plist for the full 30 days, especially when web issues (Claire Hall)
0029775: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Includes 32bit support in packages, which blocks AppStore submission uploads as of end of June 2018 (Stewart Bishop)
0026423: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Building on a Mac that has not had any SSH keys generated will fail to build (Chris Harrison)
0026447: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Building on a machine that has not had any SSH keys generated will fail to build (Chris Harrison)
0029694: [Game Options] Game Options: "Minimum time to display" splash screen time has no effect on iOS "assetcatalog" splashes (Antanas Budvytis)
0029071: [Accounts] Debugger: Ds List not recognised as list (Alan Savage)
0028917: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Change capitalisation of "Restore to workspace" to "Restore to Workspace" (Alan Savage)
0029294: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Finder shows no results for Add Existing in the resource tree (Chris Harrison)
0029094: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Startup crash in LoadRuntimeJSON() because no runtimes RSS feed was downloaded (Alan Savage)
0029300: [General] General: Projects from 2.1.3 can lose rooms when imported to 2.1.4 (Chris Harrison)
0026968: [Licensing] Licensing: Still reports of offline not working for laptop users who move location/change network adaptor often (Russell Kay)
0028349: [Image Editor] Image Editor: "Import Strip Image" dialogue should not have the spinners set as tab indexes (Alan Savage)
0028600: [Code Editor] global.| auto-completion shows built-in instance variables, assets, included files... (Alan Savage)
0028658: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Pasting mouse events into an object with other mouse events will ask you to select a new Event (Alan Savage)
0028110: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Pasting an event which already exists requires you to delete the existing copy, as GMS2 blocks paste without info (Alan Savage)
0029200: [Build HTML5] for(if(...)...) is hinted as syntax error by IDE, allowed by compiler, and forbidden by browsers (Russell Kay)
0020599: [General] Suggestion: Image Editor: Image Frames/Sprites have no right-click context for managing them (Alan Savage)
0027986: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Auto trim function does not work correctly when importing the following png (Mike Dailly)
0025510: [Build HTML5] Build HTML5: CSS is not properly generated (Mike Dailly)
0029331: [Build Android] Build Android: Unable to build for Android using Support Library 28.0.0+ (Alan Savage)
0029354: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Default value for multi select list resets to the first item selected in the list when window is closed (Alan Savage)
0029302: [Code Editor] Code Editor: camera_create_view fnames need to mention that the first 4 arguments are mandatory and the rest optional (Alan Savage)
0029288: [Compiling] Compiling: Subst drives don't get cleared up properly whilst building (Chris Harrison)
0025469: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Changing layer from a tile layer to another layer resets your zoom level on the tiles pane (Claire Hall)
0028188: [Path Editor] Path Editor: Inserting points acts strangely when insertion precision is high (Alan Savage)
0028881: [Debugger] Debugger: Closing debugger tab cancels non-debug build (Alexander Borup)
0028483: [Debugger] Debugger: Breakpoints in Clean Up event not triggered if event called by game_end() (Alan Savage)
0028523: [Source Control] Source Control: Unable to disable Source Control if 'Automatically enable source control' is enabled (Steven Campbell)
0029432: [Game Options] UWP Game Options: Vsync option still greyed out (Alan Savage)
0028575: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Disabling 'Add default event content' prevents inherited events from being added to scripts of child events (Alan Savage)
0028328: [Debugger] Missing Feature: Debugger: Quick searching of instance variables in the debugger (Alan Savage)
0028646: [Debugger] Suggestion: Debugger: Selected Instance pane shows instance ID next to instance name (Alan Savage)
0028664: [Workspaces] Workspaces: 'GoTo' window should respect 'Object double click opens all object events' preference (Alan Savage)
0027709: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Game Options > Ubuntu > 'Display Cursor' does nothing (Alan Savage)
0028232: [Code Editor] Suggestion: Code Editor: [Mac IDE] Support standard macOS document shortcuts (Alan Savage)
0027503: [Target Manager] Target Manager: Swapping to target with no remote worker will attempt to build to previous remote worker (Steven Campbell)
0028139: [Debugger] Debugger: Shouldn't enable full screen when targetting the machine running the debugger (Alan Savage)
0029266: [Debugger] Debugger: Inspecting ds_grids in Debugger shows all indexes as 'Invalid Structure' (Alan Savage)
0029297: [Debugger] Debugger: Global variable tooltip shows an incorrect value in attached project (Alan Savage)
0028258: [Debugger] Debugger: DS_Map key output in instances tab does not show bitshifted integers (Alan Savage)
0028387: [Marketplace] Marketplace: Progress bar stuck 'exporting' if you try to create a marketplace asset without a certificate (Alan Savage)
0027991: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Multi select gets removed if you backspace more than once (Alan Savage)
0029127: [Code Editor] Code Editor: 'ctrl+tab' also inserts a tab into the currently-selected script when switching to a different tab (Alan Savage)
0029403: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Naming a region \ causes the next line to be escaped which causes code errors (Alan Savage)
0029392: [UI] UI (Mac): Within Finder UI, the select all, copy, cut and paste keyboard shortcuts do not function on Mac IDE (Chris Harrison)
0029205: [Preferences] Preferences: DPI scaling bar has a higher range than it should (values higher than 200% are ignored) (Alan Savage)
0027599: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Autocomplete doesn't suggest gl_FragCoord (Mike Dailly)
0028591: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Compatibility layer incorrectly imports attached project, missing bracket (Russell Kay)
0029180: [Build Windows] Build Windows: [Mac IDE] Able to start builds for Windows target without any remote workers added (Alan Savage)
0029545: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Need to remove the 32bit part from our IAP support library, as this blocks submission to Apple (Russell Kay)
0027619: [Runtimes] Runtimes: "Delete old runtimes" setting doesn't function correctly (Steven Campbell)
0029543: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Instances which aren't exported that have overriden properties cause the asset compiler to crash (Alan Savage)
0029495: [UI Language] Localisation: [French] Mouse Down and Mouse Pressed Event localisation texts are identical (Mike Dailly)
0029569: [Licensing] Licensing: Crash on startup if account.yoyogames.com is not reachable, as session string is null (Steven Campbell)
0029579: [Licensing] Licensing: "Unable to login - no network connection" error when connected to the internet should be clarified (Alan Savage)
0026047: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Room reopens at massively offset co-ordinates (usually approx -20k, -20k) after reloading project (Alexander Borup)
0028034: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Short sounds are not played completely in preview (Alan Savage)
0029281: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Doesn't check instance creation code for sub-layer instances (Alan Savage)
0029291: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Inheritance breaks if you reload the project (Claire Hall)
0029567: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Incorrect value is being written as the application type, causes inability to submit packages to the AppStore (Alan Savage)
0025732: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Unable to hold down an arrow key to move an instance/asset, requires press and release (Alan Savage)
0029544: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Importing a Spine over an existing Spine causes the sprite preview to stop showing (Alan Savage)
0026109: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Selecting multiple shaders and setting the language type only affects the single shader clicked on (Alan Savage)
0029547: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Intellisense window is offset if autocompleting an enum on a long line of code (Alan Savage)
0029442: [Room Editor] Room Editor: You can multi-select rotated items without being near them when doing a rectangle selection (Claire Hall)
0027705: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Preview and Label can show the style differently to the font style actually selected (Alan Savage)
0027903: [General] General: No error shown to user if loading a resource fails during project loads (Sam Cumming)
0029587: [UI] UI: 'About' page is missing a colon in 'Online Status' (Mike Dailly)
0029179: [Device Manager] Device Manager: Removing a remote worker doesn't update the target manager label or status (Alan Savage)
0029241: [Workspaces] Workspaces: Workspace Overview requires the user to provide input before they can use Up or Down on their keyboard (Alan Savage)
0029273: [Build iOS] iOS Devices: Trying to launch the Simulator from GMS2 gives an Igor crash report (Alan Savage)
