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0028484RunnerHTML5Public2017-12-05 17:092017-12-06 09:24
ReporterStewart Bishop 
Assigned ToMike Dailly 
PriorityMediumSeverityA - Crash/HangReproducibility100%
PlatformOSOS Version
Summary0028484: HTML5: Uncaught TypeError: _uC1.getParameter is not a function when setting collision mask in GML
DescriptionI'm having some trouble changing the collision mask of a sprite created from a surface in GMS2 HTML5. The following example code works fine with the Windows module:

surf = surface_create(100,100);


spr = sprite_create_from_surface(surf,0,0,100,100,false,false,0,0);

However, in the HTML5 module, I get something along the lines of this error in the browser after loading:

Uncaught TypeError: _uC1.getParameter is not a function
at _fz2 (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:2336)
at _C11 (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:2335)
at sprite_collision_mask (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:899)
at _PR1.gml_Object_object_1_Create_0 [as CreateEvent] (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:144)
at _PR1._L3 (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:2525)
at _4K._L3 (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:2387)
at _IF (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:2879)
at _6R2 (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:2880)
at _4R2 (test.js?YTJAC=842171092:2872)

As a test, I found that creating a new sprite using sprite_duplicate instead of sprite_create_from_surface does not cause sprite_collision_mask to throw an error.
Steps To Reproduce1) Run the attached project in HTML5
1.4 Version
2.x Runtime Version2.1.2.172
2.x Runtime Version Verified In
Attached Files? file icon surface_collision_mask.yyz [^] (19,582 bytes) 2017-12-05 17:09

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