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0018708GameMaker Runner[All Projects] FunctionsPublic2015-08-19 14:132016-06-02 10:13
Assigned ToRussell Kay 
PriorityHighSeverityB - MajorReproducibility100%
Platform OS OS Version
Summary0018708: Functions: draw_getpixel(0,0) = instant memory leak
DescriptionSo I was looking for a memory leak and I found it...

var color = draw_getpixel(mouse_x, mouse_y);

I tried

var color = draw_getpixel(0, 0);
color = draw_getpixel(0, 0);
draw_getpixel(0, 0);

I made an attempt to reset the variable with:

color = 0;

I tried to put the draw_getpixel() into an if / then statement instead.

Its all still a memory leak. Instead of spending more time, I just made a new project, put 1 thing in the room with:

draw_getpixel(0, 0);

Then I watched the memory go up and up. I see the help file says it should be used sparingly

With GameMaker being around so long, surely someone else noticed this.

Am I just not using draw_getpixel properly?

To add some additional information, no matter if its in step or draw, it always makes a memory leak.

Even when the instance is destroyed, it doesn't restore the memory.

I made a new project again to see if I could make the same error I did last night and I did.

- new project
- new room
- new object
- draw_setpixel(0,0); in step (or draw) event
- add object into the room
- run in debug mode

Here's a link to the thread: [^]
Steps To Reproduce1) Run the attached project in debugger mode and watch the memory usage rise
Additional InformationOriginal helpdesk ticket: [^]
GM Version1.4.1629
Attached Files? file icon MemoryLeak.gmz [^] (6,801 bytes) 2015-08-19 14:13

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Russell Kay (Manager)
2016-05-23 21:35

Fixed in gitlab bf9ffe1
Daniel Cleaton (Administrator)
2016-06-02 10:13

Verifying in EA478. Closing. Fix will be in next EA/Beta releases.

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