0029296: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Crash when copy/pasting objects selected across multiple layers (Alan Savage)
0029359: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Duplicating a resource whilst at the trial limits crashes the IDE rather than showing a warning (Alan Savage)
0029642: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Drag importing a sound onto whitespace in the Resource Tree will make the IDE unstable (Alan Savage)
0029430: [Image Editor] Image Editor (Mac): Convert to Frames UI opens up too small, compared to Windows IDE (Alan Savage)
0025336: [Game Options] Game Options: Update the default values for the Android Build Settings to the current SDK's values (Steven Campbell)
0029425: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Regions do not work in Room Editor Object Creation Code (Sam Cumming)
0028360: [General] General: 'display_set_ui_visibility()' is not recognised by IDE, has manual page (Peter Hall)
0028196: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Can't Cut/Copy/Paste using keyboard shortcuts using macOS IDE (Alan Savage)
0028491: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Node drop placement is jumpy (Matthew McInnes)
0028670: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Custom colours store affected by changing a subsequent colour (Alan Savage)
0029060: [Code Editor] Code Editor: "Unsaved" asterisk appears when pressing Escape (Alan Savage)
0029181: [Room Editor] Room Editor: 'Convert Image to Tilemap' generate button has exclamation mark, doesn't fit with IDE style (Alan Savage)
0029242: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Event name shows a '-' if the Object is opened in Workspace and that event is empty (Alan Savage)
0029246: [Workspaces] Workspaces: Middle Mouse button scrolls 2 things at once (counts as a left click on scroll bars) (Alan Savage)
0029251: [Sound Editor] Sound Editor: Hissing occurs when playing a .ogg in the Sound Editor (Steven Campbell)
0029253: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Highlighting text during a rename in the dark skin means you can't see what you've highlighted (Alan Savage)
0029389: [Compiling] Compiling: Pressing F5 multiple times within a zero room project, generates many instances of the Error UI (Alan Savage)
0029391: [UI Language] UI Language (Mac): Finder UI is using German strings despite computer language being set to English (Chris Harrison)
0027401: [Search & Replace] Search & Replace: Replacing only replaces code, not comments (Alan Savage)
0028568: [Saving] Saving: Some users reporting IDE replacing object code in separate project if that project shares an object name (Alan Savage)
0029118: [UI] UI: [Mac IDE] 'Maximum Logins Exceeded' dialog has too short buttons, box is cut off (Alan Savage)
0029270: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Autocomplete inserts 'global.global.foo' when completing 'global.' (Alan Savage)
0029272: [General] General: IDE crashes instantly when it attempts to check the RSS feeds because website setup has changed (Chris Harrison)
0029277: [General] General: IDE crashes when pressing 'Enter' on keyboard after spam-confirming a save confirmation dialog (Alan Savage)
98 issues View Issues
0027296: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Dragging a folder of mixed resources onto a Custom View adds resources without hierarchy to default tree (Steven Campbell)
0028376: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: [Precise overrides Manual mask values, but the editor does not communicate this properly] (Steven Campbell)
0028517: [Start Page] Start Page: Tutorial images on Start Page are not updated when a new version of that tutorial is released (Alan Savage)
0028778: [Debugger] Debugger: Large strings cause stall because TextHelper.GetContextualShapedString() slow [can require closing via Task Manager] (Alan Savage)
0028105: [Licensing] Licensing: Users with expired licenses are shown the message "String not found: UserLogin_ExpiredDetail" in the details section (Claire Hall)
0028466: [My Library] My Library: Multiple reports of no access to downloaded My Library content when the Marketplace was offline (Alan Savage)
0028514: [Tutorials] Start Page: Recent Tutorials list not cleaned when shown, leads to blank entries for projects now missing on disk (Alan Savage)
0027455: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: Removing proxy files with matching name can cause extension files to be deleted (Alan Savage)
0028390: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Missing or misnamed zip file leads to asset compiler crash (Chris Harrison)
0028233: [Output Window] Output Window: Output spam causes the IDE to run out of memory, which then crashes (Steven Campbell)
0028815: [Build Mac] Build Mac: window_set_fullscreen() doesn't work unless certain GGS settings are enabled - causing issues (Chris Harrison)
0028771: [Variables Window] Variables Window: "Resource" picker cannot select child rooms (Alan Savage)
0028602: [UI] Suggestion: UI: More context menu options for resource windows beyond "Close all but this" (Alan Savage)
0028688: [Code Editor] Code Editor: 'display_set_gui_maximize' recognised by auto-complete but not recognised by compiler (Alan Savage)
0029158: [Compiling] Compiling: 'cannot redeclare a builtin varable' spelled incorrectly (Alan Savage)
0028869: [General] General: IDE takes at least a minute to load at times whilst checking the network status (Alexander Borup)
0029268: [Code Editor] Code Editor: [Mac IDE] Typing in a script using a Chinese keyboard layout crashes the IDE (Chris Harrison)
0029280: [Game Options] Build Android: Android TV Banner doesn't get applied correctly, stops submissions from being successful (Alan Savage)
0027533: [Debugger] Debugger: UWP games require you to stop the debugger manually in order to actually end the game (Alan Savage)
0028740: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: By default, "Open Properties" for a new resource is taking the value of the resource type's "Open All" command (Steven Campbell)
0028067: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Shift + Tab behaviour is not as expected compared to Visual Studio (Alan Savage)
0027527: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree - View caption doesn't update to current view name on initial open (Alan Savage)
0028867: [Debugger] Debugger: nested 64-bit data structure IDs display contents of ds#0 in debugger (Alan Savage)
0028927: [Runtimes] Runtimes: Windows defender blocks runtime download due to false positives, IDE keeps attempting to download (Steven Campbell)
0028855: [Saving] Saving: On opening a project I was given continuous GameMaker Studio 2 has become unstable messages (Alexander Borup)
0027459: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Colour picker tool adds multiple colours to recent colours list (Alan Savage)
0027451: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: Table list views don't render correctly on adding new entry (Alan Savage)
0027396: [UI Language] UI Language: Preferences captions for certificates can overlap password textbox (Alan Savage)
0028510: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Case nodes don't accept some GML constants as valid (Alan Savage)
0028852: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Changing the default value of a list variable doesn't update to the new default instead resets to no value (Alan Savage)
0028174: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Having a node focused doesn't allow you to type in the toolbox or spawn any nodes (Alan Savage)
0028175: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: - for all nodes gets offset until project is reloaded (Alan Savage)
0027030: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Open All on game options category whilst main is open does nothing (Steven Campbell)
0028863: [Preferences] Preferences: "Always do full install of APK" setting in Preferences in Android tab doesn't work. (Alan Savage)
0028870: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Backgrounds initially won't render in attached project (Claire Hall)
0026421: [Build Android] Build Android: APK Expansion not putting zip file in same folder apk is written to (Alan Savage)
0028268: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Alt+LMB favours deleting blank line if included in code selection (Alan Savage)
0026444: [General] General: Double-click to select something - e.g., text or an object in the resource tree - does not always work (Steven Campbell)
0027391: [My Library] My Library: GIFs are not supported in My Library > Screenshots (Alan Savage)
0028905: [Debugger] Debugger: Pressing Delete should delete selected watch variable (Alan Savage)
0029151: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Globalvar syntax highlighting only highlights last entry in list (Russell Kay)
0028681: [General] General: Shortcuts such as CTRL + E (export) are triggered with E then CTRL (Alan Savage)
0029211: [My Library] My Library: 'Developer' text resizes after you mouse over an asset (Alan Savage)
0028154: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Disabling 'Highlight symbol pairs' while highlighting pair causes unexpected behaviour (Alan Savage)
0028502: [Tutorials] Tutorials: Mousing over workspace while scrolling tutorial window with scrollbar causes scrolling to stop (Claire Hall)
0028586: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Copying and pasting with keyboard 'Left' mouse event in attached project causes IDE to become unstable (Alan Savage)
0028660: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Unable to scroll frame preview box using mouse-wheel or arrow keys (Alan Savage)
