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0026685HTML5A - Crash/HangVery LowHTML5: file_rename hangs the execution if the file to be renamed contains a big string
0026684HTML5C - GeneralLowfile_delete always returns undefined in HTML5 - should return true or false
0026629WindowsB - MajorVery HighWindows: Fullscreen just shows pitch black screen after new Windows 10 update
0026312UWPB - MajorVery HighUWP: [GMS2] "Start Fullscreen" still doesn't work
0026663SpineC - GeneralMediumskeleton_attachment_create creates attachments scaled up too large
0025852AndroidC - GeneralMediumAndroid: Red & Blue slot colours swapped in Spine
0016566FunctionsC - GeneralMediumFunctions: ds_map_read does not work in HTML5
0026620FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: [GMS2] Deprecate room_instance_add and add in room_instance_add_layer and room_instance_add_depth
0026621FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: [GMS2] room_instance_clear throws a "layer_destroy() - layer not found in current room." error
0026636FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: [GMS2] "vertex..." drawing functions draw offset by (-1,-1)
0009440SurfacesC - GeneralLowSurfaces: Blending Modes Don't Affect Whole Sprite
0026219AndroidA - Crash/HangVery HighAndroid: If I request a remote file via http_request the runner crashes
0026586WindowsC - GeneralHighWindows: [GMS2] Game has incorrect horizontal scaling and slowdown if IDE isn't in focus during compilation
00266033DC - GeneralMedium3D: ZBuffer is being lost during display_reset()
0026597FunctionsD - MinorVery LowHTML5: Use of the JavaScript "with" statement in some functions causes some browsers to warn in the console
0026608ShadersC - GeneralLowShaders: [GMS2] Draw failed due to invalid input layout
0026591HTML5Missing FeatureMediumos_browser doesn't recognise Edge
0026465FunctionsSuggestionLowSuggestion: Functions: Make buffer_set_surface work on all platforms
0025334FunctionsC - GeneralMediumFunctions: draw_text_transformed() does not compensate for downscaling to fit font on tpage
0026549FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: ini_read_string removes spaces at the end of strings
0026220SurfacesC - GeneralLowSurfaces: [GMS2] Drawing some text letter by letter after using draw_set_font butchers the text
0026559NetworkingC - GeneralMediumGameMaker will fail to reconnect following a TCP handshake error
0026560HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: streamed sounds are still not working when you test the game using the micro web server
0023229HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: draw_texture_flush() doesn't work
0014869HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: Intolerant equality check of HTML5
0009844AndroidC - GeneralLowAndroid: Screen_save only saves half image to screen
0010136HTML5D - MinorMediumHTML5: -webkit-interpolation-mode is a non-existent CSS attribute
0012194HTML5D - MinorLowHTML5: [Make the web server remember speed setting and also lower the minimum speed allowed]
0006351FunctionsC - GeneralLowstring concatenation with non-string values is inconsistent across platforms
0024873GeneralC - GeneralNoneDrawing to a surface in the draw event can cause mouse events to fire twice
0024967HTML5C - GeneralNoneHTML5: json_encode() behaves differently on Windows and HTML5
0025512GeneralC - GeneralNoneHTML5: background image does not stretch when WebGL is disabled
0026342HTML5A - Crash/HangMediumHTML5: tile_get_ids...() with tile_delete can freeze drawing and fail to return values
0023873HTML5C - GeneralHighHTML5: streamed sounds doesn't work/load on Chrome anymore
0017457HTML5D - MinorHighHTML5: 'webkitAudioContext' is deprecated. Please use 'AudioContext' instead.
0026299FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: date_get_week returns different weeks for specific dates depending on platform
0026298FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: date_date_string always returns 01/01/1970, potentially not implemented on HTML5
0025779FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: date_current_datetime() only updates once per second [on VM/YYC targets, yet on-demand on HTML5]
0025780FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: date_current_datetime() is not affected by GM's timezone settings
0021763HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: date_date_of( ) always returns -28800000
0021754FunctionsC - GeneralNoneFunctions: date_second_span() does NOT return a whole number
0026295FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: date_compare_datetime never returns 1 on HTML5
0026525HTML5C - GeneralHighHTML5: [GMS2] Surfaces appear to be drawing incorrectly in the browser
0026540HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: False positive error message in HTML5 when using ds_map_replace on a non-existing key
0026524FontC - GeneralHighFont: [GMS2] Font gets messed up when resizing the game window and adapting the application surface and GUI size
0026536HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: round(-0.999998765) returns 0
0026448HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: Ini files don't work, throws a 404 error
0025176ViewsC - GeneralHighViews/Cameras: [GMS2] Mouse position can be off by one, causing jittering when camera is following an object
0024857Views / CamerasC - GeneralHighCameras: [GMS2] Impossible to retrieve camera ID from camera update script
0017736Mac (YYC)C - GeneralHighMac YYC ignores "Allow menu and dock in fullscreen" GGS setting
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