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0028273SpineA - Crash/HangMediumSpine: Drawing a spine sprite from an included file on Android crashes the runner
0028344UbuntuB - MajorMediumUbuntu: File paths for Steam Workshop items appear to not be whitelisted or a part of the file sandbox
0026905UWPC - GeneralHighUWP: [GMS2] Cursor is always shown on Xbox One regardless of game option setting
0026608ShadersC - GeneralLowShaders: [GMS2] Draw failed due to invalid input layout
0028380WindowsC - GeneralLowWindows: [GMS2] Endless Runner games show off jitter on static sprites
0028369FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: copying a room with room_assign(destination, source), objects in the destination run their step before create event
0028370MacC - GeneralVery HighMac: http_request() returns POST instead of GET for GET requests
0028368UWPC - GeneralHighUWP: http requests do not trigger the http async event
0028341FunctionsC - GeneralVery HighFunctions: HTTP Functions on Ubuntu are completely broken
0028229MacB - MajorVery HighMac: [iap_status() now fails to get the correct status, so the runner does not think IAPs are available]
0028354FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: event_perform(ev_draw, ev_gui) doesn t work on HTML5
0028355FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: Audio Emitters gain and pitch are not freed
0028358SpineC - GeneralLowSpine: Event information only takes the default value and ignores the value at individual keyframes
0028357FunctionsC - GeneralMediumFunctions: buffer_save_async() always returns -1 as its event ID, so async_load[? "id] never finds the event
0015358FunctionsC - GeneralMediumjson_decode() bugs with giant numbers
0028311FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: instance_number returns child instances also
0028325FunctionsC - GeneralLowwindow_get_ and display_get_ function return values that change when font scaling value is changed
0028350PhysicsC - GeneralLowPhysics: It is impossible to bind multiple fixtures to a single object at different locations using physics_fixture_bind_ext()
0026629WindowsB - MajorVery HighWindows: Fullscreen just shows pitch black screen after new Windows 10 update
0015485SurfacesC - GeneralVery HighSurfaces: Surfaces on Android - surface_exists() doesn't return true when surface is "lost", except if I explicitly call surface
0026267SpineC - GeneralLowSpine: Skeleton Animations Transforms ALWAYS inherited by parent bones (even if specified otherwise)
0028285FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: draw_text_ext isn't drawing line breaks for non latin characters
0016962FunctionsC - GeneralLowFunctions: keyboard_string doesn't render Non Latin characters
0028343iOSC - GeneralLowiOS: NSLocaleCountryCode returning nil causes submission failures
0028322ShadersC - GeneralLowShaders: [GMS1] Using a uniform in a for loop makes the application take 20-30 seconds to open
0028324VariablesC - GeneralLowVariables: directory-related constants not including final slash?
0028321Android (YYC)C - GeneralMediumAndroid (YYC): "? : operator" sometimes evaluates both paths, causing exceptions to be thrown.
0028323ExtensionsC - GeneralMediumExtensions: iOS Extensions need to be able to override App Delegates
0028331HTML5C - GeneralMediumHTML5: Drawing a # using draw_text breaks your alignment
0028284HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: Runner always picks the top most viewport and only renders that
0028257iOSC - GeneralHighiOS: Wrong splash screen gets used for iPhone 6 or newer devices
0028309HTML5A - Crash/HangHighHTML5: Using skeleton_animation_set_frame() freezes your animations permanently
0028315FunctionsA - Crash/HangMediumFunctions: [GMS2] Calling string_width using the specified project crashes the runner
0028269HTML5B - MajorMediumHTML5: Spine animation changes aren't being registered
0028250HTML5A - Crash/HangHighHTML5: typeof() is not recognised, causes games to fail to load
0013708HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: Particles do not continue to draw [for the remainder of their lifetime] when changing rooms
0028277HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: Texturing vertex buffers results in each triangle/quad geting assigned only one color
0028297HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: display_mouse_set() and window_mouse_set() do not function on HTML5
0028262GeneralC - GeneralLowGeneral: draw_text_ext() does not display linebreaks (\n) on iOS or Ubuntu
0026867FunctionsA - Crash/HangMediumFunctions: [GMS2] json_decode problems
0027114FunctionsSuggestionMediumSuggestion: Functions: [GMS2] Getting the instance's element name as set in the room editor
0028276FontC - GeneralMediumFont: [GMS2] Bug rendering fonts with accents
0014810FunctionsC - GeneralMediumFunctions: base64 encode/decode works incorrect with Cyrillic in HTML5
0028075FontC - GeneralLowFont: Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) strings cannot be line-breaked
0028221HTML5C - GeneralLowHTML5: draw_surface_part_ext() is clipping the surface and redrawing the clipped-out part below the requested drawing area
0023237FunctionsC - GeneralLowAccessors: Array indexed incorrect with combination of functions and maps
0018419FunctionsC - GeneralMediumFunctions: Buffers behaving weirdly
0028265FunctionsA - Crash/HangMediumHTML5: mp_grid_to_ds_grid() is not implemented, causes games to fail to start
0009721AndroidC - GeneralMediumAndroid: Incorrect text draw sometimes when using surface
0015291AndroidC - GeneralMediumAndroid: display_get_orientation() incorrect when flipping device upside-down
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