0028666: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Wrong sprite resize in Sprite Editor (Alan Savage)
0021282: [Accounts] Image Editor: Holding + or - on the keyboard should continue to change the brush size not just do it once (Alan Savage)
0027057: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Shift selection + enter opens only last selected resource (Steven Campbell)
0027566: [Resource Tree] Group Node Icons appear behind expand/collapse arrow in Resource Tree (Steven Campbell)
0027627: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Attached spine file is incorrectly loaded (Chris Harrison)
0027693: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Enabling filter within your search box stops your scaling from working (Steven Campbell)
0028422: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Colour Replace tool cursor offset (Alan Savage)
0028423: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Colour Remove tool has no cursor image (Alan Savage)
0028425: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Magic Wand tool cursor image on wrong side of cursor (Alan Savage)
0028443: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Updating favourites while searching does not actually update the favourites section (Alan Savage)
0028545: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Can't resize rotated graphic on x axis with mouse (Claire Hall)
0028551: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Variables declared within the object's variables window are not added to intellisense (Alan Savage)
0028557: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Odd resizing possible on Options column (Alan Savage)
0028576: [Code Editor] Code Editor: array_create() autocomplete differs from manual information (Alan Savage)
0028715: [Variables Window] Variables: Object variable with Colour type 2 In Default field type 'c_white' and it shows black (Alan Savage)
0028560: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Selecting text using Shift + Ctrl + End/Home doesn't work as expected (Alan Savage)
0028819: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Importing GIFs from Asesprite has traces of other frames in them (Alan Savage)
0028696: [Build Mac] Build Mac: User is unable to export Mac game as App Oven crashes within the build process (Chris Harrison)
0028140: [Build Mac] Build Mac: "Start Fullscreen" game option does nothing (Chris Harrison)
0028728: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Adding user scripts to code does not append them with '()' via Autocomplete (Alan Savage)
0028730: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Duplicating a script while 'Open new resources for edit on creation' is enabled will not open the new script (Alan Savage)
0028802: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Duplicating a resource doesn't begin rename process and set focus on its name (Alan Savage)
0028194: [General] Localisation: Missing startup strings Tools/Layouts (Chris Harrison)
0029309: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Folding a region then pressing Page Down causes the code editor to jump position and create a scrollbar (Alan Savage)
0028512: [Image Editor] Image Editor: [Mac IDE] Box/paint/magic wand select help tooltips say "Ctrl to add to selection" instead of CMD (Chris Harrison)
0028521: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: UI is slightly compressed in Version row (Alan Savage)
0028812: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow selects the white space before the first word (Alan Savage)
0020527: [Accounts] Image Editor: Unable to select multiple layers (Alan Savage)
0028378: [Build Android] Build Android: NDK 16 is not supported, so YYC builds fail (Steven Campbell)
0028065: [Build Android] Build Android: Does not actually disable Lint analysis when this game option is set (Steven Campbell)
0028361: [Debugger] Debugger: Temporary variables declared in room creation code do not appear in the Locals or Watch panels (Alan Savage)
0028421: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Duplicating a sprite while Image Editor is open causes the sprite to break/revert to previous sprite (Alan Savage)
0028490: [Configurations] Configurations: Game Options that rely on extensions (Facebook, Google) are shared between configs (Chris Harrison)
0028537: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Line tool ignores colour alpha, always draws at 100% opacity (Steven Campbell)
0028538: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Importing attached broken project's sprites will crash the IDE (Steven Campbell)
0028569: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Autocomplete suggests scripts from other projects (Alan Savage)
0028669: [Build Mac] Build Mac: Cannot Create Exe if project name has an apostrophe in it (Chris Harrison)
0028690: [Resource Tree] Suggestion: Resource Tree: Duplicates should be placed immediately below the original, not at the bottom of the resource type (Steven Campbell)
0028736: [Room Editor] Room Editor: 'Backspace' key to remove an instance is not respected when focus is in Layer Properties window (Chris Harrison)
0028808: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: 'Ctrl+D' still works on a resource type heading, causes saving issues and crashes if you keep modifying (Chris Harrison)
0029175: [Build HTML5] Build HTML5: Projects cannot be run if they contain an empty DnD script (Alan Savage)
0027706: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Cannot deselect grouped instances using the mouse directly on the instance (Claire Hall)
0028137: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: 'Edit Image' still disabled for SWF or Spine sprite even when an external editor is set in Preferences (Alexander Borup)
0028482: [Compiling] Compiling: Asset Compiler crashes if you have /* as your last line (Russell Kay)
0028636: [Licensing] Licensing: Having a comma in your YoYo Account name causes a 'Permission Error' compile error when running (Alan Savage)
0028671: [Variables Window] Variables Windows: Variables set within Objects in a Room are not copied over when copy/paste Object (Alan Savage)
0028682: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Copy/Cutting from within an image editor with more than 1 open will jump to another opened editor (Alan Savage)
0029106: [Tile Set Editor] Tile Set Editor: Null Reference on painting to brush builder after second open (Claire Hall)
0028300: [Preferences] Preferences: Android keystore import / generate / show hash buttons should force showing their output (Steven Campbell)
0028304: [General] General: [Mac IDE] Mouse ghosting when moving mouse over the IDE on High Sierra (Chris Harrison)
0028367: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Runner titlebar is thinner and uses 1.4's runner icon if built using YYC (Steven Campbell)
0028398: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Display Cursor does nothing on Windows, cursor is always shown (Claire Hall)
0028400: [Build UWP] Build UWP: Allow Fullscreen Switching does nothing, in-game button combinations are ignored (Claire Hall)
0028553: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Resources jumping to top of tree when re-positioned while inside a group (Alan Savage)
0028597: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Child instance variables hard to read if using light skin (Alan Savage)
0028675: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Unable to drag rooms onto each other to set as children unless another child already exists (Steven Campbell)
0029194: [Marketplace] Marketplace: Clicking 'Create Package' can sometimes crash the IDE (Alan Savage)
0028134: [Preferences] Preferences: [MacIDE] 'Show package in finder on build completion' still shows package even when disabled (Chris Harrison)
0028359: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Enums created in room Creation Code appear multiple times in autocomplete (Alan Savage)
0028620: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Variable Definitions do not work on HTML5 (Russell Kay)
0028673: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Code completion arguments are in the wrong order for sprite_collision_mask() (Alan Savage)
0028741: [Resource Tree] Suggestion: Resource Tree: Rename "Open Properties" to "Open in Editor" to better document the command (Steven Campbell)
0025340: [General] Build Android: [Android SDK 25.2.3+ has no separate "Support Library" package so we should see about removing option for it] (Steven Campbell)
0028014: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Performance is very poor (Claire Hall)
0028437: [Debugger] Debugger: Fails to show code for breakpoints in room/instance creation code and timeline moments (Alan Savage)
0028638: [General] General: Copyrights should be updated from 2017 to 2018 (Claire Hall)
0029098: [Source Control] Souce Control: "User cancelled certificate check" dialog shown when trying to work with Github/Bitbucket projects (Steven Campbell)
0029147: [Room Editor] Room Editor: Child Room Creation Code will not open if Parent's Creation Code is not open (Alan Savage)
0029115: [Build Android] Build Android: Package names with extra '.' in them fail when built via YYC (Steven Campbell)
0029015: [Recent Windows] Recent Windows: New windows (past 10) are not added to Recent Windows list (removing oldest) (Steven Campbell)
0029144: [Tile Set Editor] Tile Set Editor: "Select Sprite" has stopped showing grouped sprites (Alan Savage)
0029271: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (1.4): Compatibility script d3d_end() doesn't finish the z-buffer state, breaking subsequent 2D drawing (Mike Dailly)
