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0027748FunctionsA - Crash/HangVery HighFunctions: [GMS2] Calling iap_activate crashes the runner in Android games without a workaround
0027881HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: INI functions add a new obfuscated "section name" pair on each run
0027885HTML5A - Crash/HangMediumHTML5: buffer_copy does not work due to a typo in code
0027884HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: file_text_read_string skips over \r\n
0027886HTML5B - MajorMediumHTML5: buffer_string and string_byte_ functions are not UTF-8 aware (implementation included)
0027888FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: string_byte_at returns signed bytes
0027413VariablesC - GeneralLowVariables: [GMS2] GM_version only takes first three parts of version number, ignores part four
0027671Input DevicesC - GeneralLowInput Devices: Dual Shock 4 controller connected to a Mac has D-Pad issues
0027632UbuntuA - Crash/HangVery HighUbuntu: http_request() causes subsequent http_post_string()s to make "GET" request at the same URL
0027858Android (YYC)C - GeneralLowAndroid (YYC): Old splashscreen shown when building to Android YYC
0027825WindowsA - Crash/HangVery HighGame maker studio 2 won't start
0026893HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: [GMS2] draw_tilemap doesn't work
0027644FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: [GMS2] string_delete with a count 0 of deletes everything beforehand
0027668ObjectsB - MajorVery HighObjects: [GMS2] Persistent instances drawn behind others when moving room "Attempting to add instance multiple times"
0027640FunctionsC - GeneralHighFunctions: [GMS2] font_add no longer functions
0027794UWPC - GeneralHighUWP: url_open() fails to open protocol applications, nothing happens
0027760Windows (YYC)C - GeneralLowWindows (YYC): Array assignment involving nested arrays and function calls as index is bugged
0025871WindowsC - GeneralMediumWindows: url_open() does nothing on some Windows 10 machines
0027772HTML5C - GeneralHighHTML5: Reports that high refresh rate monitors cause the game to run quicker than intended in Chrome
0013800FunctionsD - MinorLowFunctions: No shader_get_name function, nor asset constant in GML
0027666HTML5C - GeneralHighHTML5: instance_create_layer() is case sensitive on HTML5
0027737FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: [GMS2] Instances copied using instance_copy throw a layer integrity error upon deletion
0027711HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: sprite_create_from_surface() with WebGL will cause nothing to be shown for the sprite surface
0027707UbuntuC - GeneralLowUbuntu: mouse_wheel_up() and mouse_wheel_down() not working
0024880GeneralSuggestionLowMac OSX: Has no support for disabling the splash screen
0020156FunctionsB - MajorMediumFunctions: Inconsistent behaviour of array dimension functions between Windows and HTML5
0026917HTML5C - GeneralMediumfile_text_readln behavior is not consistent between HTML5 and native targets
0027215HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: string_height() incorrect when using newlines in the code editor
0026465FunctionsSuggestionLowSuggestion: Functions: Make buffer_set_surface work on all platforms
00255763DC - GeneralNoneHTML5: audio_get_recorder_count always returns zero
0027623DnDC - GeneralLowDnD: Wrap around appears not to work on bottom of screen
0022926FunctionsC - GeneralNoneFunctions: Function: surface_copy_part is not implemented for HTML5
0026327HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: Text alignment when using international characters and font_add_sprite_ext() is wrong
0027213FunctionsA - Crash/HangHighFunctions: draw_text_ext() doesn't work correctly if the string has multiple consecutive spaces (even crashes HTML5 tabs)
0027300FunctionsSuggestionLowSuggestion: Functions: Way to check if a vertex format or vertex buffer exists
0027665GeneralC - GeneralLowGeneral: gpu_set_blendmode_ext not producing intended effect
0027656Views / CamerasC - GeneralLowViews / Cameras: Cameras stored in global variables do not seem to persist between rooms
0027646HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: variable_..._set() functions not working
0027558FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: load_csv() should not require a blank line at the end of the sheet, some exporters do not add as standards
0027554FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: [GMS2] layer_x function doesn't work on Instance layers
0027584VariablesC - GeneralLowVariables: keyboard_string gets cleared when the runner window loses focus
0027587WindowsB - MajorLowWindows: When window_set_fullscreen is enabled, the graphic do not respond to screen rotation
0027577BuffersC - GeneralLowBuffers: [GMS2] Overwriting a value in a buffer changes the buffer type changing the value
0027629HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: draw_rectangle has an additional 1 pixel on the Y Axis with outline set to false
0027639GeneralSuggestionLowdirectory_destroy() always returns 0
0027608PhysicsC - GeneralLowPhysics: Assigning to a physics variable while physics is disabled gives unclear error message
0027606HTML5Missing FeatureHighlayer_shader doesn't work in HTML5
0027569Windows (YYC)Critical BlockerHighImported big scripts won't compile under YYC Windows
0027570HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: draw_texture_flush() corrupt non-power-of-2 sprites added through sprite_add
0026905UWPC - GeneralHighUWP: [GMS2] Cursor is always shown on Xbox One regardless of game option setting
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