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0026972MacB - MajorHighMac: Cursor does not show in-game
0023039FunctionsC - GeneralMediumFunctions: RNG is inconsistent for Ubuntu, OSX, and OSX YYC.
0026965WindowsB - MajorMediumWindows: [GMS2] Drop in frame rate from a run to another run.
0027098FunctionsC - GeneralLowAndroid: http_request will always return a http_status of 404
0027114FunctionsSuggestionMediumSuggestion: Functions: [GMS2] Getting the instance's element name as set in the room editor
0027121SpritesA - Crash/HangVery HighSprites: sprite_add() of png files can cause the project to crash with the error "Failed to create temporary file"
0027139AndroidC - GeneralVery LowAndroid: keyboard_check does not remap vast majority of key codes
0027115WindowsB - MajorMediumWindows Red Build v7.7.1531 - Debugger showing <unknown instance> on all instances
0026573GeneralC - GeneralMediumCompiling: instance_create_depth() should throw a compile error when passed a string for the depth value
0027116FunctionsCritical BlockerVery HighAndroid: http_post_string does not use the given parameter for the payload, instead, sends NULL.
0026285GeneralC - GeneralMediumGeneral: "Layer system integrity compromised" warning on changing rooms when persistent instances
0017315FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: draw_text_ext() only limits text width by cutting lines at white spaces
0027099iOSC - GeneralLowiOS: HTTP return header has incorrect casing for ETag
0026936SpineC - GeneralMediumCan't change skin attachment with skeleton_attachment_set()
0027056WindowsCritical BlockerHighIn Red build 7.7.1521, if any breakpoints are present, debugger crashes on launch.
0018220SteamC - GeneralHighSteam: Steam_File_Write should be rewritten to write to a buffer
0027019iOSC - GeneralVery HighiOS: Mouse click events are not fired for the leftmost approx 70 pixels of an iPhone7
0026944HTML5C - GeneralHighHTML5: asset_get_index does not work for scripts
0017727UbuntuD - MinorMediumSwitching fullscreen or resizing the window on Linux produces artifacts in the letterbox area
0026867FunctionsA - Crash/HangMediumFunctions: [GMS2] json_decode problems
0026949AudioB - MajorHighWindows: [GMS2] Audio sometimes stops being output when an Xbox pad is connected and powered-up via the home button
0017736MacC - GeneralMediumMac: "Allow menu and dock in fullscreen" GGS setting only affects the dock now, not the menu bar also
00223013DA - Crash/HangMediumMac: Apple discarded our build due to [occasional crashes on start-up when run on 10.11.5]
0026783UbuntuA - Crash/HangMediumUbuntu: filename_...() functions corrupt the input string
0026295FunctionsC - GeneralLowHTML5: date_compare_datetime() returns -1 or 0, not 0 or 1
0026327HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: Text alignment when using international characters and font_add_sprite_ext() is wrong
0026334HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: mouse_check_button returns true when releasing mouse button outside of defined game canvas
0026494AndroidC - GeneralLowAndroid: surface_exists() always returns true on if your project contains a shader
0026806MacD - MinorLowMac: Disable "View > Tab Bar" for games running on Sierra
0026540HTML5D - MinorLowHTML5: False positive error message in HTML5 when using ds_map_replace on a non-existing key
0026565GeneralB - MajorHighCalling buffer_async_group_begin and end causes memory leak
0021090MacA - Crash/HangVery HighMac: [Game eventually crashes after graphical corruption because] surfaces not being freed from memory
0023521Windows 8 (Native)B - MajorHighWindows 8 N: IAP Consumable only works once
0020221Windows 8 (YYC)B - MajorHighWindows 8 YYC: Normal GLSL ES shader causes "INVALID SHADER" error
0018958FunctionsB - MajorHighFunctions: [date_date_string(GM_build_date)] returns "wrong number of arguments" error
0026916HTML5C - GeneralMediumdraw_set_halign (fa_center) doesn't work well in HTML5 if the string contains a new line (#)
0026917HTML5C - GeneralMediumfile_text_readln behavior is not consistent between HTML5 and native targets
0026905UWPC - GeneralHighUWP: [GMS2] Cursor is always shown on Xbox One regardless of game option setting
0020156FunctionsB - MajorMediumFunctions: Inconsistent behaviour of array dimension functions between Windows and HTML5
0026904FunctionsC - GeneralHighFunctions: [GMS2] instance_activate_region() uses 15-20% processing power in 2.0.7 - a big increase over 2.0.6
0026897GeneralB - MajorHigh[GMS2] Changing windows size doesn't respect aspect ratio.
0015625FunctionsC - GeneralMediumFunctions: timeline_moment_add_script seems to be broken
0023277GeneralC - GeneralNoneWindows UWP manifest issues? Splash background color and internet permission not working
00268583DC - GeneralMedium3D: [GMS2] d3d_draw_[shape]() does not draw as expected when a 1.4 project is imported
0025852AndroidC - GeneralMediumAndroid: Red & Blue slot colours swapped in Spine
0026621FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: [GMS2] room_instance_clear throws a "layer_destroy() - layer not found in current room." error
0018317FunctionsC - GeneralLowData structure functions treat undefined as zero when used as an id.
0014707HTML5B - MajorMediumParticles demo freezes on non-webgl HTML5
0008633FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: display_reset() does not center the window correctly
0017320FunctionsC - GeneralMediumHTML5: ds_map_replace displaying wrong debug messages.
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