0028828: [General] General: This JPG image fails to load (Alan Savage)
0028831: [Search & Replace] UI: Remember position of "Search & Replace", "Go To" and "Workspace Overview" dialogs per IDE session (Alan Savage)
0028837: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Unable to build projects with short names, e.g. "p2" (Chris Harrison)
0028882: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Add tooltips to Visible/Solid/Persistent/Uses Physics (Alan Savage)
0028916: [General] General: New desktops get title "New Desktop" (Alan Savage)
0028999: [Source Control] Source Control: Clicking 'Revert Path' on an Unstaged Change will spawn infinite dialogs (Steven Campbell)
0028351: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (1.4): Macros within configurations are not correctly imported (Russell Kay)
0028858: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: 'Restore to Workspace' on an unsaved DnD script will 'lose' your changes, can cause permanent loss if you save (Alan Savage)
0028861: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Importing a room that's outside of a project structure using 'Add Existing' crashes the IDE (Steven Campbell)
0028944: [Game Options] Game Options: Cannot use * in bundle names for iOS (Chris Harrison)
0029024: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Non-folder nodes should be 50/50 split (Alexander Borup)
0029285: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Changing a var to Boolean and then running game makes GMS2 unstable if you don't click the true tickbox (Alexander Borup)
0029287: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Child objects can't override their parents variables (Alexander Borup)
0029299: [Variables Window] Variables Window: 'image_blend' is 0 when assigned a colour from Variable Definitions (Alan Savage)
0028678: [Code Editor] Code Editor: [Mac] Cannot type '~' or '^' characters using Portuguese layout (Chris Harrison)
0028699: [Workspaces] Workspace: [Mac IDE] Workspace Overview (control + tab) close button does not work on Mac (Chris Harrison)
0029153: [Saving] Saving: [Mac IDE] Restarting the IDE via Preferences, the Mac IDE will discard your pending changes (Chris Harrison)
0019426: [General] Suggestion: Code Editor: Ctrl + D to duplicate current selection or line [and insert the copy as next line] (Alexander Borup)
0025337: [Accounts] Suggestion: Game Options: Check the installed Android APIs and Tools and then present them to the user (Steven Campbell)
0026998: [Target Manager] Suggestion: Target Manager: Currently-selected target should be saved when you close your project (Steven Campbell)
0027564: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: There is no way to set the Steam SDK location (Chris Harrison)
140 issues View Issues
0026938: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Don't reset tab and scroll position on open shaders when double-clicking on them (Alan Savage)
0026647: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Events list is not updated to correct state if you change the parent or delete a child event (Alan Savage)
0026659: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Adding an event in an instance that already has a parent event, will add a new (duplicate) event (Alan Savage)
0028177: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Large 1.4 games can take a lot longer to build in 2.x than 1.4 requires (Claire Hall)
0028212: [Saving] Saving: User's project has duplicated resources and resource tree issues (Chris Harrison)
0028114: [Image Editor] Image Editor: Blend Mode 'Multiply' will not use destination alpha (Alan Savage)
0028170: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Physics shape fixture is not generated unless Modify Collision Shape has been opened (Alan Savage)
0028020: [Debugger] Suggestion: Debugger: Add right-click option on variables to "add to watch" (Alan Savage)
0028217: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Push notifications are being force-enabled in projects (Chris Harrison)
0028697: [Object Editor] Suggestion: Object Editor: [Parent name being part of event description leads to too-long descriptions, reshuffle info to solve] (Alan Savage)
0028679: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Tooltip confusion within Variables within Room Editor (Alan Savage)
0028793: [Font Editor] Font Editor: Fatal Error after adding glyph range (Chris Harrison)
0028885: [Debugger] Debugger: Runner doesn't appear, even though the debugger has 'connected' to the Runner (Alan Savage)
0028795: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Unindent at caret, not whole line (Alan Savage)
0028803: [Variables Window] Variables: Disable "convert value" when changing type; it's bad! (Alexander Borup)
0028769: [Variables Window] Variables Windows: Variables changed within Parent Room are not inherited by Child Room (Alexander Borup)
0027701: [Updating] Updating: Update is checked after user login (Russell Kay)
0028816: [Licensing] Licensing: Network without internet access causes the IDE to hang as it pings so frequently (Mike Dailly)
0026842: [Build iOS] Build iOS: [Mac IDE] VM apps crash in an emulator after the splash screen (Chris Harrison)
0028655: [Device Manager] Device Manager: Detecting Windows UWP devices doesn't appear to do anything (Alan Savage)
0027614: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Project takes a long time to compile during shader compilation stage (Stewart Bishop)
0028192: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Context menu is missing the entries for Go To Object and Add/Open Event (Alan Savage)
0029141: [Build Ubuntu] Build Ubuntu: Turning off splash screen doesn't have any effect in-game (Alan Savage)
0028716: [Compiling] Compiling: Asset compiler crashes when building this project as there are empty views (Alan Savage)
0028659: [Build Mac] Build Mac: [macOS IDE] Building the specified project will cause blend modes to not work properly (Chris Harrison)
0028753: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Unable to create an executable of this project due to the Windows Icon supplied (Alan Savage)
0027641: [Marketplace] Marketplace: IDE doesn't let you add "Notes" resources to a new package (Alan Savage)
0026596: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Live Preview doesn't get focused if already open and contents have changed (Alan Savage)
0025895: [Resource Tree] Suggestion: Resource Tree: Add support for "Expand All" folders/resources (Steven Campbell)
0027595: [Included Files] Included Files: Changing a source file on disk shouldn't spawn the project modified dialogue (Chris Harrison)
0028026: [Accounts] Resource Tree: Pressing Enter after searching for a resource does not open the resource (Alan Savage)
0028088: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Thumbnails invert when reduced to nearly 0 size (Alexander Borup)
0028197: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Context menu is missing keyboard shortcuts (Alan Savage)
0028216: [DnD Editor] DnD Editor: Missing a context menu entry for Expand All (Alan Savage)
0028348: [Image Editor] Image Editor: "Import Strip Image" has no keyboard shortcut, should use Ctrl+i to match 1.4 (Alan Savage)
0028098: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Games will crash due to "UI API called from background thread" (Alan Savage)
0028208: [General] General: "GMS2 has become unstable" when dismissing Ctrl+T via spamming Escape (Alan Savage)
0028307: [Build iOS] Build iOS: Packages don't include all required iOS icons, so submission is rejected (Chris Harrison)
0028539: [Variables Window] Variables Window: Cannot compile if using a macro or an enum as a variable's default value (Alexander Borup)
0027819: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: Debugging on Remote Worker doesn't work (Alan Savage)
0027839: [Tutorials] Tutorials: Crash when clicking 'Get More Tutorials' (Alan Savage)
0028159: [Game Options] Game Options - Android: Adding google play extensions workflow is confusing (Alan Savage)
0028205: [UI] UI: When an education seat logs out of the software they are incorrectly shown the License Management email address (Dan)
0028213: [Sprite Editor] Sprite Editor: Fails to load in origin values for sprites which have locked their origin (Chris Harrison)
0028264: [Build Windows] Suggestion: Build Windows: Include the necessary Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime in the Windows Runtime /makensis/ folder (Alan Savage)
0028299: [Preferences] Preferences: Android keystore alias should check for spaces and block with a description of how to fix (Steven Campbell)
0028540: [Compiling] Compiling: An instance's Variables Window variables cannot be overridden if instance creation code exists also (Alexander Borup)
0027563: [Code Editor] Suggestion: Code Editor: Ability to jump to next/previous #region marker (Alan Savage)
0027824: [Preferences] Preferences: Opening Preferences with malformed dpi_override throws 'IDE unstable' (Mike Dailly)
0028185: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects: Dragging gmez onto start page occasionally orders rooms incorrectly (Alan Savage)
0026544: [Build Android] Build Android: Gradle heap size does not appear to actually increase when increasing the value in Preferences (Alan Savage)
0027470: [Object Editor] Object Editor: Parent window doesn't show descendants of children (Alan Savage)
52 issues View Issues
0026920: [Output Window] Output Window: [Mac IDE] show_debug_message doesn't work on Mac IDE (Brian Morrice)
0027499: [Build Mac] Mac: [Mac IDE] Debugging game causes IDE crash on some Macs (Alan Savage)
