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0020046GameMaker Runner[All Projects] SteamPublic2016-01-13 21:422016-11-29 14:13
ReporterMark Alexander 
Assigned ToFritz 
PriorityMediumSeverityMissing FeatureReproducibilityN/A
PlatformOSOS Version
Summary0020046: Add a function to copy Steam cloud files to local storage
DescriptionIn my game Skein I'm using the ds_map_secure_save function extensively to save data from the game to various files. I want to perpetuate these to the Steam Cloud, which is easy enough to do with the current functions. However I've now found that it's impossible for me to actually load these files later...


The ds_map_secure_load() function needs a file to load from, but there is no way to get this file as the current Steam functions only permit opening for reading and the ds_map_secure_load function doesn't work with a string read from the saved file. So I need a way to copy the perpetuated Steam file to local storage so that the ds_map function can open it, ie:

steam_file_copy_file(steam_file_name, local_file_name)

This would be the equivalent of the existing Steam function steam_file_write_file() only in reverse.

An alternative solution would be to have a function that returns the directory for the Steam saved file and permits that to be used in the load function, ie:

var f = steam_file_get_dir();
map = ds_map_secure_load(f + "");

A final alternative would be to have a ds_map_secure_load_string() function which would take a string rather than a file, EG:

var str = steam_file_read("steam_save.dat");
map = ds_map_secure_load_string(str);

Note that I know could always read the map into a series of strings and write them to a regular text file, then reverse the process to load, but this is (apart from tedious) very slow to run, especially when the game could be saving a lot of data very often.
GM Version1.4.1690
Attached Files? file icon Ds_Secure_Map_Test.gmz [^] (8,910 bytes) 2016-03-31 12:17
? file icon Ds_Secure_Map_Test2.gmz [^] (215,787 bytes) 2016-03-31 15:21

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