0026209: [Licensing] Licensing: "License is invalid" error when logging-in, but Details section just says "success" (Mike Dailly)
0027484: [Debugger] Debugger: [Runner needs check permissions of /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/com.yoyogames.macyoyorunner] (Steven Campbell)
0026859: [Build Android] Build Android: Debugger runs don't start the game automatically on the device, user must do this manually (Russell Kay)
0026799: [Remote Worker] Remote Worker: Hitting Enter from any of the input fields for adding a worker does nothing (Alexander Borup)
0027981: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Importing resource from disk added path hierarchy from C drive up (Steven Campbell)
0026807: [UI] Occasionally the cursor gets "stuck" with the wrong image (Chris Harrison)
0024120: [UI] UI: Some context and file menus have a left column for icons - some don't (Mike Dailly)
0026911: [Licensing] Licensing: Crash during "User Login" phase of splash screen (Mike Dailly)
0024216: [Welcome Page] Welcome Page: YouTube videos play at 1/3 of their FPS on a 4K Monitor (Stewart Bishop)
0027583: [Code Editor] Suggestion: Code Editor: Add in a preference to change how the home button works (Claire Hall)
0028303: [Build Windows] Build Windows: Projects with large amounts of audio receives "ReadPNG :: a PNG error occure" error on startup (Alan Savage)
0025539: [Resource Tree] Resource Tree: Possible to recreate missing thumbnails bug when working with decent-sized projects (Dan)
0027953: [Runtimes] Runtimes: [Mac IDE] Some users are repeatedly unable to set as active, IDE keeps using (Alan Savage)
0028115: [General] [GMS2] Cannot type strings in Macbooks (Russell Kay)
0027387: [My Library] My Library: Screenshots section repeats a single screenshot (Alan Savage)
0028578: [Code Editor] Code Editor: Shift + Up selection at the start of a line leaves a 'tail' in the selection (Alan Savage)
18 issues View Issues
0030108: [Manual Content] Manual Content: draw_sprite_pos() doesn't account for texture page cropping (Mark Alexander)
1 issue View Issues
0029847: [Manual Content] Functions: get_integer_async() returns a string rather than a real (Mark Alexander)
0027690: [Manual Content] Manual Content: audio_get_recorder_count documentation states that the function works on HTML5 (Mark Alexander)
2 issues View Issues
0025555: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Manual needs to mention that audio sync group functionality doesn't work in HTML5 (Mark Alexander)
0020080: [Manual Content] Manual Content: font_add() incorrectly says "if WebGL is enabled then you must use an included font file" (Mark Alexander)
2 issues View Issues
0013800: [Manual Content] Manual Content: Add in pages for shader_get_name() and accompanying "asset_shader" constant (Mark Alexander)
1 issue View Issues
0030312: [General] General: Debugger restarting your game in an event with game_end() will still end the game rather than restart it (Alexander Borup)
0030314: [General] General: Restarting game will still break on all remaining breakpoints in the current event (Alexander Borup)
0030199: [Audio] Audio: Specific project crashes due to audio emitters (Steven Campbell)
0029860: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Decrementing prior to statement behaves differently compared to VM (Russell Kay)
0030206: [HTML5] HTML5: Alarm within specific project never seems to get fired, because it's created with a decimal value (Mike Dailly)
0030193: [HTML5] HTML5: iOS Safari fails to pass a vec4 uniform value to shaders using shader_set_uniform_f, works with array variant (Mike Dailly)
0030168: [HTML5] HTML5: Extension script indexes can still be wrong, can cause the game to crash (Russell Kay)
0030164: [HTML5] HTML5: "event_type" and "event_number" return incorrect values (Mike Dailly)
8 issues View Issues
0030344: [iOS] iOS: iOS 9 and older crash on game startup because of iPhone X home bar functionality (Antanas Budvytis)
0030342: [General] General: Recursive function calls now return undefined on YYC platforms (Russell Kay)
0030204: [HTML5] HTML5: keyboard_string and keyboard_lastchar translate key presses as if the keyboard in use was a UK keyboard (Mike Dailly)
0028621: [Buffers] Buffer Constants: The buffer constant buffer_u64 is not implemented fully within GML (Alan Savage)
0029546: [Mac] Mac: Games crash on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard due to missing OpenGL functions (Mike Rennie)
0015863: [HTML5] HTML5: Remove trailing commas in array/object initializations (Mike Dailly)
0015806: [3D] 3D: Building a primitive using incomplete vertex functions is inconsistent across Windows and HTML5 (Mike Dailly)
0028780: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Integer Promotion is different between VM and YYC (Russell Kay)
0029747: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): ds_stack_pop on an empty stack returns a "hard crash" value (Russell Kay)
0029783: [Functions] Functions: debug_get_callstack() has extra zero-elements, hard crashes some projects on YYC (Russell Kay)
0029765: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Parentheses are not inserted around lower-priority binary operators (Russell Kay)
0029749: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): ternary operator does a cast (copy, discard) to YYRValue even though it doesn't need to (Russell Kay)
0030339: [Collisions] Collisions: Persistent objects won't collide after a room change until they are moved once more (Fritz)
0030216: [Extensions] Extensions: Google Play Licensing doesn't work for users "Could not find play-services-tasks-license.aar" (Antanas Budvytis)
0030291: [Paths] Paths: path_endaction_reverse only works for the first reverse on the path, after that the instance jumps (Mike Dailly)
0030277: [Functions] Functions: ds_grid_get() now causes crashes on YYC only when returning strings (Fritz)
0030194: [Functions] Functions: Using Grid accessor as argument has difference between VM and YYC (Russell Kay)
0030211: [Android] Android: Gamepads are undetectable after loss of focus (Russell Kay)
0030214: [General] General: Line number within error dialog is incorrect if the script contains utf8 characters in comments, etc. (Russell Kay)
0030203: [HTML5] HTML5: keyboard_lastkey does not properly update (Mike Dailly)
0030205: [Functions] Functions: string_format() is including the decimal character in the calculation on non-JS targets (Mike Dailly)
0030201: [HTML5] HTML5: string_delete() incorrectly returns a modified string when given a negative value for the number of chars to remove (Mike Dailly)
0030169: [Surfaces] Surfaces: surface_resize() whilst that surface is set causes an error message about surface stack mismatch (Mike Dailly)
0030160: [HTML5] HTML5: Using string_width() or string_height() with the new in-built font in 2.2.1 crashes your game (Antanas Budvytis)
0029833: [HTML5] HTML5: Layer names are converted to lowercase in runner (Antanas Budvytis)
0030125: [Windows] Windows: Framerate stutters on Windows 7 specifically (Stewart Bishop)
0029146: [General] General: FPS is consistently wrong across platforms when using a high refresh rate monitor (Mike Rennie)
0029984: [Extensions] Extensions: Referencing extension scripts doesn't count as use and it gets DCE'd (Russell Kay)
0028453: [HTML5] HTML5: Debugger fails to load instance list in Microsoft browsers (Alan Savage)
0030143: [HTML5] HTML5: Doesn't fire Clean Up events (Mike Dailly)
0017191: [HTML5] Functions: window_center() does not take into account a freshly-changed window size (Mike Dailly)
0030080: [Mac] Mac: show_message_async() isn't async anymore (Antanas Budvytis)
0028089: [HTML5] HTML5: Safari won't play streaming MP3s until after the user interacts with the game (Alan Savage)
0029235: [HTML5] HTML5: layer_tilemap_exists() results in "_EE.toLowerCase is not a function" if the layer actually exists (Mike Dailly)
0030137: [HTML5] HTML5: display_set_timing_method() is not defined (Mike Dailly)
0004807: [Functions] Functions: keyboard_key_press() not working on iOS [and Android in recent GMS2] (Fritz)
0028712: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: os_browser detects Opera as Chrome (Alan Savage)
0028501: [Windows] Windows: Setting a too-large room will cause game to fail in the GPU on startup, should try to guard this and better inform user (Fritz)
0029203: [Extensions] Extensions: GML scripts aren't always added to script list (Alan Savage)
0030136: [HTML5] HTML5: Cameras: camera script getters do not work (Alan Savage)
0030138: [Functions] Collision: collision point, circle and rectangle don't properly account for rotated rectangle collisions (Alan Savage)
0029850: [HTML5] HTML5: Changing background visibility in compatibility scripts does not work on code-generated backgrounds (Antanas Budvytis)
0028606: [UWP] UWP: http_post_string doesn't return anything (Fritz)
0029636: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS2] Text drawn using a sprite font and draw_text_ext will not line break on spaces (Fritz)
0025506: [General] General: No support for G-Sync/FreeSync within the runner, causes game FPS to be inconsistent (Mike Rennie)
0027606: [HTML5] HTML5: layer_shader() doesn't work or is not implemented (Fritz)
0029585: [Audio] Audio: When the frame rate is set very high, audio_sound_gain() does not fade over the expected period (Peter Hall)
0029874: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS2] Cloned instances don't draw anything (Alan Savage)
0029758: [Functions] Functions: make_color_hsv) is not producing the same colours as its RGB counter part using the same colour values (Alan Savage)
0028562: [HTML5] HTML5: Changing an object's layer doesn't change the rendering order of objects (Fritz)
0029428: [HTML5] HTML5: path_endaction doesn't work (Alan Savage)
0016711: [HTML5] HTML5: Last used sound plays when changing tabs back to game (Mike Dailly)
0029938: [HTML5] HTML5 : surface_getpixel() doesn't work when WebGL is enabled (Antanas Budvytis)
0029925: [Functions] Functions: sprite_create_from_surface() resulting sprite appears padded (Fritz)
0027794: [UWP] UWP: url_open() fails to open protocol applications, nothing happens (Fritz)
0028164: [HTML5] HTML5: Splash screen does not show when 'Use splash screen' preference is ticked (Fritz)
0029816: [Mac] Mac: get_open_filename() doesn't check the load whitelist correctly, stopping files outside the sandbox being read (Russell Kay)
0024977: [Android] Android: Current surface/shader breaks after returning from OS being paused (Fritz)
0029417: [General] General: Noticeable performance drop when changing from slow to fast collisions (Fritz)
0029735: [HTML5] HTML5: keyboard_string doesn't repeat characters whilst key is held down (Fritz)
0028040: [Views / Cameras] Views / Cameras: User-created cameras that are assigned to a view will be deleted when the room ends (Fritz)
0029882: [HTML5] HTML5: Fullscreen functionality using Firefox places the game in top-left corner (Antanas Budvytis)
0029822: [Functions] Functions: Letting built-in functions convert arguments from number to string leaks memory (Russell Kay)
0029861: [Functions] Functions Using texture_global_scale() then drawing text with the default font will not work (Russell Kay)
0029972: [Functions] Functions: sprite_collision_mask() doesn't use its tolerance value correctly (Russell Kay)
0025576: [HTML5] HTML5: audio_get_recorder_count() always returns zero [and microphone recording does not work] (Alan Savage)
0029960: [Functions] Functions: mp_grid_add_instances() doesn't work correctly with instances which have rotated rectangle collision masks (Peter Hall)
0029755: [Functions] Functions: sprite_get_uvs() doesn't work properly for sprites created using sprite_create_from_surface() (Russell Kay)
0029985: [HTML5] HTML5: Setting a sprite_index to -1 still causes collisions to occur even though no sprite is rendered (Alan Savage)
0029721: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: For int32 type, (x >= -2147483548 + x) == false (Russell Kay)
0029731: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: [YYC] Array literal doesn't set array ownership correctly - not copied on write (Russell Kay)
0029915: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Array comparisons differ between VM and YYC (Russell Kay)
0029880: [Functions] Functions: sprite_collision_mask() doesn't allow you to create collision masks bigger than your sprite (Russell Kay)
0008633: [Functions] Functions: display_reset() does not center the window correctly (Fritz)
0027656: [Views / Cameras] Views / Cameras: Cameras stored in global variables do not seem to persist between rooms (Fritz)
0029295: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] Turning off the draw event using draw_enable_drawevent will cause show_debug_overlay to return negative fps (Fritz)
0029883: [HTML5] HTML5: image_alpha is not clamped between 0 and 1 for Canvas but is for WebGL (Antanas Budvytis)
0029683: [Views / Cameras] Views / Cameras: Rotating your view angle causes your object to move strangely (Alan Savage)
0029851: [HTML5] HTML5: Calling layer_destroy or layer_destroy_instances will generate a null exception in instance_destroy (Mike Dailly)
0029886: [Steam] Steam: steam_ugc_create_query_user_ex() does not function properly and returns -1 instead (Alan Savage)
0029947: [Mac] Mac: surfaces disappearing on view_wview/view_hview change (Mike Rennie)
0029993: [HTML5] HTML5: audio_sound_gain() has issues applying the correct value when the argument "time" is not 0 (Alan Savage)
0029971: [Functions] Functions: Using json_decode() with an array as the top level structure causes a memory leak (Russell Kay)
0023698: [Mac] Mac: d3d mode shows no signs of depth buffer (Mike Rennie)
0029905: [General] General: Memory leak occurs when restarting game (Russell Kay)
0029334: [Views / Cameras] Cameras: camera matrices are not being updated correctly (Mike Rennie)
0028077: [3D] 3D: Crash when drawing vertex formats with two colour parameters (Mike Rennie)
0028614: [Functions] Functions: Layer scripts don't set the layer variable to the correct layer, is always -1 (Mike Rennie)
0026305: [Functions] HTML5: Matrices (other than matrix_world) returned from "matrix_get" are wrong unless set with "matrix_set" (Antanas Budvytis)
0029845: [HTML5] HTML5: Setting an asset to be flipped for either axis won't rotate around the origin (Fritz)
0029738: [HTML5] HTML5: Motion Planning functions aren't implemented, gives debug console errors (Mike Dailly)
0029653: [HTML5] HTML5: draw_text_colour - corner colours are not applied to whole string (Alan Savage)
0029292: [HTML5] HTML5: buffer_create_from_vertex_buffer() throws a "is not defined" error (Fritz)
0029400: [HTML5] HTML5: WebGL distorts drawing when spacebar is pressed in attached project (Fritz)
0029424: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] Some draw_light_* functions are unimplemented on HTML5 (Fritz)
0029436: [HTML5] HTML5: Game Option for "Default draw colour" isn't being applied (Alan Savage)
0029384: [HTML5] HTML5: Drawing a character not in the font corrupts rendering on WebGL (Fritz)
0029742: [HTML5] HTML5: sprite_set_alpha_from_sprite() does not work if WebGL is enabled (Antanas Budvytis)
0028486: [Extensions] HTML5: Extensions' Init and Final Functions are not automatically called (Fritz)
0028277: [HTML5] HTML5: Texturing vertex buffers results in each triangle/quad geting assigned only one color (Fritz)
0028850: [HTML5] HTML5: shader_set_uniform_f_array() doesn't work (Mike Dailly)
0025371: [HTML5] HTML5: audio_sound_get_track_position() not affected by audio_sound_pitch() value (Alan Savage)
0028547: [Functions] HTML5: layer_sprite_xscale() and _yscale() don't work [but do in Windows] (Fritz)
0028060: [HTML5] HTML5: Surfaces existing outside of viewport will not render when inside viewport (Mike Dailly)
0027489: [HTML5] HTML5: Will only display first image of a sprite that was created using sprite_merge() (Antanas Budvytis)
0026573: [Functions] Functions: instance_create_depth() should throw a compile error when passed a non-number string for the depth value (Russell Kay)
0018023: [HTML5] HTML5: Premultiplied alpha is not working (Mike Dailly)
0028463: [Extensions] Extensions: HTML5: gmcallback_* scripts are broken (Antanas Budvytis)
0030079: [Functions] Functions: collision_line() fails to detect collision in some cases when using fast collisions (Alan Savage)
0029714: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): variable_instance_get() returns undefined if there's a global variable of same name (Peter Hall)
0029438: [Functions] Functions: \n doesn't break new lines in draw_text_ext_transformed() or draw_text_ext_transformed_colour() on some platforms (Alan Savage)
0028219: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] FPS not being set correctly when using 'game_set_speed' and 'draw_enable_drawevent' (Mike Rennie)
0019592: [Functions] Functions: async_load[? 'status'] is wrong on a number of exports for when a request fails (Mike Dailly)
0028504: [HTML5] HTML5: Scaling with window_set_size will cause mouse to target a different point on the screen (Antanas Budvytis)
0029744: [HTML5] HTML5: matrix_transform_vertex() crashes your game for "TypeError: undefined has no properties" (Antanas Budvytis)
0029648: [Social] Social: Update facebook_post_message() so that it works as it is documented (Antanas Budvytis)
0029646: [Social] Social: facebook_send_invite() is obsolete and should be removed (Antanas Budvytis)
0029647: [Social] Social: facebook_dialog() should be removed or updated to match current FB usage (Antanas Budvytis)
0029641: [Social] Social: facebook_post_message() is obsolete and should be removed (Antanas Budvytis)
0025185: [Font] Windows: [GMS2] Using the Belmongo font with draw_text(), the "s" and "q" will appear stange (Claire Hall)
0029566: [Font] Font: Potential font issue where fonts are cut off at a certain height (Claire Hall)
0030024: [Functions] Functions: int64 literals are stored as 64-bit floats, losing precision (Russell Kay)
0030050: [HTML5] HTML5: array_equals() always returns true (Mike Dailly)
0027584: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: keyboard_string gets cleared when the runner window loses focus (Russell Kay)
0029961: [Android] Android: Virtual keyboard return/done button doesn't currently work (Antanas Budvytis)
0029815: [Rooms] Rooms: Changing between persistent rooms leaks some memory (Russell Kay)
0025186: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: [GMS2] game_restart() does not reset gamespeed to game options value (Alan Savage)
0026858: [3D] 3D: d3d_draw_[shape]() does not draw as expected when a 1.4 project is imported (Alan Savage)
0015841: [Shaders] Shaders: shader: uv coords. change as soon as retrieve the tangents of the model. (Mike Dailly)
0030023: [Functions] Functions: giving a string to buffer_write(_, buffer_u64, _) silently casts string->double->int64, losing precision (Mike Dailly)
0030048: [HTML5] HTML5: Depth set in create event is overwritten for room instances (Alan Savage)
0026608: [Shaders] Shaders: [GMS2] Draw failed due to invalid input layout (Mike Dailly)
0027737: [Functions] Functions: Instances copied using instance_copy() throw a "layer integrity" error upon deletion (Alan Savage)
0029965: [Functions] Functions: display_get_timing_method() always returns "tm_sleep" (Alan Savage)
0029957: [Functions] Functions: Using sprite_add() on a gif swaps the blues and reds (Alan Savage)
0029853: [Functions] Functions: Random seed is different if you restart your game after a room change has occurred (Mike Dailly)
0030037: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: Enums which references constants throw circular reference error (Russell Kay)
0011571: [Functions] Function: display_reset() resizes window (Fritz)
0028611: [Surfaces] Surfaces: Camera weirdness happens when changing what surface is being targeted whilst an angle is applied to the camera (Fritz)
0029810: [Mac] Mac: "Allow resize window" with "Keep aspect ratio" doesn't allow resizing window left/right, must be "full scale" (Russell Kay)
0027262: [Functions] Functions: load_csv() not reading the last line in a CSV (CoreTech)
0028368: [UWP] UWP: http requests do not trigger the http async event (Fritz)
0026524: [Font] Font: [GMS2] Font gets messed up when resizing the game window and adapting the application surface and GUI size (Fritz)
0029706: [Functions] load_csv can cause games to crash (Peter Hall)
0029608: [Functions] Functions: Using room_goto() with a string doesn't throw any errors and causes your game to hang forever (Russell Kay)
145 issues View Issues
0029857: [Audio] Audio: 3D Audio falloff not working anymore (Peter Hall)
0029763: [Audio] Audio: Crackling occurs if you set an emitter's velocity (Peter Hall)
0029812: [UWP] UWP: Pressing B on Xbox Controller when building UWP for XBox will suspend the application (Mike Rennie)
0029884: [General] General: Fast collisions have issues with collision masks that are very small such as a single pixel (Peter Hall)
0029632: [Audio] Audio: Sync groups don't have any audio if you've set the position of a listener (Peter Hall)
0024834: [Spine] Spine: Memory leak in skeleton_bone_state_get() (Russell Kay)
0029912: [Windows] Windows: Changing between persistent rooms will crash your game as it fails to build the collision tree (Steven Campbell)
0029817: [Audio] Audio: Clicking occurs if you change the pitch of an emitter (Peter Hall)
0029298: [Windows] Windows: Game crashes with no code error when trying to play an audio file which does not exist in project (Alan Savage)
0029819: [UWP] UWP: GML errors from your game are no longer shown, game silently closes (Steven Campbell)
0029858: [Functions] Functions: collision_point() and collision_point_list() do not work correctly with rotated rectangle collision masks (Peter Hall)
0030068: [Functions] Functions: Crash when using get_string_async() and get_integer_async() (Mike Dailly)
0030067: [Android] Android: Null pointer audio device crash when resuming games from sleep state in 2.2.0 (Russell Kay)
0030064: [HTML5] HTML5: Referencing a layer by a string name is broken in 2.2.0 (Mike Dailly)
0029842: [Sprites] Sprites: image_index no longer increments on single-frame sprites (Mike Dailly)
0026336: [UWP] UWP: Window resolution is always locked at 1200 x 900, regardless of what your room or view size is (Russell Kay)
16 issues View Issues
0025418: [Functions] Functions: Using Fast Collision system will cause incorrect results when using collision_line() (Russell Kay)
0029995: [Font] Font: font_add_sprite() is incorrectly offset in 1.4.9999, need to use font_add_sprite_ext() as workaround (Dan)
0029992: [General] General: image_blend behaves differently in GMS1 to GMS2 (Dan)
3 issues View Issues
0024854: [Sprites] Sprites: [GMS2] Collision mask is off by one when using image_xscale = -1 (Russell Kay)
0019994: [HTML5] HTML5: 'Destroy instances at position' action does not work as expected (Stewart Bishop)
0023039: [Functions] Functions: RNG is inconsistent for Ubuntu, OSX, and OSX YYC. (Russell Kay)
0027888: [Functions] Functions: string_byte_at() returns signed bytes (Russell Kay)
0028461: [HTML5] HTML5: game_display_name changes capitalization whereas the browser title bar does not (Russell Kay)
0028986: [Functions] gml_pragma("Texgroup.Scale", ...) doesn't upscale image correctly when drawing (Russell Kay)
0029248: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: if (!--val) produces invalid C++ (YellowAfterlife)
0018958: [Functions] Functions: date_date_string(GM_build_date) returns "wrong number of arguments" error (Russell Kay)
0029756: [Android] Android: Using a Bluetooth gamepad if you press the analog stick it'll press the D-Pad at the same time (Russell Kay)
0029408: [Functions] Functions: texture_global_scale() breaks all graphics, showing streaky lines and bad scaling (Russell Kay)
0026207: [Paths] Paths: draw_path() stops drawing if distance between points is too large (Russell Kay)
0024554: [Variables (In-Built)] Suggestion: Function: buffer_get_surface() requires a constant value which has no constant ID in the IDE (Russell Kay)
0020893: [Mac] Mac: Using the get_...() dialogue functions causes the runner to crash (Alan Savage)
0021791: [Audio] Audio: Memory leak when loading/unloading Audio Groups (Russell Kay)
0027525: [Audio] Audio: audio_exists() returns false if the audio index is a dynamically-created sound (Russell Kay)
0028890: [Audio] Audio: Compressed audio files are detected as playing when game restarts (Russell Kay)
0029365: [Functions] Functions: 'Async Social' not triggered by 'achievement_login()' anymore (Antanas Budvytis)
0029150: [iOS] iOS: Runner crashes when calling audio_start_recording() (Chris Harrison)
0029716: [iOS] iOS: iPhoneX "home bar" is shown during gameplay, as the runner does not know to turn this off on startup (Chris Harrison)
0029423: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] audio_sound_get_track_position doesn't always return the correct time (Peter Hall)
0028054: [Mac] Mac: Text font alignment doesn't work as expected (Russell Kay)
0028270: [Functions] Functions: Calling round() on any number seems to transform it to a 32bit integer data type (Russell Kay)
0029149: [Functions] Functions: The last digit of Unicode Hex always escapes and Unicode doesn't render when using draw_text (Russell Kay)
0028880: [Functions] Functions: real() doesn't work properly depending on if you pass the value in or as a string (Russell Kay)
0029637: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS2] Functions to set the gain on an audio resource do nothing (Fritz)
0029737: [Functions] Functions: deactivating and activating instances stops collisions from working (Alan Savage)
0029395: [Ubuntu] Ubuntu: Terminal expects to find 'libopenal.so', when it should be looking for 'libopenal.so.1' (Peter Hall)
0028248: [Functions] Functions: "gpu_set_tex_mip_enable_ext" throws an error, saying that it requires a single parameter, when it requires two (Russell Kay)
0027629: [HTML5] HTML5: draw_rectangle has an additional 1 pixel on the Y Axis with outline set to false (Russell Kay)
0028556: [Functions] Functions: place_meeting fails precise collision masks with an image_xscale of -1 (Peter Hall)
0028615: [Functions] Functions: collision_point/line ignores first pixel column of mirrored instances (Peter Hall)
0029406: [Ubuntu] Ubuntu: Sounds still pop when stopped if another sound is played directly afterwards (Peter Hall)
0028565: [Networking] Networking: Xbox specific constant needs removed, as no longer applicable (Russell Kay)
0029799: [iOS] iOS: iPhone 6+ specifically gives frequent crashes on startup if your game plays audio (Russell Kay)
0029764: [Objects] Objects: Persistent instances are kept when restarting your game (Fritz)
0028748: [General] General: [GMS2] Instances vanish if your depth matches the depth of a dynamic layer that has only deactivated instances on it (Chris Harrison)
0029550: [Ubuntu] Ubuntu: Closing your game will not work as it throws an error (Alan Savage)
0028834: [Functions] Functions: Errors whilst using ds_grid_add show the wrong argument within the error window (Alan Savage)
0028315: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] Calling string_width using the specified project crashes the runner (Claire Hall)
0025521: [Objects] Objects: Collision event occurs prematurely if using rectangle mask and sprite has been rotated (Peter Hall)
0028355: [Functions] Functions: Audio Emitters gain and pitch are not freed (Russell Kay)
0029421: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] Drawing a circle whilst a shader is set causes the circle to not draw (Mark Alexander)
0028770: [Physics] Physics: When using Physics it is possible for a collision event to occur after a cleanup event (Chris Harrison)
0028743: [Extensions] Extensions: If your AdMob banner fails to be retrieved then it'll create a black flash on iOS (Fritz)
0029717: [iOS] iOS: Games run on iOS 11+ crash when trying to show error dialogs (Russell Kay)
0029289: [Android] Android: draw_texture_flush doesn't do anything (Russell Kay)
0028324: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: directory-related constants not including final slash? (Alan Savage)
0028558: [Events] Events: No ev_clean_up constant so you can event_perform() the clean up event (Steven Campbell)
0028541: [Physics] Physics: [GMS2] phy_active always returns an error when accessed (Steven Campbell)
0029422: [Functions] Functions: [GMS2] Using json_encode on a map with empty strings loaded in from a ds_grid will crash the runner (Alan Savage)
0028923: [Functions] Functions: buffer_peek() should throw a code error if using a peek offset larger than the buffer size (Chris Harrison)
0023291: [Functions] Functions: Every 16th entry in a ds_queue becomes undefined until a 17th entry is added (Russell Kay)
0029416: [Functions] Functions: buffer_set_surface never uses its offset value (Russell Kay)
0029631: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS2] Mouse coordinates aren't scaled to match when your window or view is scaled (Fritz)
0028957: [Functions] Functions: 'Instance_Change()' can duplicate objects into 1000s after 4 or 5 calls (Chris Harrison)
0029256: [HTML5] HTML5: camera_set_view_angle has clipping and backbuffer clearing issues (Mike Rennie)
0029433: [Mac] Mac: Calling any non async dialog function will crash the runner when the dialog would appear (Chris Harrison)
0028623: [HTML5] HTML5: sprite_get_speed, sprite_get_speed_type and sprite_set_speed all return 0 rather than the normal value (YellowAfterlife)
0028706: [Functions] Functions: Using sprite_add_from_surface crashes the runner (Alan Savage)
0029662: [Particles] HTML5: In-built particles are not shown (Dan)
0027772: [HTML5] HTML5: Reports that high refresh rate monitors cause the game to run quicker than intended in Chrome and Firefox (YellowAfterlife)
0029333: [iOS] iOS: Playing audio externally before your game starts crashes the game on startup and causes issues if resuming (Russell Kay)
0029373: [HTML5] HTML5: Projects that use Viewports do not render correctly (Antanas Budvytis)
63 issues View Issues
0027944: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): draw_text_ext() ignores \n in strings (Russell Kay)
0025244: [General] General: [GMS2] Mouse Enter/Leave collision checking seems to be off (Peter Hall)
0029427: [Windows] Windows: Runner fails to launch correctly when no audio devices enabled (Peter Hall)
0028182: [Windows] Input Devices: In Red Build 7.7.1579, connecting a Direct Input gamepad crashes. (Russell Kay)
0028921: [Windows] Windows: Games crash if you have no audio devices (Peter Hall)
0017677: [HTML5] HTML5: Cannot read INI entries stored from ds_grid_write() (YellowAfterlife)
0028925: [Android] Android: Change the behaviour of game_end() to send your app to the background (Fritz)
0025434: [Rooms] Rooms: Fast Collision System causes player to collide with objects from previous persistent room (Peter Hall)
0029278: [Physics] Physics: Child objects' "Uses Physics" value gets ignored and runner always uses the parent's (Russell Kay)
0029265: [Physics] Physics: Fast Collisions break the physics system (Peter Hall)
0029284: [General] General: Fast Collisions floor floating point values rather than ceil them which Slow Collisions do, causes changes in gameplay (Peter Hall)
0029293: [Rooms] Rooms: [GMS2] Room Persistence causes collision issues with instances that don't exist in the new room (Peter Hall)
0023968: [Physics] Physics: Physics collision groups don't work with Fast Collision System enabled (Peter Hall)
0029257: [HTML5] HTML5: Mouse position not scaled to room view when using cameras (Mike Rennie)
0029360: [HTML5] HTML5: Audio doesn't play on iOS Safari, iOS Chrome or Android Chrome (Antanas Budvytis)
0027646: [HTML5] HTML5: variable_..._set() functions not working (Russell Kay)
0029276: [Audio] Audio: [GMS2] Sounds pop when stopped if another sound is played directly afterwards (Peter Hall)
0029275: [Ubuntu] Ubuntu: Keyboard_key_press and keyboard_key_release don't work (Alan Savage)
0029274: [Ubuntu] Ubuntu: os_is_paused does not work (Alan Savage)
0028601: [HTML5] HTML5: draw_text_transformed_color throws a reference error if WebGL is turned off (YellowAfterlife)
0028625: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_id_get and layer_instance_get_instance throw reference errors (YellowAfterlife)
0025210: [Windows] Windows: [GMS2] collision_rectangle() crashes runner (Peter Hall)
0029206: [Audio] Audio: Audio Listener seems to be stuck at the bottom left of the screen, cannot change its position (Peter Hall)
0028612: [iOS] Suggestion: iOS: Need to add support for IPv6 networking to ensure submission of networking games is successful (Chris Harrison)
0028613: [UWP] UWP: Games crash upon being restored after the OnSuspended event has been fired (Alan Savage)
0029355: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: Changing room_persistent between true and false causes collision issues to occur (Peter Hall)
0028596: [HTML5] HTML5: Attached project has mouse offset when running (Antanas Budvytis)
0029283: [HTML5] HTML5: Unable to get the game to run on a higher resolution than 360x640 in Facebook Instant Games on mobile devices (Antanas Budvytis)
0029282: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: GM_Version on Android is wrong and adds in .0 at the end even though version is only 3 numbers (Alan Savage)
0029267: [Functions] HTML5: Instances created using instance_create_depth() don't initialise their variable definitions (Russell Kay)
0028257: [iOS] iOS: Wrong splash screen gets used for iPhone 6 or newer devices (Steven Campbell)
0028583: [Mac] Mac: XBONE controller has mis-mapped inputs on Mac Runner, however PS4 controller is correctly mapped (Russell Kay)
0028484: [HTML5] HTML5: Uncaught TypeError: _uC1.getParameter is not a function when setting collision mask in GML (Mike Dailly)
0028610: [Objects] Objects: Object variables of type "Colour" don't seem to work on certain platforms (Russell Kay)
0028643: [HTML5] HTML5: Runner crashes if you use draw_text_ext with string_width (Mike Dailly)
0028698: [Functions] Functions: instance_deactivate_layer doesn't deactivate instances on a layer as they still move using built in variables (Steven Campbell)
36 issues View Issues
0016357: [3D] Android: Portrait Game Start in Landscape (Russell Kay)
0028735: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS1] tile_set_depth(tile_id, new_depth) does not seem to function as expected (YellowAfterlife)
2 issues View Issues
0025508: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: Issues with IDs getting mixed up on HTML5 [because of difference vs Windows and both being wrong] (Mike Dailly)
0028632: [Windows] Windows: Specified project crashes on run [because of an issue setting an instance's depth] (Mike Dailly)
0027666: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_create_layer() is case sensitive on HTML5 (Mike Dailly)
0028749: [Android] Android: The OK button for show_message stops responding after you rotate your device and eventually crashes the app (Mark Alexander)
0028624: [HTML5] HTML5: Sprite flush and prefetch functions don't work on HTML5, should change return value and/or document accordingly (Mark Alexander)
0028331: [HTML5] HTML5: Drawing a # using draw_text breaks your alignment (YellowAfterlife)
0028922: [HTML5] HTML5: mouse_clear() doesn't work (YellowAfterlife)
0028733: [Physics] Physics: Fixture weirdness within attached project (Chris Harrison)
0028832: [HTML5] HTML5: variable_global_exists fails to execute on HTML5 when NOT in debug mode (Russell Kay)
0028627: [HTML5] HTML5: Keyword "undefined" works by a total fluke (Russell Kay)
0028760: [HTML5] HTML5: Function.arguments is deprecated (Russell Kay)
0028759: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: Some boolean inconsistencies (Russell Kay)
0028757: [Mac] Mac: Providing a larger splash screen than your display resolution causes your splash screen to break (Alan Savage)
0028723: [Functions] Functions: steam_set_stat_float doesn't work correctly (Alan Savage)
0028343: [iOS] iOS: NSLocaleCountryCode returning nil causes submission failures (Russell Kay)
0028626: [HTML5] HTML5: load_csv throws a reference error when used (Mike Dailly)
0028341: [Functions] Functions: HTTP Functions on Ubuntu are completely broken (Mike Dailly)
0028455: [Windows] Windows: Running in Fullscreen sets FPS to 60 (Mike Rennie)
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0027943: [Particles] Particles: VM and YYC produce different results for particle systems (Russell Kay)
0027668: [Objects] Objects: [GMS2] Persistent instances drawn behind others when moving room "Attempting to add instance multiple times" (Mike Dailly)
0016884: [Extensions] Extensions: Memory leak when using extension functions on iOS (Fritz)
0028226: [HTML5] HTML5: [GMS2] Built-in variable "layer" returns undefined (Mike Dailly)
0028265: [Functions] HTML5: mp_grid_to_ds_grid() is not implemented, causes games to fail to start (Antanas Budvytis)
0028309: [HTML5] HTML5: Using skeleton_animation_set_frame() freezes your animations permanently (Claire Hall)
0028227: [Functions] HTML5: [GMS2] tilemap_clear() misses out clearing some tiles each time (Claire Hall)
0028358: [Spine] Spine: Event information only takes the default value and ignores the value at individual keyframes (Alan Savage)
0027644: [Functions] Functions: string_delete() with a count 0 of deletes everything before starting position (Claire Hall)
0028321: [Android (YYC)] Android (YYC): "? : operator" sometimes evaluates both paths, causing exceptions to be thrown. (Russell Kay)
0028273: [Spine] Spine: Drawing a spine sprite from an included file on Android crashes the runner (Claire Hall)
0028311: [Functions] Functions: instance_number returns child instances also (Mark Alexander)
0028492: [Functions] Functions: Executing http_request using GET method with a buffer as the body for receiving binary data causes a crash on Android (Alan Savage)
0026905: [UWP] UWP: [GMS2] Cursor is always shown on Xbox One regardless of game option setting (Mike Rennie)
0028221: [HTML5] HTML5: draw_surface_part_ext() is clipping the surface and redrawing the clipped-out part below the requested drawing area (Mike Dailly)
0028224: [Android] Android: Extension crashes game because http_post_string() fails with return code 404 and an IOException (Alan Savage)
0028252: [UWP] UWP: Calling file_find_* crashes the runner (Alan Savage)
0028191: [HTML5] HTML5: draw_surface_part draws clipped region below the surface it's clipping (Mike Dailly)
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